The Mission Housing

The Mission House is the site of an old Birmingham hotel which was recently leased and renovated by the Catholic Church. It serves as a bastion of hope for Birmingham’s disenfranchised, and as the base of operations for The Martyrs Equipped with a large kitchen and many spare rooms, it houses a small army of people who feel that they have been abandoned by society, and are the perfect recipients for Mother Mary’s sermons on social equality and charity.

The Mission House was the nexus of a relatively small node, but following a long and complex ritual, The Martyrs were able to reroute stray lay lines and drastically increase its quintessential output.

It currently houses nearly 60 homeless people, about ten of which are aware of the ascension war and act as guardians of the sanctum.

The Mission House has the following active effects on it.

A Place of Healing (Mind/Life): Mental and Physical afflictions and wounds, even grievous wounds are healed rapidly and effectively.

Restricted Access (Correspondence): Scrying and teleportation into The Mission House are prevented.

Foresight and Preparation (Mind and Time): Attacks, incursions and actions which are taken to directly harm The Martyrs are granted in visions to Sophie, three days before they would happen.

The Mission Housing

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