Mage: The Gun Quarter

Session 95

Ride the Lightning

May 12, 1987 – May 18, 1987
-Nicholas Black and Rory Cooper have a heart to heart about Adrian Cross, Mammon Investment Group, and everything else
-Nick has Woody introduce Giancarlo Rossi to the movers and shakers of Birmingham’s criminal community
-Rory meets with Allende the Pyromancer, who tells him about The Grey Woman, a mysterious being who is said to be a master fate-binder. Allende believes that the Grey Woman can help them with Jack O’Shadows‘s geas
-Art Valentine meets with Michael Hopkins and Professor Prime to discuss the terms of their Birmingham defense force. They agree to patrol on Thursdays, and share information about pressing threats
-Sarah Giles scries the 6th Dagger of Megiddo in Saudi Arabia, but some kind of ward is in place. Art and Rory teleport there and encounter a HIT Mark guarding the Dagger. Fortunately Sarah whisks them away with the Dagger before it’s too late
-Nick convinces Elias Elgin to sell his soul, cementing the new Founders
-Karl Magnusson arrives at The Church of the First Blood



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