Elizabeth Granger

Psychologist and Psychic Medium


Elizabeth grew up in a poor area of London, never really knowing her father. Her mother and father had divorced while she was still a toddler. While her father sent child support money, he was rarely involved in Liz’s life and as her mother worked in an office most of the time, and as she didn’t make friends very easily, she was left to her own devices.

Elizabeth’s natural reaction was to make up imaginary friends whom she spent much of her time with. Some of them were friendly and others a little more scary, and some of them wore funny, old clothing. They would often play with her and sometimes tell her secrets or ask her to do things for them. Elizabeth didn’t mind helping with the favours her friends asked of her, it was just nice to not be alone. Her mother soon become concerned about her daughter and the things that were happening around the house. Liz would sometimes have complete conversations with thin air, would always be able to find something that went missing and sometimes Elizabeth would wake up screaming. Once she even pried up the floor boards in the shed behind her house to reveal a chest with an old revolver and some money in it.

Not knowing what else to do, her mother took Elizabeth to a sanatorium for “treatment”. Elizabeth spent the next six months of her life in the hospital and when she came out, she was very different. She devoted herself to her studies and eventually became an accomplished psychiatrist, establishing a practice in Birmingham. She never spoke of her imaginary friends again, but not a day has gone by since her childhood that she hasn’t seen them, knowing full well that they are not imaginary at all. They are the spirits of the dead, looking for help with their unfinished business so that they may move on. She moonlights as a psychic medium, under the alias, Madame Grey and now treats the issues of both the living and the dead.

Nick made it his business to get to know Birmingham’s assets before materializing in the physical world and he considers Granger to be one of them. He befriended Elizabeth after taking human form. Elizabeth finds Nick fascinating because whenever he is around, no ghosts come near her or try to communicate with her.

Concerned about David Joy’s drug issues and general attitude towards his life, Nick took David to see Elizabeth Granger under false pretenses. David sarcastically began to speak with Elizabeth but actually found the session helpful, especially being able to speak with another medium on the difficulties of being able to see into the spirit world.

Two years later, Nicholas Black appeared once again to request Elizabeth’s aid for someone else. He told her matter of factly that he had found a unicorn in need of therapy. Initially upset, at Nicholas’ request, she soon realized that Nicholas was not making fun of her, and was being completely serious, and either actually had a unicorn, or believed that he had one. Either way, at his behest, she cleared her schedule. Nicholas guided her to The Church of the First Blood to build a rapport with Swiftwind, Infernal Unicorn, in an attempt to ease the burdens on the ancient creature.

Elizabeth Granger

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