A being of inhuman perfection


Essence: Pattern Nature: Fanatic Demeanour: Architect
Str.4, Dex.4, Sta.4/App.3, Cha.0, Man.4/Int.6 (Calculating), Wits 6 , Per. 6 (Incisive)
Abilities: Alertness 5, Leadership 5, Subterfuge 5/Technology 5(Bio-Tech)/All knowledges at 5
Spheres: Force 4, Matter 4, Life 4, Mind 4
Arete: 5
Willpower: 10
Backgrounds: Cult 5, Enhancements 5, Spies 5
Resonance: Static 4 (Perfect)
Signature Procedures: Neural Network, Overclock, Reshape


The Electronic Vademecum Automaton, also known as E.V.A., is a child of Autochtonia. Conceived as a mobile database, she contains the sum of the knowledge of that Convention, and was designed to aid Iteration-X agents on Earth. However, due to the perfection of her form and design, many It-Xers began to venerate her somewhat, and E.V.A. began to grow and change due to that veneration. Although Iteration-X has always been dedicated to the primacy of machines, E.V.A. became the nexus of a fanatical machine cult. When Mastermind was being formed, E.V.A. followers used their influence to have her assigned to the Amalgam, so she could continue her work on Earth.

E.V.A. is a creature of inhuman perfection, and her only goal is bring that perfection to humanity. She and her followers handle all the technical needs of Mastermind, but she is talented enough that that leaves plenty of time to pursue her real agenda – finding the perfect confluence of flesh and machine.

Mr. Pointe and Mr. Blanke were E.V.A.‘s must trusted acolytes, and the Cult of the Machine has begun to spread its tendrils throughout Birmingham – a number of individuals have been kidnapped by Pointe and Blanke, and been surgically altered with implanted cyberware. Some of these individuals have taken fanatically to the cause of the Cult, and others are sleeper agents, completely unaware of their role in E.V.A.’s plans for the future.

E.V.A. callously sacrificed Mr. Pointe and Mr. Blanke in order to bring in the Rogue Technocratic construct known as T-13; however, as loyal adherents to the Cult of the Machine, Pointe and Blanke were happy to lay down their lives for the cause. T-13 has since been reprogrammed, and its cutting edge technology is a formidable addition to the Cult of the Machine. Additionally, while Karen Allen ostensibly works for Susan Smith, her reconditioning and enhancement by E.V.A. has ensured that she is one of the Cult of the Machines most fervent and talented field agents as well.

It was revealed that E.V.A. gains much of her power from a shared consciousness of brilliant awakened individuals, including that of Mel Chow. She had planned to add the mind of Sarah Giles to her network as well, however Sarah managed to upload a virus directly into E.V.A.’s program, driving E.V.A. insane.

E.V.A. survived the virus, though it did untold damage to her code. She managed to survive by downloading herself into Mel Chow’s mind, fusing their personalities. Since that time, she has struggled somewhat to get by, between evading notice by the Technocracy and struggling to meet the physical needs of her host such as eating and sleeping. After overcoming these obstacles, she took refuge in the ruins of Project AEGIS, and has steadily been rebuilding her cult of machine around her, expanding her influence. E.V.A. now has a new goal in mind, get to Autochtonia and take over the world’s AI, replacing it with her own perfection.


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