Mage: The Gun Quarter

Session 42

Sin City

-Rory Cooper visits the The Sacred Grove, hoping to find some answers about his future
-Nicholas Black visits the The Martyrs to smooth things over
-Rory and Jack O’Shadows have a fight regarding his frequent absences, but he makes it up to her
-Nick is called away to London, to assist Ava Frost with a forensic audit
-Akiko Ninube convinces The Misfits to go to Las Vegas to meet with the Gold Dragons and propose Nick’s tass trading scheme
-The Misfits negotiate with Toru Shikeshi, at a rate of 3 tass to 1, with delivery in units of 10
-Toru gifts The Misfits some chips for The Labyrinth, the casino that is the home base for the Gold Dragons, and Rory, Akiko, Sarah and Jack have some fun
-The Quartet hit the strip, gambling legitimately at some casinos and cheating shamelessly in others, and treat themselves to a nice meal
-Sarah teleports The Misfits to Paris, to do some shopping with their gambling earnings, and buys herself a very expensive pair of boots. Then, Sarah being bristling with paradox from all the teleporting, the group takes the ferry back to England



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