Amund Ellestad

Viking mage from Oslo


Amund Ellestad belongs to the Circle cabal, a group of Norwegian mages.

A patient and skilled life mage, he has dedicated himself to preserving the knowledge and tradition of his forebears. He was the one who taught Rory Cooper how to read Futhark, as well as some of the history and traditional knowledge of the Verbena from a Norwegian perspective.

He is influential among the members of his cabal and acts in a leadership role, but often seeks out guidance and input from others.

His current responsibilities keep him busy, but the Misfits are a welcome distraction from time to time.

Recently, Amund and the Circle have crossed paths with the Misfits repeatedly, first, to provide access to the rainbow bridge, and then to provide support in the search forJon Rognavaldsson..

Amund made the Misfits honourary members of his cabal and was relieved to find out they had thwarted the schemes of Rognavaldsson.

Amund Ellestad

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