Rory Cooper's Brass Knuckles

These tarnished brass knuckles were found in a trunk belonging to Rory Coopers grandfather, a veteran of World War II. Each “ring” bears a strange symbol resembling a line with a triangle sticking out of it. Due to Rory’s rough lifestyle, he has had to use this brutal weapon on more than one occasion, and finds that anyone he uses them against doesn’t get back up again after a few blows…

These brass knuckles are marked with futhark runes that declare them, roughly “The Hammer of Giants”.


To use his brass knuckles, Rory has to be wearing them, obviously. As brass knuckles, they provide Str. +1 bashing damage. Additionally, if Rory wishes to deal more damage with a blow, the brass knuckles channel his rage into pure physical force. As a result, he can roll the brass knuckles’ Arete (3) against difficulty 4. For each success, Rory adds an additional die of damage. With the help of Rupert Cain, Rory learned that the knuckles had more magic than he original thought – by channeling quintessence into the knuckles, Rory is able to harm beings and creatures that are immune to normal weapons, including spirits.

Sometimes the rage channeling effect of the knuckles can get out of control. If Rory should botch when attempting to use the extra damage feature of the knuckles (rolling any 1s and no successes), the difficulty of his “Short Temper” flaw raises by 1. If his difficulty should increase past 9, he will acquire the “Berserker” merit. Any additional botches beyond that will cause his “Short Temper” and “Berserker” rolls to acquire thresholds.

Rory Cooper's Brass Knuckles

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