Churchill Farms – A peaceful, though somewhat rundown farm outside of Birmingham. Owned by Nicholas Black, and home to The Renouncers.

Elysium – A horizon realm belonging to the The Covenant of the Fleur-De-Lis.

Hounds of Artemis Commune – The remote Grecian home of The Hounds of Artemis.

Mandjet – Former Home of the The Duat Brotherhood. Now destroyed.

McGillicutty’s – A Victorian abattoir, formerly home to The Child of Night; the The Triptych have recently taken up residence there.

New Avalon – The central meeting place of The Accord, and the sanctum of Art Valentine. Formerly the Black Berg.

New CamelotArt Valentine’s charity soup kitchen and overnight shelter for the downtrodden in the Gun Quarter Of Birmingham.

Nicholas Black’s Home For Lost Souls – An apartment building for Birmingham’s skinheads and the allies of The Misfits.


Saint Gysrgs School – A prestigious Swiss boarding school where the extracurricular activities can be a little peculiar.

Temple Works – Leeds Sanctum of The Centurions.

The Bone Room – A neutral, extra-dimensional establishment where below the board exchanges of information, magical artifacts and auctions occur.

The Cathedral of Bone – Former domain of The Child of Night, current sanctum of Rangda the Blood Witch.

The Church of the First Blood – Home to The Misfits.

The Iron Dragon Monastery – A holy place, home of the Iron Dragons.

The Juncture – Birmingham’s hottest nightclub.

The Mission House – Former base of operation of The Martyrs; destroyed in late 1986, and claimed by The Lichfield Six.

The Ninube Compound – Formerly hidden domain of the Ninube Clan.

The Prometheus Building – A massive high rise, home to Technocracy operations in Birmingham.

The Reading Room – The Library and meeting place of The Serpent Society

The Sacred Grove – A sacred nature space, defended by The Guardians of the Sacred Grove.

The Scriptorium – Lavish library of Troll, below London Bridge.

The University of Birmingham – A place of learning, and base of operations for The Order of the Silver Flame.

The Velvet Fog – An exclusive and classy gentleman’s cigar lounge for Birmingham’s Elite.

The World’s End Pub – Rory and his gang’s favourite place to drink.

XanaduMr. Twist’s base of operations; a den of sin and vice.


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