Certain actions taken by The Misfits cause the very Tellurian itself to take notice. This close scrutiny allows the members of that cabal to more easily alter the fabric of reality.

Liberate 5 rugs from Nephandic Sancta
-Persian Rug from McGillicutty’s/The Child of Night
-Bearskin Rug from The Black Berg/Jon Rognavaldsson
-Tatami Mat from The Ninube Compound/Karasu “Otosan” Ninube

Be Freely Given 5 Phone Numbers from members of the Technocratic Amalgam Mastermind
-Susan Smith to Nicholas Black
-Major Percival Price to Akiko Ninube
-Julian Sinclair to Nicholas Black

Destroy 5 Skull of Ka’Lun

Kill 5 Bygones/Beasts of Legend
-The Summer Queen’s Dragon by Nicholas Black/Shadow
-Ragnar, Beloved of Hel by Art Valentine, Rory Cooper, Nicholas Black, and Sarah Giles

Unknown Achievement


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