Mage: The Gun Quarter

Session 78

The Prophecy

December 20 – December 21, 1986
-Martin Vincent returns from the Summer Lands with Sir Percival. Art Valentine retires with Percival to The Black Berg in order to help Percival get acquainted with the 20th century
-Rory Cooper calls his allies together to strategize about fulfilling his geas. Because he has to be circumspect of the nature of his task, neither The Centurions nor The Hounds of Artemis can pledge to aid him, but they do wish him the best
-Nicholas Black meets with The Sanguine Sisterhood and offers them a place in The Accord, in exchange for access to a node. Itzpapalotl, the de facto leader of the Sisterhood in Rangda‘s absence, seems receptive to the concept
-Art, Martin, and Rory prepare to travel to The Mission House so they can fulfill Rory’s geas, and deal with the Technocratic attack they have been warned about
-they encounter Abraham Gideon Hawthorne on the way
-at the Mission House, the Misfits find the area cordoned off by Carbine Security, and several advanced Technocractic operatives advancing on the Mission House
-Rory consumes a Tincture of Jade Essence, and sneaks around the back of the building, while Art and Nick cause a distraction by attacking the Technocratic agents
-Rory sneaks into Sophie Charles’s bedroom and kills her with a hammer blow to the back of the head, fulfilling his geas
-Art and Martin battle HIT Mark 1s and the Psycho-Kinetic Entity while Carbine Security watches and maintains their cordon
-Rory joins the battle against the Technocratic agents, many of whom have already begun to move into the building and kill the inhabitants
-After dispatching the last of the HIT Mark 1s, the Misfits discover that Mother Mary Victoria, Ro, and Abraham have been killed in the assault. Upstairs, they find Ally Graves in her simsense rig, her body inert
-exiting the building, Rory attacks the Carbine Security personnel by lobbing grenades at them. The extraordinary circumstances of the evening shake the otherwise well-trained troops, and Rory makes quick work of them. 2 of the 24 assembled troops manage to escape, while 1 more gives his life in a retaliatory attack, driving an Armored-Personnel-Carrier through, and ultimately destroying, the Mission Housing
-As Rory digs Nick out from the collapsed building, he hears the voice of Master Iron in his mind, imploring him to gather his allies and prepare for the attack on The Ninube Clan



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