A fierce shield-maiden


Brynhildr is a young woman who dresses in archaic clothing and has old-fashioned mannerisms. She is a forthright person, if tending towards bellicose: her predilections towards drinking and fighting often put her at odds with Amund, but The Circle relies heavily on her combat prowess. If Amund is the head of the The Circle, and Ingvald the spirit, then Brynhildr is the heart. Brynhildr cherishes Thrunn Halvar for his wondrous creations, and assures him that they are the rival of the Aesir.

Brynhildr does not know what to make of Rory Cooper. She senses a great strength within the young man, and longs to see it tested in battle. For her part, Brynhildr makes no secret of her might, and so she is puzzled by Cooper’s seeming reluctance to test himself against her, even in a friendly fashion.

Brynhildr is in fact a Valkryie, a Norse psychopomp and spirit of battle. The Circle encountered her when they were following Rognvaldsson, after he had managed to penetrate the secret path to the Bifrost Bridge they defend. Fortunately for The Circle, Rognavaldsson did not make it far, for he quickly encountered a guardian of the bridge: Brynhildr. Brynhildr quickly challenged the interloper to battle, having no fear about her ability to best the mere mortal. It was this arrogance which almost led to Brynhildr’s undoing. Rognavaldsson was an ancient mystic, with a great deal of magical power – he would have bound the Valkryie with his magical staves, if he had not been confronted by The Circle. Finding himself fighting a battle on two fronts, Rognavaldsson was forced to retreat, but not without vowing he would return and swearing revenge on The Circle and Brynhildr.

Brynhildr’s sense of honour compelled her to pledge herself to the service of The Circle, who had saved her from a fate far worse than death. Initially, Amund was reluctant to accept the young woman, but Ingvald counselled him that to refuse her would be a great insult, and could cause them problems amongst the residents of the nine realms. And so Brynhilder became a member of The Circle, the designated guardian of the guardians of the Bifrost. It doesn’t hurt that Brynhildr finds much to enjoy on Midgard, for the realm of men offers many pleasures, from strong drink to fine company.

Brynhildr loathes Rognavaldsson and all of his sorcerous ilk as much as she respects Amund, for witches subvert the old ways to selfishly empower themselves and interrupt the natural order of things. She considers herself a great enemy of any who would employ dark magic, and by extension an ally of all those would oppose them. Occasionally her lack of guile causes her problems, but she knows that she can rely on her fellows in The Circle to steer her right.

Recently, she was party to the downfall of Jon Rognavaldsson. She permitted Rory Cooper to scan her thoughts in a dreamwalk, so that he could glimpse her memories of the dark mage. The experience was painful and strenuous, but it ultimately led the Misfits to the sanctum of the evil man.

No one celebrated his death more loudly than Brynhildr.

A few months later, Rory Cooper returned to Norway to introduce Emma to Brynhildr as part of Emma’s training. They were disappointed to learn Brynhildr had returned to Valhalla at the conclusion of her quest to see Rognavaldsson destroyed.


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