Alison "Ally" Graves

Administrative Assistant


Alison Graves, or Ally, as she likes to be called is a perky young woman in her twenties. She is very friendly, even to complete strangers and her eyes light up at the mere mention of computers. She is not as skinny as she would like to be, but an erratic schedule has left her little time for exercise.


Ally is a competent hacker and goes by the handle “Alley Cat”.

From a young age, Ally held a fascination with fixing things and taking them apart, from the remote control to the toaster, she was a constant annoyance to her parents. Her Grandfather saw her potential however and bought her, her first tool kit. When he passed away, he left his assets to Ally.

Ally went on to college to graduate with a degree in computer science and technology. To most she is simply Mother Mary’s secretary. She books plane tickets, accommodations and events and coordinates between the Catholic Church and the public. But underneath, she is the heart of The Martyrs. She has hacked into government and Technocratic mainframes many times and has become a bit of an old hand at it. She specializes in information and coordination, always routing through proxy servers. She has learned a lot from her fellow VA friends and has been a particular nuisance to the Technocracy, often because her efforts are part of even larger inconveniences conceived of by Mother Mary.

Ally is a member of both the Celestial Chorus and the Virtual Adepts. While she often gets frustrated with the resistance to modernize by the church, she does believe in their doctrine.

Ally had a brief, unrequited, online love affair with Cool Cat, before he stopped coming online. At first she was saddened, thinking he had used her, but when she learned of his death, she was just angry. Ally is looking into Cool Cat’s death and would like to get all of the information regarding it, if only for closure.

Ro has trained her in the use of Firearms and she has a particular love of SMGs.

Ally is a competent Correspondence Adept with additional training in Matter and Prime.

Her favourite rote is called Missing Pieces where she teleports a key piece of an object, such as a gun’s firing pin or a Cyborg’s CPU out of them and into oblivion. She once even used it to remove an agent’s pants, something the VIs still joke about.

Ally worked with Mother Mary to fake the destruction of the The Church of the First Blood, and the deaths of Rory Cooper, and Sarah Giles. Currently, there is a permanent enchantment over the Church. Should anyone be able to get beyond the high level of Arcane shrouding the Church, they would still only see a ruined crater.

Ally was saddened at the death of Sarah Giles, however this has merely reinforced the importance of defeating the Technocracy. While most of her time has been taken up by supporting Mother Mary’s plans, she has pledged to assist Rory Cooper in hitting back at the Technocracy, provided that his actions do not conflict with the aspirations of The Martyrs.

She was overjoyed at Sarah’s resurrection due to the Misfits finding the holy grail, making a spectacle of herself in a fit of ugly crying at one of the Tradition Conclaves. The two have worked closely to counter the Technocratic drone project.

Ally’s demise is somewhat of a mystery. During the end of the attack on the The Mission House, The Misfits found her body in her VR rig known as “The Confessional”, and while her body was still alive, her mind was not present. Ally’s physical body was destroyed when the Mission House collapsed on top of it following a suicidal attack on the building by a desperate Carbine Security officer.

Some time later, the cyber-deity E.V.A. encountered Sarah Giles, and promised to provide the location of the consciousness of Ally Graves in exchange for assistance for infiltrating the Iteration-X holding known as Autochthonia. Whether this is a genuine offer or another deception of the megalomaniacal A.I. remains to be seen.

Alison "Ally" Graves

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