Caswell Jones

Investment Lawyer and Banker


Tall, well dressed and confident.


Of African American descent, Caswell is actually a relative of Mercury Jones. Cas is not awakened but he knows that there is more to the world than it may seem on the surface. Cas made a small fortune during the recession which lead to the world’s finances being the way they currently are. Of course he a had a little warning of what was going to be coming.

Today Cas runs a profitable investment firm in Birmingham which is still doing quite well, not just despite the market, but because of it. Investments into things like cotton, sulphur and charcoal and steel have seen massive growth due to the Falklands War for necessities like gunpowder and bandages.

Cas has managed to remain one step ahead of the game because he has friends in very low places. He sold his soul almost five years ago for earthly wealth, and today he is one of the richest men in England. He was also promised a long life to enjoy those riches before those friends come to collect. In the mean time, he has begun to shift his eye to Britain’s political arena. After all, if he can be of even more use to his “friends” alive, they might give him an extension.

Caswell Jones

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