Jack O'Shadows

A go-between for the Guardians and the mages of Birmingham


Str. 2, Dex. 4, Sta. 2/ App.3, Cha. 2, Man. 4/ Int. 3, Wits 4, Per. 3
Alertness 3, Awareness 3, Brawl 3, Dodge 3, Streetwise 3, Subterfuge 4(Sleight of Hand)/Stealth 4, Melee 2, Survival 1/ Law 2, Occult 2,
Arete 4
Forces 4, Mind 2
Willpower 8
Arcane 3, Avatar 3, Dream 1
Resonance: Dynamic 3 (Fiery)

Signature Rotes: Firestarter, Prom Night, Fires of the Phoenix


Jack O’Shadows is only nominally a member of The Guardians of the Sacred Grove – she is in fact an orphan with a cobbled together paradigm that heavily utilizes psychic powers. Jack O’Shadows is originally from Ireland, but when she was kicked out of her home for inadvertently lighting things on fire (a manifestation of her uncontrolled powers) she traveled around the U.K., learning what she could where she could and otherwise keeping her head down. During her wandering, she came across The Sacred Grove – Boudica wished to kill her to keep the secret of the Grove, but The Green Man counselled caution. Furthermore, Seer had a premonition about her role at the Grove, and so The Guardians of the Sacred Grove drafted her into the cabal. Now, the Guardians allows Jack to draw quintessence from the Grove, in exchange for acting as a go-between for the mages of Birmingham and the Guardians. Seer terrifies her, and she interacts with him as little as possible, but Jack is sympathetic to the The Emissary and her love of modern marvels (Jack even smuggled in a Walkman for the child). Jack is an intelligent, resourceful young woman but her naturally sarcastic attitude tends to rub people the wrong way. Jack is especially inspired by Stephen King, particularly Firestarter, Carrie, The Shining, and the Deadzone.

Jack and Rory Cooper have an ongoing relationship and have formed a tight bond. It is somewhat strained by distance as well as her duties that keep her busy at the Grove. Rory’s numerous misadventures means he is often missing for long periods of time without regular communication.

Recently, Rory has asked her to remain on-guard and stay within the protection of the Grove. He has heard dark prophesies and worries she may come to harm. Jack is somewhat dismissive of his overprotective tendencies as she is a formidable mage in her own right.

Jack heavily admonished Rory for almost dying in August of 1985 after the events at The Prometheus Building. Of course, this was prior to an intimate moment.

Jack O'Shadows

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