The Travelers

The Travelers are a loose affiliation of traveling mages and sleepers, living in harmony. They have a simplistic, back to basics lifestyle, and are no strangers to toil or hardships, but if asked, almost any member of the Travelers will gladly tell you how happy they are. The White Man and Firelily Wainwright form the nucleus of the community; although there is no official leader of the group, most look to The White Man for his wisdom and insight, and Firelily can’t help but influence others.

The Travelers began with just The White Man; an intense vision caused him to leave society behind, and travel to the ancient holy sites of England. As he traveled the country, like-minded individuals began to join him. Before long, a small community of travelers had developed around The White Man’s endless pilgrimage. Now The White Man, joined by the Travelers, travels from ancient holy site to holy site, performing the rituals of veneration of the Earth that keeps nature in balance.

At some point, The White Man became obsessed with finding Merlin’s resting place. According to Firelily, he found the tree in which Merlin was trapped, and dedicated himself to learning everything that the ancient mystic had to teach. In The White Man’s absence, leadership has fallen to Fergus Simes. Firelily splits her time between tending to the needs of The White Man and aiding The Travelers. This is beginning to take a toll on the young mage, but too many people are counting on her for her to stop now.

Firelily Wainwright
Fergus Simes

Former Members
Garret Duggan – Deceased
The White ManMIA

The Travelers

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