Thrunn Halvar

Viking mage from Oslo


Thrunn Halvar is a member of the Circle, a cabal of mages located in Norway.

He grew up in Oslo and found himself drawn to Viking culture. Today, he is often confused for a re-enactor, Halvar lives close to the land and in the fashion of his forebears.

He is an armourer for the Circle and wields a mystical warhammer when he goes to battle.

Rory Cooper spent some time training with Halvar’s cabal. He gave Cooper a parting gift of some iron beads to wear in his beard.

Thrunn has studiously focused on his blacksmithing and has grown in renown. Art Valentine contracted Thrunn to construct armour and weapons for the Knights of the Round table and Nicholas Black brought a special suit fashioned out of primium metal with a request to have the suit refashioned into armour that befits a viking.

Thrunn Halvar

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