Fergus Simes

The riding master for the Travelers


Fergus is a weather-worn roughneck in the caravan. He maintains the wagons and is the primary caretaker of the horses, taking care of their more specialized needs like veterinary health, crafting riding equipment and training horsemanship to members of the caravan.

His demeanor is guided by the philosophy of work hard and party harder. He is beloved by many in the caravan, especially those who work and train with him every day. Fergus inspires an almost puritanical approach to work, determined and relentless in pursuit of the perfect harness or steel fitting for the wheels.

If the White Man is regarded as the spiritual center of the caravan, Fergus is its beating heart. He takes care of the many complex logistical problems like food, supplies and fuel.
He is adept at trade, using his mobile distillery to craft horrendously strong moonshine that would knock an average man off his feet and possibly cause blindness in those who rarely drink. Fergus uses his moonshine as currency.

He despises those who shirk hard work or don’t pull their own weight when it comes to the community. Moochers, slackers or less-than-honest men who find themselves the target of Fergus’ ire will struggle to trade goods, do business or even speak to the women of the caravan.

If someone is unlucky enough to have Fergus’ dislike when he has been drinking, they may find themselves on a one-sided beating from the wiry and cunning old man. He is adept at brawling and loves a good scrap – the palms of his hands have been described as having the texture of a rough, metal file. His hands and fingers have withering, bony grip.

After the disappearance of The White Man, and Firelily Wainwright, Fergus has unofficially taken up leadership of the Travellers on their journey around Britain.

Fergus Simes

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