Mage: The Gun Quarter

Session 1
St. Crispin's Day

-Rory Cooper flees Karen Allen and Mr. Pointe and Mr. Blanke, who try to detain him at an “England for the English” rally he is attending at the behest of his friend Woody.
-Rory flees the authority figures, after telling them to “Fuck Off!”, and encounters David Joy‘s taxi. David takes Rory to the The Church of the First Blood.
- The Misfits recognize Rory’s Awakened nature, and for his own good, induct him into the wider world of Mages.
-Nicholas Black proposes a celebratory outing, and drags his cabal mates to his favourite nightclub, The Juncture.
-Despite being in a strange new world, Rory knows that some things never change, and that he will need money to survive. He calls up Woody and asks his friend to arrange a job for him; Woody promises to call back in a few days.
-Mercury Jones shows up at the Church, seeking refuge, as he is being trailed by Technocracts
-Sarah Giles uses her mastery of technology to break the tracing routines which had been placed on Mercury Jones’ motorcycle.
-Father Cain and Nicholas Black realize that Rory’s avatar strongly manifests in a way congruent with the Wyck, and decide that he would learn the most from the Verbena. The two explain to him that he could learn from the young and bellicose Triodia, or from the wise and ancient The Guardians of the Sacred Grove. Ultimately Rory decides that his path to enlightenment lies with the Sacred Grove, and so Rupert Cain calls in his favour with Mercury Jones to set up a meeting with the Guardians.
-The Misfits discover that Mercury Jones has had a hex cast on him by Triodia; not only does her hex sap his strength to increase hers, it is likely that she was the one who set the Technocracy on him as a distraction.
-David Joy reads the newspaper and learns about a bombing at a local abortion clinic; the ruins of the building sport graffiti reading “AW” implicating The Ascension Warriors.
-The Misfits meet with the ambassador of the Guardians of the Sacred Grove, Jack O’Shadows, in a nearby park, and she agrees to take Rory to the Sacred Grove. The two travel to the Grove via a pool of water, and Rory encounters Boudica. Boudica tells the young skinhead that the price of his training in magick will be a geas, a magically binding agreement to fulfill any one request issued by the Guardians. Rory agrees, and Boudica conducts the ritual to bind the young mage to the Sacred Grove.


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