Firelily Wainwright

Carefree mage from the Travelers


It would be a small injustice to describe Firelily as a “Manic Pixy Dream Girl,” but to the casual observer, she appears carefree and oblivious – passing from one fancy to the next – a life lived in pursuit of hedonistic pleasure.

The product of free-love idealism embraced by her neo-pagan, nomadic parents, she is gracious and kind, possessing what some might describe as, an “old-soul.” She harnesses laser-focused intensity to chase delights and pursue passions in her life – but that focus that lasts as long as whimsy will allow before fading to casual indifference.

Unfailingly charismatic, with little effort she turns heads in a crowd, both men and women, but not inspiring malice or envy … think of it as warm curiosity. Whether on purpose or by chance, she often imparts knowledge or moments of revelation (enlightenment) upon others she encounters.

She is especially skilled at identifying sleepers who have a high potential for awakening, but she is rather laissez-faire about the matter and does not force people to awaken.

Firelily’s own awakening occurred at a young age as her parents’ neo-pagan, new-age beliefs were supported by the existence of another mage in her nomadic, caravan community. She was less-traumatized by the awakening than one might expect because her worldview already embraced a perspective that might be otherwise considered nonsense.

The murder of traveler, Garret Duggan, bythe Child of Night has deeply affected the Travelers and she is frustrated with The Misfits inability to stop the Child of Night. She briefly stayed at The Church of the First Blood to assist with the investigation but grew impatient of waiting for results. During that time, Firelilly developed an affinity for Sarah Giles, mentioning a few times that she would like to get into her knickers, much to Sarah’s embarrassment.

A short time after the demise of the Child of Night, Firelily returned to Birmingham to visit the Misfits but realized she could no longer find the Church of the First Blood. She met with Sophie, a talented oracle, who revealed to Firelily how to find Rory Cooper.

After a seeming “chance” encounter, she ran into the young man and Rory greeted her warmly. She mentioned The White Man’s quest to find Merlin in passing, but it was quickly forgotten in favour of drink and revelry with the Misfits.

Firelily was invited to stay for as long as she pleased, but Rory, chasing the threads of an ominous vision quest, warned her that she may be the very person who is in danger and he seeks to protect.

Since the White Man relinquished the position, Firelily has reluctantly taken on the role of the spiritual leader of the Travelers, while Fergus Simes manages the more practical elements of life on the road. Balancing the needs of her followers and tending The White Man has taken some of the shine off of Firelily’s carefree attitude, but it is also providing her the opportunity to grow into a wise leader.

Firelily Wainwright

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