Daggers of Megiddo


The daggers of Megiddo were crafted with the singular purpose of killing the antichrist. They act as a complete set and all seven must be used together, being stabbed into the intended target in the design of a cross.

Rory Cooper managed to collect most of the daggers after the party encountered Adrian Cross. The seventh dagger is in the possession of Sant-Sipahi’s mentor Guru. Guru explained to the Misfits that he has used the daggers on two separate occasions to kill Antichrists, suggesting that antichrists are not singular phenomenons. He went on to suggest that the daggers are also vulnerable to destruction when all seven daggers are collected together, which is why he allows them to be divided until such a time as they are needed. Guru keeps on the daggers on him at all times.

To ensure that the daggers could not be used to destroy Adrian, Nicholas Black had a spirit of forgetfulness secret one of the daggers away to Mammon Investment Group for safekeeping. Sarah Giles attempted to investigate the theft by looking back at time but noticed nothing out of the ordinary, other than a nagging sensation that she had forgotten something; an unusual situation for a woman with an eidetic memory.

Daggers of Megiddo

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