Franciszek Borowski

A noble cab driver


Franciszek Borowski, or Frank, is a cab-driver from London. Frank has always dreamed of a greater life – of adventure, heroism, and noble quests. He always tried to do his best to make his dreams real by standing up for those weaker than him, helping others, and opposing injustice when and where he could, but ultimately, Frank resigned himself to a mundane life.

That changed when Art Valentine performed a ritual in Cornwall. For reasons he barely understood, Frank packed up his life in London and traveled to Birmingham. inexplicably drawn to Art, when Frank finally met him, he knew himself to be the reincarnation of the knight known as Sir Bors. So far, Frank has taken all this strangeness in stride, and is looking forward to doing some good in the world.

Frank is stout both of stature and character, although he is prone to excitement when it comes to anything knightly. Although Art Valentine is training all his followers in the use of swords, Frank prefers to use a crowbar he calls Vigilance.

During the quest for the grail, Frank advised Art to heal the old injuries of Mr. King at The King’s Rest Inn just outside of Cornwall. This lead to Mr. King opening up about what he knew about the grail and lead the Misfits to Canada.

Frank was killed by Lance Benwick in Winnipeg, Manitoba as Art and his knights were closing in on the grail. While at the hotel, Art received a call from Morgana asking him to give up his quest. After refusing, Art worried for his students and phoned Nicholas Black in London to gather them and keep them safe. Nick said it was more likely that Morgana would strike close to him to make a point. As Art checked on his knights at the hotel, he found Frank laying in bed in his pyjamas having succumbed to multiple stab wounds while sleeping. A cryptic note on Lance’s door simply read, “I’m sorry.” Martin looked back in time to confirm the identity of the murder as Lance.

Later, Lance was seen in the company of Morgana, confirming his connection to the Enchantress and explaining his role in the killing of Frank.

Franciszek Borowski

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