Cesar Butler

Savvy Birmingham PC


Cesar Butler is a young man who typifies the corruption that is endemic to the West Midlands Police Force in the 1980s. From a working class background, Butler feels that he is owed something – as such, he’s happy to look the other way in matters of “excessive force applications”, and is very canny when it comes to soliciting “donations to the Policeman’s Auxiliary Ball”. Cesar has an affable manner, with just enough of the sycophant in him to allow him to curry favour with his fellows and his superiors. It’s fair to say that Cesar has an easy mastery of the “system” of the police force, which he is happy to use to his own benefit.

When Cesar was contacted by Nicholas Black, Cesar was surprised to find that he was happy to use his mastery of the system to benefit others as well – mainly Black and The Founders – as long as it means even more benefit to himself. Cesar has no problem engaging in this act of corruption – after all, he’s only getting the rewards that are his due.

Cesar Butler

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