The Misfits

Current Members
Akiko Ninube
Art Valentine – Herald
Nicholas Black
Rory Cooper – Leader
Sarah Giles
Valerie “Val”

Former Members
David Joy – M.I.A.
Rupert Cain – M.I.A.
Prof. Ethan Bell – Deceased
Martin Vincent – Deceased

The Church of the First Blood

Adversarial Background: Infamy 2

The Misfits are a plucky band of morally questionable individuals who tend to bite off more than they can chew. They have a bad reputation even amongst their would be allies in the Tradition Cabals and it is well earned considering their tendency to go looking for trouble. Despite this reputation, the Misfits are a close-knit group, and perfectly represent the Tradition ideal of mages from many different backgrounds and paradigms working together. Following father Cain’s departure, leadership of the cabal passed to Rory Cooper with the unanimous support of other Misfits.

The Misfits have a mixed reputation amongst Birmingham’s mage communities as being people who can get things done, though they often do so by any means necessary. Their methods often have unforeseen and far reaching consequences, and despite their constant draw towards violence, they have managed to outlive many of the other cabals in Birmingham.

The Misfits have suffered a number of losses in the last three years. While they have accomplished much in that time, it has not been without cost. Despite these setbacks, they’ve managed to pull off more wins than losses and have grown to become a force to be reckoned with as every challenge that doesn’t kill them, seems to make them stronger.

Art Valentine spearheaded an initiative to bring together like-minded cabals to respond to the Technocratic advances using a military approach. This chantry is known as the Accord and has recruited several member cabals, each comprised of capable fighters and allied for mutual defence.

The Misfits

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