James Dole

Juncture bouncer and street boxer.


Jim was never the smartest or the prettiest. He barely graduated secondary school and didn’t get high enough marks to get into college. This didn’t leave him many job options. Thankfully for Jim, what he lacks in smarts, he more than makes up for in brawn. As a tall, bald, burly and somewhat obese figure, there are few people tougher, stronger, or angrier than Jim. While he works a dead-end construction job during the day and bounces at the Junction on the weekends, his real passion is Birmingham’s underground street fights. His brutality and skill has earned him the nickname “Dozer” as he is considered by everyone he has ever fought to be an unstoppable force in and out of the ring. Any fights at the Junction are usually ended swiftly and brutally, and never by the two parties who started it.

Jim detests Nick with a passion. Nick is one of those good-looking, wealthy, would-be posers that the ladies flock to. There has almost never been a night that Nick hasn’t left with a string of ladies following him. And Jim rarely manages to pick up even one. Jim could have forgiven that of course. There are a lot of posers that make their way into the Juncture. But one of those ladies that left with Jim was Jim’s little sister. Unfortunately, the
Junction’s ownerMax has said that Nick is supposed to get preferential treatment. Jim’s a patient fellow though, with a slow burning rage instead of a short and superheated temper. Nick’s only welcome at the bar as long as he doesn’t cause significant trouble, and Jim knows that a guy like Nick is nothing but trouble. One day, Nick’s going to get into a fight and Jim will be right there to break it up. Efficiently, and with extreme prejudice.

James suffered a little from the collapse of the criminal element in Birmingham as he had been counting on the money to help put his sister through college. When Simon the Bookie approached James with a new underground boxing opportunity, James leapt at the chance. He nearly defeated the disguised Rory Cooper, however Rory made a surprise comeback at the last minute and managed to knock James out. James spent the next week recovering in the living room of Birmingham’s unlicenced doctor who is definitely not Russian. His recovery was greatly expedited by Rory Cooper’s healing magic after Nick convinced Rory to help the poor lad along.

James Dole

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