Sons of Odin


The Sons of Odin are a newly-formed cult in Birmingham. Local skinheads from Woody and Rory Cooper’s neighbourhood gang were invited to join the small organization.

Most of them have been lifelong friends and associates, coming up in the rough neighbourhoods of Birmingham. Rory considers them all to be the closest thing he has to blood brothers and sisters.

The cult adopted their name from the eponymous punk band at the suggestion of one of the members who enjoys the local music scene.

Though they haven’t got the history or pedigree of cults belonging to other awakened organizations, it doesn’t mean they are any less dedicated to the cause. Rory’s first order of business was to conduct an initiation ritual that resulted in the regrowth of long hair on their previously shaved heads.

It was a first step – outward transformation – a shedding of the old life and old identity – down a path Rory promises will lead to internal, personal and spiritual self-actualization. (He didn’t actually use those exact words, c’mon, he’s Rory, but we know what he meant.)

They also find themselves drawn to the mythos and power of the Wotanism world view Rory has shared with them – his is an alternative narrative, backed by strength of his primal, blood magic, made all the more alluring by tales of Viking adventures.

Sons of Odin

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