The Orb of Elantris

The Orb of Elantris is a very powerful scrying globe belonging to The Serpent Society. Of unknown origin, this smooth ball of crystal is housed in an ornate box decorated in snake motif’s, and rests upon a velvet cushion.

With an effort of will, the Orb can show its user distant people and places. The Serpent Society uses the Orb to spy on potential recruits, enemies, and find more of the demonic artifacts which it prizes.

Recently, Nicholas has advanced his rank within the Serpent Society to that of a senior member. As such, he is entitled to use the orb once a month, though he has to schedule a time in advance to use the artifact.
The Orb was briefly in possession of The Misfits, who liberated it from the Lodge of the Society in Chelsea, but was later returned to them by Nicholas Black.

The Orb of Elantris is a powerful scrying artifact, that can glimpse different places on Earth and even other worlds. It possesses the innate ability to peer through up to medium strength Correspondence wards, and an effort of will on the user’s part will allow it to pierce stronger wards as well.

The Orb has six arete for the purposes of scrying, and has both Spirit and Correspondence. The Orb can negate six points of Spirit or Correspondence Warding on its own, and a user’s own arete can be added to innately pierce as many more points. Further, an awakened user can roll their own arete, as a ritual, to further pierce Correspondence and Spirit Wards. Doing so is useful only for the purposes of scrying, however.

The Orb of Elantris

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