Garret Duggan



Garret was on the cusp of setting out on his own and becoming his own man, finding a wife and settling into the caravan’s conception of domestic bliss before he arrived at the Church of the First Blood.

Cocksure and confident, he walked with swagger and talked a big game. He was one of Fergus’ students, adept with horses, brawling and mechanical skills.

Garret fully believes in the magical power of Firelily and The White Man. He’s been party to Firelily’s “rituals” and has experienced first-hand the wild and supernatural consequences of those rites. He has adorned his body with tattoos and bears scars and gifts from his time with Firelily with pride. He considers them devotional, good luck and protective symbols.

A respected member of the caravan, his current goal is to find a suitable young woman to marry. Outside of the group, traditional English society would regard him as a scruffy goon, temporarily not-incarcerated. He can often be found flirting with the various women and daughters of the societies who trade and do business with his community.

He was murdered by the Child of Night in a diabolical, dark ritual.

Garret Duggan

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