The Mission House


The Mission House is an old hotel which was recently leased and renovated by the Catholic Church. It serves as a refuge for the poor and disenfranchised of Birmingham, and also as the headquarters of The Martyrs.

The Mission House is essentially a social outreach program which provides food and housing for Birmingham’s homeless by the Catholic Church. A small support staff tends to laundry, food preparation, and general cleanliness while also providing spiritual guidance and help seeking employment. The building has a courtyard built into it’s centre, as well as a large, sparsely decorated lobby. The basement is locked to the residents and holds the building’s utilities as well as Ally’s server room.

It was the location of a relatively small nexus of quintessential energy, but following a long and difficult ritual by The Martyrs which involved rerouteing stray lay-lines, it is now a node of notable power. Quintessence charged with holy resonance springs from the node and it accrues as light, powdery mana that is sweet to the taste..

The Mission House currently provides shelter for nearly sixty disenfranchised individuals, ten of which are now aware of the Ascension War in some fashion, and are sympathetic to the Traditions and Mother Mary Victoria’s cause.

The Mission House has the following effects cast upon it.

Restricted Access (Correspondence) Prevents scrying and teleportation into the sanctum.

A Place of Healing (Mind, Life) Physical and mental afflictions are healed over time and wounds heal more quickly.

Planning and Foresight (Time, Mind) Attacks, actions direct and indirect which would adversely affect the The Mission House are relayed in a vision to Sophie one day before they occur.

The Mission House was destroyed in an attack by the Technocracy in December of 1986 mere days before Christmas. All of the inhabitants of the building including The Martyrs were killed.

The Mission House

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