The location that would one day become McGillicutty’s Abattoir has always been a nexus for suffering and unhappiness. People who came near the spot would find themselves inexplicably depressed – or more frequently, acting on violent impulses. The area developed a bad reputation for being haunted. It was this reputation that allowed an ambitious industrialist by the name of Franklin McGillicutty to purchase the land for a pittance late in the 19th Century, to build an abattoir. MicGillicutty’s Abattoir was to be the heart of a thriving meat-empire, bringing high-quality meat to all parts of the United Kingdom utilizing the burgeoning rail network. Unfortunately, McGillicutty could not escape the nature of the location: the animals at the abattoir were subject to inhumane treatment even by Victorian standards, the job seemed to attract cruel and quarrelsome employees, and perhaps worst of all from a business perspective, meat seemed to spoil especially fast. It wasn’t long before McGillicutty’s dreams of empire were in ruin. Bankrupt and bereft, the businessman killed himself with a pistol to the head on the very killing floor of the abattoir.

The abattoir has stood untenanted since Franklin’s death. His family sold the equipment to defray some of the debts, but the building itself remains, and for one reason or another, the land has never been sold. Once it was on the verge of being purchased and converted into a carpark when the lead on the project suffered a massive heart attack and the land fell back into obscurity.

The echo of pain and suffering lingering at the place, along with its obscurity, made the building a perfect spot for the Child of Night to conduct her earthly business. When not conserving her power in the Cathedral of Bone, the Child of Night lived and studied in a secret room carved out of very bedrock of the Abattoir, accessed by a trap door. The Child of Night’s sanctum was appointed sparsely, with the most striking furnishing being a breathtaking Turkish rug. While the Child of Night was resident, the Abattoir was host to numerous human sacrifices and rituals to summon Far Umbra entities to Earth.

After the Child of Night was defeated by the Ghostbusters, her incorporeal form continued to bedevil Birmingham. The Misfits, along with the Ghostbusters, traced the Child of Night back to McGillicutty’s Abattoir, where they encountered an aspect of Raxlenada, The Way Opener. After defeating the creature, the Misfits were determined to lay a trap for the Child of Night, and asked for The Traveller‘s help in locating her. Unbeknownst to the Misfits, Traveller’s soul was captured by The Child of Night, and she took possession of his body.

After the Child of Night was gone, the Ghostbusters, now calling themselves The Triptych, took the Abattoir over as a base of operations. With the help of the Colloquium, Karnacki was able to cleanse the psychic taint of the place, and later managed to turn the area into a weak but functioning Node. Now the Triptych watch their actions carefully, ensuring the Node acquires a useful resonance.


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