Mage: The Gun Quarter

Session 31

99 Problems, Plus 1

-Rory Cooper picks up some heirlooms and mementos from his father’s house, in preparation for his impending fake death.
-Nicholas Black summons Mercury Jones, and asks him to contact the The Order of the Silver Flame regarding William Wayne; Mercury says that coincidentally, Rangda wishes to speak to him as well.
-Nick sends a bouquet of black roses to the mayor anonymously, with a note offering condolences for the death of his cousin.
-Rory and Jack O’Shadows go on a date and enjoy the back of the hearse.
-Akiko invites Kaneda Takeshi to Rory’s birthday party, and Sarah Giles invites Mel Chow. The skinheads at the party are somewhat disturbed by the presence of people of different ethnicities, but eventually they are enveloped by Akiko’s Arcane, and no one seems to pay them too much mind.
-Alice Wright shows up at the party and makes a scene; Rory restrains himself, and gets her to leave without too much incident. Part of Alice’s complaint comes from the fact that Rory badly beat Denton Hull, the provider for the small family consisting of Denton, Alice, and her child (who may or may not be Rory’s). Since Nick has taken Denton under his wing, he discreetly provides Alice with £1000, which she is definitely not too proud to take.
-Akiko trains with Master Jade who impresses upon her that her sword is nothing more than a crutch.
-Nick meets The Serpent Society in London and is inducted as a neonate, and Giovanni Lavi promises to see personally to his tutelage.
- The Misfits travel to Elysium to try to convince William Wayne to come back to Earth; there, Nick negotiates with Rangda, who promises she will divulge the location of The Cathedral of Bone in exchange for the contents therein. Nick instead convinces her instead to accept the realm itself, but the Misfits get all the contents.



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