Mage: The Gun Quarter

Session 73
Study Session

-Art Valentine and Rory Cooper start disenchanting the life-sapping entropy wards around The Black Berg
-Nicholas Black travels to Coventry to scout out a building for another Nicholas Black’s Home for Lost Souls
-Rory summons a Valkyrie named Sigurd, who pledges to take him to Mimir and the Well of Knowledge if Rory can defeat a sufficiently worthy foe
-Nick tasks Thrunn Halvar with reshaping Brother George’s Primium Breastplate into a suit of prime-infused viking mail for Rory
-Rory contacts Karl Magnusson for help in finding a worthy foe, and Karl agrees to send William Wayne to help
-Nick divulges the Inquisition threat to Sarah Giles and Rory, but conceals it from Art
-Sarah sets up a prime surveillance ward at the train station
-Nick summons Eric Greenway’s spirit to do business, but isn’t able to offer a compelling deal for the specter, and so sends it back to the underworld
-Nick asks Woody to sell the gold looted from the Black Berg to his IRA contacts to generate some capital for future projects
-Art creates some tass for Sarah
-after their ordeal with Ragnar, Beloved of Hel, the Misfits recuperate by focusing on their magical studies

Session 72

-Nicholas Black is accosted by 3 members of the Inquisition. He attempts to tell them that he is a member of a diabolist-hunting organization that uses demonic taint to lure out would-be diabolists, but the Inquisitors brought a powerful artifact, Inquisitor’s Cross, which discerns the truth of his lies. Although the Inquisitors are well-armed and well-prepared, Nick and Shadow catch them off-guard and kill them. Nick loots and destroys the bodies and leaves, but not before getting the soul of the final member of The Founders
-Nick dissolves the bodies of the Inquisitors then travels to London and has Ava Frost send a “cleaning crew” to prevent scrying from discerning the truth of what happened at the site of the battle. Nick gives Ava a periapt from the Inquisitors as payment
-Nick summons the spirits of Brother George and Brother Matthias to interrogate them and seal them within the spirit flask. He learns some details about how the Inquisition operates, and about a secret prison they maintain in Switzerland called The Oubliette. He is unable to summon the spirit of Father Parker Rose
-After his long absence in Greece, Rory Cooper reconnects with the Sons of Odin to let off some steam with a pub crawl
- The Misfits attend The Autumnal Conclave. During the meeting, they share some sharp words with Proteus, but ultimately agree to work together to work on a project to determine how the Technocracy finds newly Awakened mages so fast, and get there first
-Mother Mary Victoria informs the assembled mages that agents of the Inquisition will be operating in Birmingham, looking for individuals who had been possessed by subtle spirits while the gauntlet was destroyed
-Nick starts his work with the Relief Fund Committee
-Art Valentine enchants Semtex, imbuing it with Prime energy
-Grigori Mayakosky finishes repairing Silver. Silver is now ambulatory and can follow commands, but seems to lack the personality he once had. Mayakovsky believes that only the Miracle Man could return the construct to its full life
-Nick, Rory, Art, The Sons of Odin, and New Camelot travel to Oslo to connect with The Circle and battle Ragnar
-leaving their followers behind to learn from the members of The Circle, Nick, Art, and Rory hire Sven Ødegård to carry them to The Black Berg
-Sarah Giles pilots the specially-designed and Semtex-armed undersea drone, while Art mind controls a tuna to hunt for Ragnar. Eventually Ragnar is found, and Sarah detonates the Semtex, destroying the drone but badly wounding the kraken
-The kraken rises, full of fury, and The Misfits respond in kind. Nick damages Ragnar further with a rocket launcher, and Art finally slays it by destroying its pattern directly
-Witness to the horrors of the Kraken, Sven the boatman maintains his sanity and his stoicism
-Per his earlier arrangements with Dalgarnos and Ava, Nick sends the spirit of the kraken to hell

Session 71
The Mayakovksy Circumstance

-Susan Smith visits Nicholas Black at his City Council office with a stark warning; cease your activities, or see your friends and allies incarcerated due to a soon to be passed Elimination of Terrorism Act; Smith also dropped hints about something he called the Niobe Protocol
-Nick and Art Valentine travel to Oslo to meet The Circle and talk about the Kraken and potentially working together
-Nick summons Dalgarnos to discuss a possible incoming Kraken spirit, to add to the legions of Hell
-Art visits Alison “Ally” Graves at The Mission House to warn The Martyrs about The Niobe Protocol
-Art asks Father Parker Rose if he believes that a Nephandic tainted creature (like Ragnar the Kraken) can be redeemed. Father Rose is a rigid, uncompromising man, and councils that the creature should be destroyed
-Art reaches out to Grigori Mayakosky to ask for helping in repairing Silver, but burns some bridges in doing so
-Art offers Mayakovksy tass and money as a consulting fee, and the Russian technomancer comes to Birmingham to see Silver. Impressed by the construct’s craftmanship, Mayakovsky agrees to remain in Birmingham and fix Silver
-At the City Council Meeting, Nick suggest that the city petition the Crown for relief funding, so a committee is struck, and Nick is elected Chair of the committee
-Sarah Giles gets some palladium from Henry Williams to aid in Silver’s repair, in exchange for a promise not to die again
-Nick orders silver from Patrick O’Sea, who also gives Nicholas some spear guns he had ordered some time ago
-Nick asks Karnacki if the The Triptych would be willing to hold spirits so they can be put into the spirit flask to aid in the battle against Noh, The Prince With A Thousand Faces. Karnacki agrees in principle, but isn’t sure The Doctor will be convinced
-Nick meets with the last member of the Founders, Brian Williams. Brian seems nervous, and Nick senses a large nearby prime signature. Snooping around, Nick unlocks a locked door and comes face to face with Father Rose and two members of the Inquisition…

Session 70
The Accord

-Akiko Ninube infiltrates The Prometheus Building and explores the biological lab, as well as Operator‘s network. She contemplates killing Operator, but decides that restraint would be more prudent at this time. Instead, she installs the Heartbreaker virus on Operator’s network. She is intercepted by Loki on the way back to The Church of the First Blood, who sends her off an a task
-Art Valentine and Rory Cooper return from Greece, where they were working with The Hounds of Artemis to build a node in their compound. Rory convinces Cybil Howard of the importance of joining the Accord, who influences Paige Herod. As such, Art is able to convince the Hounds of Artemis to join The Accord as full members, in spite of their reluctance to get involved with Mage politics
-back in Birmingham, Rory makes a beeline for The Sacred Grove to reconnect with his girlfriend Jack O’Shadows, and to reconcile some things he learned from The Hounds with the teachings of his mentor Boudica
-Art checks up on his Knights and is pleased to find that they fared well during Birmingham’s quarantine. They took the opportunity to shelter those who needed assistance at New Camelot, improve their swordsmanship, and learn tactics from Peter Norris
-with the quarantine lifted, Nicholas Black returns to the City Council, where there is a great deal of work to be done in the aftermath. Nick is especially busy, as he takes the opportunity to cover for his fellow Gun Quarter councilor Art
-Art asks Sarah Giles and Val to work their magic with telephony and put the disparate cabals of The Accord ( The Centurions, The Hounds of Artemis, The Misfits, and The Round Table) on a conference call. During the call, terms of mutual cooperation are discussed, and for the sake of rapid mobilization, a scheme of installing “moon gate” linking the various headquarters of the member cabals together is developed
-Sarah and Val depart Birmingham in order to start building the moon gate network

Session 69
Call of Pripyat

-while visiting Gemma Chow‘s shop in London, the Sparkling Lotus, Val and Sarah Giles see Sarah’s old mentor, Henry Williams, doing business with Gemma. Sarah introduces herself, and after some confusion owing to her changed appearance and the rumours of her demise, is warmly embraced by the older Son of Ether, who invites her and Val to get involved with a big project he is working on. Before leaving the Sparkling Lotus, Sarah is measured by Gemma Chow, just in case she wants to order some custom coutoure in the future
-in Belfast, Akiko Ninube and Woody meet up with his contacts, John and George Healy, but discover that the mastermind of their opeartion, “Big” Jim Healy was sent to the Maze for as a result of what happened in Birmingham (due to the purported IRA connection to the Iron Cross). Since Jim was the connection, the Healys can’t get their hands on explosives while he is in prison
-Val and Sarah visit Henry’s garage in Londno, and learn of his plans to visit the Chernobyl reactor using a radiation proof-suit created by Gemma Chow
-Akiko proposes a bold plan to spring Big Jim from prison. the most impressive part of which is convincing him to go along with it. Despite the risks she takes, the plan goes off smoothly, and the subtle method of the escape means Big Jim will have that much of a lead on the authority
-back in Birmingham, Val writes a manifesto on the necessity of information being free, and disseminates on the digital-web
-surveilled by Val and Sarah, Henry travels to Pripyat and the Chernobyl reactor. Henry is collecting samples from the Elephant’s Foot when Sarah and Val notice a terrifying figure menacing him. Panicked as the creature advances on Henry, Sarah teleports the hapless Mage back to the safety of The Church of the First Blood. Unfortunately, Henry’s containment unit for the radioactive sample of the Elephan’ts Foot is not closed when he is teleported back to the Church, dosing Sarah, Valerie, and Sarah’s sanctum in extremely dangerous amounts of radiation. With Art Valentine and Rory Cooper unavailable in Greece, Sarah panicks and contacts the only other healer she can think of: Firelily Wainwright
-Firelily takes in the situation, and contacts The White Man for assistance. The White Man, brimming with power and visibily changed, arrives at the Church and swiftly deals with the radiation before leaving without saying a word
-cured of their radiation, Val and Sarah set their minds to setting a trap for The Spider. taking advantage of the time they know he will be out of commission
-Woody and Akiko manage to get 2 bricks of Semtex and 3 rockets from Big Jim
-Akiko and Val form a mental link, so that Val can walk Akiko through installation of the Hearthbreaker virus, and Akiko prepares to infiltrate The Prometheus Building once again

Session 68
The Infiltration Preparation, Part Two

-Valerie and Sarah Giles complete their information-gathering worm virus, and dub it “Heartbreaker”
-Valerie creates “teleportation tokens” in the form of quarters, that teleport the user to The Church of the First Blood when placed in a payphone
-Nicholas Black acquires the soul of Richard Kirkman, another member of The Founders
-Sarah and Valerie finish the parking garage and armory below the church
-Akiko Ninube treats the residents of the Church to sushi, after teleporting to Tokyo, although she does have an awkward encounter with the sushi chef, who mistakes her for yakuza
-in an attempt to power up Jon Rognavaldsson’s Spirit Flask, Akiko and Nick hunt pattern spiders
-Akiko infiltrates The Prometheus Building, and swipes some floppy disks from the information hub on the bottom floor
-Peter Mills harvests the first batch of magical honey from Rory Cooper’s rooftop apiary
-Nick sends Woody to Belfast to buy explosives and rockets, along with a teleportation token and Akiko

Session 67
New York, New York

-Nicholas Black meets with the two remaining Sanguine Sisters, Itzpapalotl and The Morrigan, at Elysium. He asks them to aid The Accord in their fight against the Technocracy by using The Mirror of Revelations provide The Accord with information on priority targets
-on his way back to The Church of the First Blood, Nick is contacted by Val, who wants to work with The Misfits against the Technocracy. Nick travels to New York to meet her in person and discuss a potential alliance
-Nick takes Val back to Birmingham to meet the rest of The Misfits, and on the way, they encounter Abraham Gideon Hawthorne, who proclaims more cryptic wisdom
-Nick takes Akiko Ninube to check on Eric Brown, who he suspects has some inside info into the workings of soul contracts, but she is unable to find anything useful
-Akiko, plagued by boredom and dissatisfied at the state of shops in restaurant in Birmingham under martial law, travels to Coventry in order to acquire pizza
-Akiko reconnects with Mercury Jones, who had only vague memories of a former flame – he is able to happy to remake her acquaintance, however
-Sarah Giles and Val start building an underground parking garage, and a virus to disrupt Technocracy computer systems
-Val takes Akiko and Sarah with her back to new New York
-on a shopping trip, some gang members try to rob Sarah, but Akiko brutally eviscerates them in the blink of an eye

Session 66
Ode on a Grecian Holiday

-fleeing from Genesis, The Misfits are involved in a high-speed police chase; fortunately, Nicholas Black took time to get the lay of the land earlier, and he manages to direct Rory Cooper through some hidden byways and evade pursuit
-back at The Temple Works, The Centurions discover that Operator and HANNIBAL are gone. A video tape is left behind, and upon watching, they learn that Operator betrayed The Centurions to the Technocracy because HANNIBAL determined that the Traditions would lose, and because he wanted access to something called Project Pythia
-Rory helps to conceal the Temple, encouraging the Centurions to leave until things are a little safer
-Sarah Giles teleports The Misfits and The Centurions back to The Church of the First Blood
-After a short breather, the Art convinces the Centurions to ally with The Misfits for mutual protection and activities against the Technocracy. The Accord is born. The Centurions with renewed purpose, return to Leeds to rescuer their base of operations in the temple works with a generous donation of money and weaponry from the Misfits, promising to get in touch once things are secure on their end.
-Nick communicates with Ava Frost the exact nature of the gauntlet around the Gun Quarter in Birmingham, and that once the rest of the city’s gauntlet regenerates, the Gun Quarter will offer no resistance to Demons attempting to come and go from the mortal realm in the Gun Quarter henceforth.
-Art Valentine and Nicholas Black convince The Centurions to join The Misfits and The Round Table, creating The Accord
-Art calls Paige Herod to offer The Hounds of Artemis his assistance in creating a node at their compound
-Nick meets with Eric Brown, the third member of The Founders, to negotiate the sale of his soul. Eric won’t sell his soul, however, until he is convinced that Nick has some “skin in the game”
-Rory and Woody cook up a scheme to get skinheads on board through music; Rory gives Woody 5,000 pounds to start setting up Sons of Odin shows in Leeds and Coventry, with free beer
-Nick travels to Elysium to trade for some Tinctures of Jade, and to meet with the Sanguine Sisters

Session 65

- The Misfits travel in a cloaked van to Leeds, to meet with The Centurions
-Rory Cooper uses his style of “diplomacy” to ingratiate himself with a band of skinheads in Leeds, despite their initial misgivings due to the news of the terrorist attack in Birmingham
- The Misfits meet with The Centurions to discuss an assault on Genesis, a high-level HIT-Mark production facility
-Rory returns to Birmingham to collect tass and weapons; the infiltration isn’t flawless
-Nick summons an extremely minor earth spirit to scout Genesis and discovers that it is a substantial underground facility
-Belladonna returns to Leeds with her stock of exotic venomous and poisonous animals, and volunteers to scout the inside of Genesis
-Operator and HANNIBAL concoct a battle plan that involves two separate teams striking the armory and the production facility simultaneously. Given their familiarity as a team, the two cabals decide to form two teams, and the Misfits volunteer to hit the production facility
-upon reaching the production facility, The Misfits are informed that the Technocracy was aware of them coming, and find several functioning HIT-Marks waiting for them. Despite having the element of surprise and superior numbers, Scarlotti is killed and the HIT-Marks scrapped. Albert “Docter Clockwerk” Breitling is able to beam in one more HIT-Mark before being killed by Shadow
-Silver is disabled in the fighting
-The Misfits rush to the rescue of The Centurions, but unfortunately are not able to arrive in time to save Bellona, who is killed in the fighting
-Using grenades from the armory, the Tradition mages manage to rig up enough explosives to do irreparable harm to Genesis before escaping into the night

Session 64

-Art Valentine and his army travel to New Camelot, to fortify it and set it up as a sanctuary for the itinerant in the chaos
-Rory Cooper and Sons of Odin spiritually fortify Nicholas Black’s Home For Lost Souls as well
-Nicholas Black erects a temporary gauntlet in the Gun Quarter
- The Misfits concoct a plan to take over a Carbine Security APC
-Art and New Camelot create knock-out gas for this purpose
-Art, Rory, and Nick capture an APC and some military equipment, but make sure to leave the disaster relief supplies behind
-The Misfits decided to hit the Technocrats elsewhere, while they are occupied with damage control in Birmingham
-Art reaches out to an acquaintance of his, Sant-Sipahi of The Centurions


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