Skull of Ka'Lun

The Skull of Ka’Lun is a powerful ritual object used by worshipers of Qulalathun, The Lord of Unsleep. An intricately carved skull, Skulls of Ka’Lun are incredibly rare; they can only be created by carving the runes into a willing, living subject who has previously undergone a series of rituals to profane themselves completely.

The Misfits have destroyed two of these Skulls, of which only about a dozen exist. The Child of Night uses The Skull of Ka’Lun in her most powerful magic.

The Misfits are aware of the location of three other skulls thanks to The Orb of Elantris. One resides in a moving castle, a second on the dark side of the moon with The Anchorite, and a third, special Skull was retrieved by Nicholas Black from the bottom of the Marianna’s Trench. This skull appears to be indestructible and was given to The Child of Night to use in her attack on Project AEGIS. Nicholas left it in her care to increase her power and further her usefulness to Hell.


Skull of Ka'Lun

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