Mage: The Gun Quarter

Session 100

The Diary of Sarah Giles

June 28, 1987 – July 1, 1987
Card: Temperance
Nicholas Black meets with Cardinal Salés in Brazil to learn about the Catholic Church’s role in covering up the Corte Verde riot of 1957, but Cardinal Salés finds Nick to be a wicked man and refuses to divulge the secret information. Nick relies on larceny instead, and discovers the account of an exorcist who relays a tragic tale of madness and violence
-Art creates rings that protect the minds of their wearers from the malign influence of Qulalathun and his minions
-Art encounters Agent Dare in London, seemingly an agent of the Technocracy, who tells him he is welcome in London as long as he doesn’t make any trouble. He warns, however, that havoc will not be tolerated and will be swiftly and thoroughly punished
-Nick uses the The Orb of Elantris to scry Skulls of Ka’Lun, cold iron, and the Inquisitor’s Cross
-Art and Nick meet the Troll, and meet his ward, Alex, the spirit of the library of Alexandria.
-The Troll requests something that is not currently in his library in exchange for the ritual to travel to the realm of The Vizier. Nick finds a suitable book in The Reading Room, but not wanting to remove it from the library, he instead photocopies it in its entirety at The Lodge. The Troll is somewhat non-plussed, but as this technically fulfills the requirement, he offers the ritual, and sends them on their way with a request to bring him any texts they find from the Library of Alexandria
-at the biannual meeting of The Serpent Society, Giovanni Lavi confronts Nick about taking a text out of The Reading Room. Giovanni is very cross, but Nick mollifies him with wit and charm
-On their way back to Birmingham, Art and Nick encounter King Mab, who encourages them to ignore Agent Dare and fuck shit up
-Amund Ellestad, The Doctor, and Karnacki, The Ghost-Taker gather at The Church of the First Blood, per Rory Cooper‘s request, to prepare to deal with the situation in Trinity
-Art creates blood tass for Rangda, who in exchange provides him with the ritual to travel to the Arcane Sanctuary. Cross-referencing, Art sees that it is the same as the one provided by The Troll
-Art performs the ritual and travels to the Arcane Sanctuary to meet the Vizier and learn what he can about Qulalathun. The Vizier portends only doom…
-Nick leans on Patrick O’Sea and manages purchase a foreclosed exterminator business called Bug-B-Gon – the purchase includes all the equipment and a small supply of chemicals



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