Mage: The Gun Quarter

Session 99

Corners of the Earth

June 20, 1987 – June 28, 1987
- The Misfits meet their Traditions brethren at the Conclave in Birmingham; they agree that the The Order of the Silver Flame should see to the tutelage of the newly awakened mage that Professor Prime‘s system detected
-Karnacki, The Ghost-Taker approaches Art Valentine about his concerns about the need for the The Triptych to continue to exist; Art pivots on Karnacki instead, and offers The Triptych a place in The Accord. Karnacki promises to take the offer to the rest of the Triptych and think about it
-Sarah Giles asks The Red Queen for help learning Correspondence. The Red Queen sends Sarah a series of special files that can only be accessed on prime numbered days
-Nicholas Black travels to Rio De Janeiro in search of Morgen
-Art investigates the node at the Giant’s Causeway. Seeing that it is infrequently visited, Art uses his Prime magic to leave a secret message
-Rory Cooper travels to Newfoundland to track down Charlies Dietrich for Amund Ellestad
-After trekking overland for several days, Rory arrives at Trinity, only to stumble upon a strange occurrence involving the Heralds of Unsleep. Unnerved, Rory summons a spirit to fetch Art for backup
-Nick’s research leads him to discover the Corte Verde Riot of 1957 in Rio, which he thinks might help lead him to Morgen



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