David Joy

Euthanatos Death Mage / Taxi Driver


David is of average height but quite spindly with long black messy hair and dark bags under his eyes from a rough life. He can be seen wearing tattered white dress shirts and black slacks along with military surplus coats and Egyptian themed jewelry.

He is half middle eastern in decent and speaks in slightly unusual BBC proper English.

Being able to see those of the spirit realm alongside those of our own makes for some interesting moments causing David to question reality and leaving others under the impression that he is not all there upstairs.


David is a man like many others, struggling to find his place in the world. When he awoke several years ago in a dark alley of the Gun Quarter it was to the face ofRupert Cain. All David remembered was dim visions of boarding schools and bright lights, nothing from his childhood remained solid in his mind. He cannot remember his awakening and has had an unreal sense of all things spiritual and an unpredictable ability to alter fate for as long as he can remember.

David found sanctuary at the Church of the First Blood as he eked out a meager living on the streets of Bham. Cain encouraged David to learn as much as he could and under the Father’s tutelage he learned how to harness his magiks and put them to much greater use. He also went to the University of Birmingham where after several years of extreme highs and extreme lows, run ins with the law and a rising drug problem he could ultimately no longer afford to attend. He would often lose himself in daydreams about life and death and existential marathons. His band was labelled “too dark for punk” by the school newspaper.

Many people were disappointed with David but being an awakened mage makes it hard to concentrate on earthy problems. David thought that if he could solve these earthly problems for people and help keep the peace, people would be allowed to live and learn in a more constructive way. So he brought justice to those who needed it most and saved lost souls who needed saving. This would bring him more run-ins with the law and spirits who disagreed with his ways.

During an assault on The Prometheus Building, David was nearly killed by Castor and Pollux, a pair of genetically engineered guard tigers. On the cusp of death, David bargained with a demon for infernal power; granted unearthly strength, stamina, and the ability to turn into a jackal-headed monstrosity, David returned to life and saved the The Misfits. Later, David bargained further with the demon, to conceal the nature of his pact. The deal seemed ironclad, and even dedicated witch-hunters like Michael Hopkins could not detect David’s demonic pact.

Unfortunately, at the winter solstice Traditions enclave of 1984, Rangda accused David Joy of consorting with demons. An artifact possessed by The Covenant of the Fleur-De-Lis, the mirror of revelation, revealed the truth of the accusation. David Joy did not deny the allegations, and willingly submitted to Gilgul; a terrible ritual in which a mage’s awakened avatar is destroyed. Following his Gilgul, David Joy left Birmingham. His current fate is unknown.

David Joy

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