Akiko Ninube

A mysterious ninja girl


From the Ninube ninja village Rishiri mountains
Became full fleged ninja age 13 , also when she met her best “friend” Choji
Choji’s Akikos avatar which takes the form of a Crow
Age 15 Choji convinces her to leave the village, she accepts with barley her life she flees to the Iron Dragon Monastery in hopes that they will give her sanctuary, the abbot (Zhao Shu) allows her to stay.
From then on she will do anything to repay the abbot, as such she becomes the courier for the Iron Dragon, traveling the world which works for her, as she doesn’t like to stay in one place for long .
When she was leaving for Birmingham Abbot Shu left with an odd command: “make friends”

Akiko was killed by the T-13 in an attack on The Prometheus Building to save her friend Sarah Giles. Despite this, Akiko showed up at The Church of the First Blood, in the company of Lady Ninube instead of Choji, and muttering something about her boyfriend.

Like Rory before her, Akiko was cursed by The King of Winter.

Akiko Ninube

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