Mage: The Gun Quarter

Session 33

Trail of Breadcrumbs

- The Misfits and friends reach Svartalfheim, and with the Sounding Horn, Nicholas Black convinces King Alfred to admit them with the promise of great tribute – they offer Rory‘s Frost Giant heart and 10 pawns of tass
-King Alfred disavows all knowledge of Karl Magnusson’s recent movements, but does admit that he is a great friends of the Dark Elves, having once aided them in repelling an attack by the Fire Giant Surtur
-Nick convinces King Alfred to show them his greatest smith – the dwarf known as Snorri. Snorri also disavows knowledge of Karl Magnusson, but his behaviour makes it clear that he is lying. The Misfits convince King Alfred to allow them to see Snorri’s forge, and in private, Snorri admits that he has seen Karl recently. According to Snorri, the dwarves of Svartalfheim were captured in a raid by Dark Elves millenia ago, and brought back to Svartalfheim to serve as indentured servants. All of the weapons created by Snorri and his kin must be enchanted to pass harmlessly through Dark Elves. Thus, Karl Magnusson has gone to Nidalveir, home of the Dwarves, to collect real weapons so that the Dwarves of Svartalfheim can rise up and win their freedom from the dark elves. Snorri takes a liking to Akiko Ninube and gifts a figurine of a dwarf forged from iron
-The Misfits return to earth, because Akiko risks being killed by Master Jade‘s Dim Mak if they do not return soon
-They return to Birmingham on July 4th, so Woody puts on a fireworks show in Nick’s honour
- The Martyrs arrive at The Church of the First Blood and asks the Misfits to stay out of their way while they prepare to have the Church appear to be destroyed with all of its inhabitant and deal with the media afterwards
-After the Church has been destroyed, The Martyrs offer to create an alternate identity for Rory, but he prefers to live “off the grid” for the time being
-some sub-contractors for the Mammon Group arrive at the Church, and assist Nick in increasing the Arcane rating of the Church, as well as unlocking more of his own demonic essence
-Akiko reconnects with Mercury Jones. Her high Arcane rating makes her an excellent assassin, but makes relationships difficult to pursue
-Nick finally gets in touch with Karnacki, The Ghost-Taker, who apologizes for being incommunicado – he and The Doctor were devoting their energy to preparing Michael Hopkins for his upcoming trip to The Cathedral of Bone – but he tells Nick that his colleague, The Non-Newtonian, is an unparalleled master of Prime Energy
-Nick writes a letter to The Non-Newtonian, asking her if she would be willing to help William Wayne mask his magical energies. Akiko’s avatar/boon companion Chojidelivers the letter
-Akiko trains with Master Jade, but has a set-back during meditation practice
-Nick asks Rory to create a fast-healing salve, “just in case”. Unbeknownst to Rory, Nick administers the spell to Denton Hull, as his severe injuries were making Nick’s rehabilitation program take too long
-Nicholas recalls that when he was at The Serpent Society‘s Reading Room, he had promised the spirit of Milly Chapel they would be able to be together soon, and convinced her to inhabit a skull. Nick casually feeds Milly’s soul to the Spirit of the Church of the First Blood, increasing its power but irrevocably destroying her in the process
-Nick asks Woody to start to spread rumours about “someone” (i.e. Mac The Knife cleaning up Bulldog’s former lieutenants (young men like Rory, Denton, and Timmins)
-The Misfits return to Oslo, and prepare to visit Nidalveir, home of the Dwarves, in their quest to find Karl Magnusson



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