Subtle poisoner


Belladonna was born into the Aconitines, a secretive lineal sect of the Euthanatos group known as the Golden Chalice. Every member of the family, Awakened or not, was involved with the production of the signature poisons the sect utilized, but Belladonna was lucky enough to Awaken at a young age, and was instructed in the special training of her family. Belladonna has learned infiltration and assassination from the true masters of the art.

A rite of passage to become a master of the Aconitines involves the creation of a brand new poison. On her quest, to discover new poisons and methods of assassination, Belladonna encountered The Centurions, and has stayed with them since, reckoning that there is much she can learn and bring back to the Aconitines.

The similarity between Belladonna and Bellona’s shadow names is an ongoing source of contention for both women.


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