Mage: The Gun Quarter

Session 32

Leaving Elysium

-in Elysium, The Misfits encounter outriders of the Blackmane Tribe of Centaurs. The Blackmane are bellicose, and seem to refuse to let the mages pass, but upon learning that they are there to take William Wayne, the Blackmane relent, in exchange for tribute
-Rory Cooper summons a raven to help him scout the terrain of Elysium. Eventually Rory’s raven guides the Misfits to William’s camp – a small copse of trees surrounded by centaur skulls on poles
-Within, they encounter William himself. William is sitting in front of a fire, wearing a loincloth, his face and body covered in warpaint, and sharing his fire with a dryad
-William seems content to stay in the forest with his dryads, but eventually Nick convinces William that he only has his best interests at heart, and is not interested in controlling him. William will only leave if his dryads are protected from the predations of the Blackmane centaurs, however
-Rory helps set up a ward around the forest against centaurs, but Nick takes a different tack. He summons a pair of powerful nature spirits known as The Twins, and grants them dominion over all they survey
-Jack stayed behind in Elsyium – she cashed in a favour and used the opportunity to study fire magic with Allende the Pyromancer
-Nick tries to convince Proteus that The Covenant of the Fleur-De-Lis should act as a quintessence bank, but Proteus protests that he has neither the influence with the chantry nor any interest to undertake such a project
-Rory, Nick, and Will make a point of flipping off Proteus before returning to earth
-Akiko asks Mercury Jones to teach her how to ride a motorcycle. He agrees, but the first lesson gets off to a shaky start
-Rory and Jack travel to Oslo to meet The Circle
-Nick, Akiko, and Will go to The Mission House and speak to Mother Mary Victoria, asking her if she would be willing to teach Wayne how to hide his power. She agrees, but only on the condition that he plegdes not to engage in any licentious behaviour. William is reluctant to agree, and Nick is disgusted on his behalf, so they decline. Nick and Mother Mary also make arrangements for the Misfits’ looming death day
-Akiko remembers The Colloquium‘s experiment, and wonders if it might have had something to do with Prime. If so, she thinks, perhaps a member of The Colloquium can teach William to hide his powers. The Misfits leave a message for Karnacki, The Ghost-Taker at McGillicutty’s
-Nick and Akiko join Rory and Jack in Norway
-The Misfits and The Circle enjoy a feast, and Akiko and Brynhildr bond over brawling. Rory convinces Brynhildr and Ingvald the Skald to join the Misfits on their trip to Svartalfheim to search for Karl Magnusson and Brynhildr leads them to the Circle’s gate to the Bifrost bridge



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