Mage: The Gun Quarter

Session 34


-In the Crystal Caves that lead to the Bifrost Bridge, The Misfits and Brynhildr and Thrunn Halvar encounter three Sons of Fenris, undead and bound to the will of Jon Rognavaldsson. They put the wolves down and exorcise the tormented spirits within, but proceed with caution
-With Brynhildr to guide them, the Misfits easily arrive at Nidalveir, home of the Dwarves, but upon their arrival are at something of a loss
-eventually, Rory detects a number of living beings not too far from their position, deep under the earth, and the Misfits head in that direction
-Akiko Ninube finds a strange, but closed, aperture in the earth
-Rory magically compels a dwarf to check out the hole , and eventually a small squad of Dwarven warriors arrive
-The warriors take the Misfits to Erik Shieldbreaker, leader of the Stoneheart tribe. The Misfits try to convince him that they are allies of Karl Magnusson, but Erik is suspicious. Eventually, Nick offers himself up as a hostage in return for the trust of the dwarves. Finally, Erik tells him that at the last clan moot, Karl had indicated that he was going to travel to Asgard, to seek Odin’s approval for pursuing the Dwarven rebellion on Svartalfheim
-Rory and Akiko are set upon travelling to Asgard to seek Karl’s aid; Brynhildr strenuously advises against such a course of action, but the Misfits are adamant. Both Thrunn and Brynhildr are impressed by their bravery, dubbing them honorary members of The Circle, granting them the right to keep the weapons that Thrunn had given them
-Rory and Akiko travel alone on the Bifrost Bridge – fortunately, Asgard is easy to find, being the pinnacle of the bridge
-the two are stopped by Hemidall, Guardian of Asgard, who refuses to let them past. Akiko attempts to sneak by him, but is unsuccessful
-Akiko and Rory debate various methods of gaining entry into Asgard, and are on the verge of leaving, when a mysterious stranger arrives and offers them entrance to Asgard in exchange for an undefined future service
-Rory determines that the stranger is likelyLoki, and is inherently mistrustful of an open ended promise to him. As a counter argument, he offers Akiko entrance into Asgard and even escorting to Karl Magnusson if she agrees to kill Erik Stoneheart and make it look like Snorri was responsible. Akiko agrees
-Loki shrinks Akiko down, and takes her to Karl Magnusson. Unfortunately, he also befuddles her language, so she can not communicate with Karl. Akiko has some training with Mind magic, however, and hopes Karl does as well – she thinks at him as hard as she is able. Karl gives her a stone inscribed with a futhark rune, and asks her to give it to Rory, telling her that he can be contacted by means of this stone. Loki is somewhat put out by the fact that the two mortals got around his prank so easily, but takes it in stride
-Before returning Akiko to the Bifrost, Loki asks her if she would like to share his bed. Thrill-seeker that she is, Akiko agrees, and her prowess causes Loki to become somewhat smitten with her. He tells her that she is welcome to return to Asgard at any time, and even shows her some of the secret passages in Asgard known only to him
-Rory uses to stone to speak to Karl Magnusson, and eventually convince him to come to Nidalveir to vouch for them and have the dwarves release Nick. Karl is reluctant at first, fearing that leaving now would set back his negotiations with Odin too much, but he eventually agrees when Rory convinces him that Nick can help with the negotiations, and the Misfits pledge themselves to Karl’s cause



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