Abraham Gideon Hawthorne

Mysterious gunslinger


Abraham has mysteriously crossed paths with Rory Cooper a few times. Cryptic, yet seemingly cheerful, he shared portentious knowledge with Cooper, only to pretend to be confused afterward, as if he’d let out a secret he was supposed to keep.

Hawthorne has so far evaded Cooper’s questions about the future, much to the chagrin of the rest of the Misfits, who are also curious about his motives, having deduced that he is likely a time traveller of some sort.

A warning from Hawthorne about a mysterious girl in danger has turned into an obsession for Cooper, who has recklessly pursued divination, dreamwalking, vision quests and more to find the girl.

On the eve of the 1985 winter conclave, Abraham appeared to ask Rory to get the blood witch Rangda alone with him. Rory tried his best but was unable to convince her to do anything of the sort.

By the spring of 1986, Abraham had appeared repeatedly to Rory, muttering cryptic prophesies of a future unfolding that only Abraham could comprehend. When he spoke to Rory before the spring conclave, he asked Rory to try and get Rangda to meet with Abraham alone.

Against Nicholas Black’s better judgement and at Rory’s insistence (due to a recent run-in with a vampire servant of Rangda and ill-omens shared by multiple oracles, including the Seer and Sophie), Black managed to convince Rangda to have a private discussion about the possibility of Rory’s apprenticeship with the ancient, blood witch. (She suggested the near-fatal vampire encounter was a test of Rory’s worthiness as an apprentice.)

When they stepped outside, Rangda vanished in a puff of smoke and burning ozone. Nicholas, caught by surprise, turned to see Abraham standing across the street, wielding a still-smoking hand-cannon.

Abraham had appeared once again in the Gun Quarter after the Misfits met Valerie “Val”, surprised at her existence and Akiko’s return to life, cryptically muttering something about the Salvatore timeline and the spider catching the fly before disappearing as mysteriously as he had arrived.

When the time was right, Abraham reappeared shortly after Rory’s geas was called in by the Guardians of the Grove. He revealed some details of his work with the multiverse and time travel, specifically as related to the death of Sophie Charles at the hands of Rory. He promised his aid in the conflict to come, to prevent a Hellish, apocalyptic future.

On the night of the battle, Abraham led Rory to the mission house and escorted him to Sophie Charle’s windows. Bidding Rory farewell, he engaged in a firefight within the The Mission Housing of the The Martyrs to hold off Technocratic forces.

His lifeless body was found in the Mission House. Having sacrificed himself for the future of humanity, it was determined by Rory that Abraham would be given a heroes funeral and his deeds would be honoured and remembered by those who survived him.

Abraham Gideon Hawthorne

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