Mage: The Gun Quarter

Session 43


-Rory Cooper and Akiko Ninube have some terse negotiations regarding Kaneda Takeshi‘s activities
-as a result, Akiko and Kaneda make it a mission to beat up as many skinheads as they can
-Nicholas Black ask for Sarah Giles’s help legitimizing some of his investments, after the forensic audit, but this work is interrupted when Sarah is contacted by Lord Greymane, who tells her that Iteration-X is looking for the Firemind (Sarah’s online alter-ego)
-Sarah finds an It-X datacrawler, and dismantling it, finds a video file from E.V.A., inviting her to a meeting at the Spy’s Demise
-Sarah, joined by Nick, meets E.V.A., and learns that the Technocracy are currently holding a recently awakened Mel Chow – E.V.A. intends to induct the girl into her consciousness-matrix, but offers the superior Firemind the chance to spare Mel Chow by taking her place
-Sarah, determined to rescue her friends, mobilizes The Misfits, informing them that she intends to rescue Mel, and that time is short. Both Nick and Rory hesitantly agree to Sarah’s plan, while Akiko registers her disapproval
-Sarah enlists the aid of Alison “Ally” Graves and the Knights of the Cyber-Brotherhood to assault The Prometheus Building‘s cyber-security when given the signal by Niv Mizzet
-Nick has Woody organize a riot as well
-Sarah secrets her virus on her person, and enters The Prometheus Building
-T-13 takes Sarah deep into the basement of the building, and tries to hook her into E.V.A.’s neural net, but Sarah instead implants her virus and things in the Prometheus Building go hay-wire
-The Misfits bust into the building, and Akiko teleports to Sarah’s location. Unfortunately, the terrifying T-13 proves to be too much for Akiko, who is too focused on rescuing Sarah, and it kills the ninja
-Nick and Rory fight the highly trained security forces of the Prometheus building, trying to save Sarah, while down below Sarah tries to escape T-13 but is swiftly strangled into unconsciousness
-A heavily wounded guard explodes a grenade at close-quarters to Rory, gravely injuring him at the expense of his own life
-Nick, unable to be harmed by the security forces in the building but also unable to harm them, manages to transport Rory and Sarah into the Umbra. He takes the badly wounded Rory back to the The Church of the First Blood
-When Nick returns to the Prometheus Building, he finds BDC Marines on site, in the Umbra, combing the area. By summoning minor spirits to distract them, he gets into the building and recovers Sarah’s unconscious form. Unfortunately, he has to endure a gauntlet of plasma bolts as he escapes the building, and a hail of bullets as he returns to Earth. Although Nick is unharmed, the sheer concentration of fire is too much for Sarah, and she perishes in Nick’s arms



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