Dr. Noah Fielding

A rockstar folklorist


A young academic, with stylish but rumpled clothes. He often seems distracted, but becomes animated when talking about his passion: folklore. Dr. Fielding is quick to point out the essential difference between myth and folklore, and could spend hours contemplating the differences and similarities between the folklore of various cultures.


Noah Fielding always loved stories of gods and monsters when he was a child: Ray Harryhausen was a hero to him. A voracious reader, Noah was always happiest tucked away in the corner of some library, poring over old books of folklore and mythology. With no real skills and only a love of folklore, when he finished his A Levels, he felt he had no choice but to enroll in the Anthropology program at University. Noah’s passion for the subject, however, quickly distinguished him, and he earned a score of scholarships and the attention of advisors, who strongly encouraged him to pursue grad studies – after securing a doctorate in Anthropology, Noah was at loose ends, but once again, his infectious enthusiasm for Folklore opened doors for him. Noah met a young BBC producer named Verity Rain, who eventually approached him about hosting a program called “Journeys Through Folklore”.

Because of his celebrity, Dr. Fielding was offered a position in the Anthropology department at the University of Birmingham. Now, he juggles his television hosting duties with his teaching and his studies, and he is undoubtedly one of the most popular teachers at the U of B.

Dr. Fielding helped Rory Cooper and David Joy by providing some information about Cymic, the son of Ymir.

Dr. Noah Fielding

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