Mage: The Gun Quarter

Session 105

July 25, 1987 – August 18, 1987
Card: The Sun
-Karl Magnusson contacts Rory Cooper to apologize, and request that all of the players in the Dwarven Insurgency pledge a pact to one another. He promises to come to The Church of the First Blood in “one turning of the moon” to explain his plans and make the pact, and requests that he not be contacted before then
-Akiko Ninube talks to her friend Toru Shikeshi about her plan to become The Obsidian Dragon
-Nicholas Black travels to Calcutta to track down Pazuzu‘s flying carpet. He manages to find it and purchase it, but finds it unspeakably fouled by every bodily emission imaginable. Despite his efforts, he’s currently unable to cleanse it
- The Misfits fly to Chicago to offer a donation of 100 tass to The Knights Templar, which Grand Master Helen Kim gratefully accepts. The Misfits and The Templars pledge to work together on any future incursions from The Far Umbra
-searching for one of the unaccounted for Skulls of Ka’Lun, Rory and Akiko travel to Kinshasa. Encountering the holder of the Skull, Father Morita, Akiko slays him and Rory destroys the Skull, but their daylight antics cause some complications which delay their escape from the Congo

Session 104
Psychopomp and Circumstance

July 15, 1987 – July 24, 1987
Card: 3 of Cups
-Akiko is awakened by Father Luiz, who asks about a woman named Dominga. However, the man seems to recognize Akiko. He leaves, but Akiko follows him, only to discover that the man was sneaking up on her
-Akiko convinces Luiz that she is not worth the effort, then tries to convince him to divulge why he is prowling around the jungle in the middle of the night, saying if he does she will let him leave. He says he is looking for Dominga for her fat, and true to her promise, Akiko lets him leave
-Akiko and Rory hear a blood-curdling scream, and find the deflated body of Father Luiz floating in a veritable lake of human fat, with a puma nearby. The puma turns into Supay, the masked man Akiko encountered earlier in the evening, and claims that he killed Luiz for being a pishtaco. Supay too is looking for the blood of [[:morgen | Morgen
]]-Rory and Suapy come to an agreement
-Nick convinces Morgen to provide Supay with some of her blood
- The Misfits take Morgen back to England
-Loki tracks down Akiko and tells her about his plans to forestall Ragnarok, and her role in them
-Nick and Rory take Morgen to meet her father, Pazuzu. Morgen is distraught at the revelation of her parentage, and she tries to kill herself. Rory intervenes to save her
-Karl Magnusson arrives at the Church to take Morgen, but Rory and Nick are reluctant to allow her to be sacrificed; Rory expresses his displeasure, but essentially washes his hands of the affair
-Nick says he will only allow Karl to sacrifice Morgen if she consents; Karl is not content to have conditions put upon him, and the two threaten each other, before Karl leaves
-Nick reveals his nature to Morgen, in order to assure her that despite her heritage, she is in control of her destiny. His revelation does not console Morgen – instead, it has the opposite effect. She confronts Rory, then leaves the Church in fear and anger
-Akiko ambushes Morgen after she leaves, and takes her to Karl, who completes his ritual
-Karl asks Akiko to help him bring Rory back on side, after the rift caused by the disagreement on how to proceed with Morgen
-Nick summons the spirit of Morgen, and helps her on her transition to a new reincarnation

Session 103
Enter Ben

July 9, 1987 – July 15, 1987
Card: Knave of Pentacles

-Art Valentine retires to the mountains of Norway, to conduct intensive study with his mentor, the Dark Elf Malekki
-Sarah Giles sequesters herself in her workshop, vowing to complete work on her APC conversion without distractions
-Master Jade learns that his erstwhile pupil, Akiko Ninube is alive. He returns to Birmingham, and calls for Akiko to return as well, to continue her tutelage. Akiko Ninube had been studying Do with Shen of The Centurions for six months. Shen sends Akiko away with a coffee cup specially designed to function as a weapon, and bids her to find a new way to kill with it
-Steig Olaffson calls the church, asking for a new name or title forRory, finding simply Rory to be less epic than the deeds he accomplished
-Gal, a recent acquaintance of the Misfits, brings a young man named Ben with her to Birmingham to meet the Misfits. Ben was recently rescued from the Cult of Qualalathun and deprogrammed by the Knights Templar. A member of the Cult of Ecstasy aided them in this endeavour, and took Ben on as an apprentice. After a year of training, Ben’s mentor asked the Misfits to find a place for Ben in their ranks and in their fight against Qualalathun. In exchange, he will offer The Misfits a powerful artifact in one year
-Ben is welcomed into the Misfits, who promptly travel to Brazil to continue their search for Morgen
-Nick continues his search through records to try to find Morgen’s adopted parents
-While in Brazil, Rory takes the opportunity to practice capoeira
-Nick tracks down Morgen’s foster parents, but they sadly tell her that she ran away not long after coming there. Nick is able to get a picture of her, however, at age 15, which might aid the search
-Akiko uses her shadow-walking to track down Morgen. Despite having very little information, the might of Lady Ninube allows Akiko to track Morgen to Chile
-The Misfits travel to Chile, and take rooms at the hotel where Akiko found Morgen, but don’t find her there
-eventually the Misfits get an image of Morgen in a tent in the jungle; they outfit an expedition, and set out to find her
-nearing her camp, Akiko scouts ahead and encounters a strange man clearly sneaking up to the tent. A swift battle ensues, and Akiko cuts down the intruder, then runs to inform her friends
-upon re-entering the camp, the Misfits introduce themselves to Morgen, and she is strangely relieved to meet someone who is aware of her condition. Nick introduces himself as a friend of her father. To Akiko’s chagrin, she can see no sign of her attacker
-not needing sleep, Nick volunteers to watch over Morgen while she sleeps, while the rest of the Misfits opt to sleep in the Jeep about a mile away

Session 102
Escape from Canada

July 1 – July 8, 1987
Card: 2 of Pentacles
- The Misfits remain in Trinity, Newfoundland, after closing the Far Umbral gateway to parley with the Technocracy and tell them what they know. Unfortunately, the Ground Forces sent to deal with the Umbral incursion keep to a strict containment protocol and are not empowered to negotiate.
-Fearing for their most vulnerable members, they send Karnacki, The Ghost-Taker, The Doctor, and the former gateway, Sharon Yates, into the Umbra with Hengroen
-Sarah Giles, still unconscious at The Church of the First Blood after being attacked by a Herald Cluster,
-Gal Haddid tells the remaining members of The Misfits about the boat the Knights Templar arrived on, and Rory Cooper, Nicholas Black, Art Valentine, and Amund Ellestad attempt to reach it
-the party are waylaid by the last Containment Crew, and subdued by the pacification weapons they wield. Their hands are bound and they are loaded onto a helicopter, but Nick disables with helicopter with his mastery of entropy
-a furious melee ensues, and most of the soldiers are killed or disabled. Art escapes to New Avalon, while Amund, Rory, and Gal steal a car and escape overland, ramming a barricade and escaping to the Path of the Wyck at Gros Morne National Park. Nick steals a different car and flees south to St. John’s, stealing some clothes on the way. Eventually Sarah returns to consciousness and teleports Nick back to Birmingham
-Sharon Yates is left to recover at New Avalon, with the Doctor watching over her
-The Misfits take a week to rest, recover, and train after their ordeal
-Nick returns to Rio De Janeiro, in order to continue his search for Morgen
-Art travels to Norway to spend some time studying with his mentor, Malekki
-Sarah vows that she will not be bothered by the Misfits, and intends to spend some time working on one of her biggest projects, the Truly-All-Terrain-Vehicle

Session 101
Dancing Queen

July 1, 1987
Card: The Devil
- The Misfits and their allies in The Triptych and The Circle arrive in Trinity, Newfoundland, to deal with the incursion by Qulalathun that Rory stumbled upon
-they find the town under a massive thunder storm, and seemingly deserted, but can hear the distant sound of gun blasts
-following the sounds, they arrive at the Church of the Most Holy Trinity. The scene outside is a grisly one, with a badly mutilated body and a number of seeming townsfolk felled gunfire
-once they convince the occupant of the Church that they are friendly, they find an embattled Templar squire named Gal Haddid. She reports that a contingent of Knights Templar came to deal with the Far Umbral incursion, but were quickly overwhelmed by violent townsfolk and hideous abominations. Gal, injured, fell back to the defensible position provided by the Church
-Hengroen heals Gal’s wounds, but she is too mentally enervated to join the Misfits on their journey to the Gate, so she plans to hold the Church while the rest go on
-The Misfits liberate a pick-up truck, but are waylaid by a group of villagers and a strange spider-like abomination. The villagers try to impede the truck, but after a scuffle they manage to break away
-The Misfits finally reach the house on the hill – Art Valentine takes the truck to draw off the guards while the rest sneak in
-Rory Cooper subdues the caretaker, and the Misfits position themselves upstairs
-Karnacki, The Ghost-Taker, uses his electric pentacle to contain spirits, Nicholas Black creates a ward over the gateway, and Amund Ellestad and The Doctor keep watch while Rory performs a ritual to bring Sharon out of Unsleep. Eventually he succeeds, closing the gateway
-A spider abomination somehow crawls through Sarah Giles’s correspondence conduit and into her sanctum – it attacks her, but with the assistance of Shadow and Irelyth the abomination is defeated, but Sarah Giles is badly wounded in the process
-the Misfits bring Sharon back to the Church of the Most Holy Trinity to deal with the villagers still possessed by Heralds of Unsleep, but as they regroup the faintly hear the sound of approaching helicopters

Session 100
The Diary of Sarah Giles

June 28, 1987 – July 1, 1987
Card: Temperance
Nicholas Black meets with Cardinal Salés in Brazil to learn about the Catholic Church’s role in covering up the Corte Verde riot of 1957, but Cardinal Salés finds Nick to be a wicked man and refuses to divulge the secret information. Nick relies on larceny instead, and discovers the account of an exorcist who relays a tragic tale of madness and violence
-Art creates rings that protect the minds of their wearers from the malign influence of Qulalathun and his minions
-Art encounters Agent Dare in London, seemingly an agent of the Technocracy, who tells him he is welcome in London as long as he doesn’t make any trouble. He warns, however, that havoc will not be tolerated and will be swiftly and thoroughly punished
-Nick uses the The Orb of Elantris to scry Skulls of Ka’Lun, cold iron, and the Inquisitor’s Cross
-Art and Nick meet the Troll, and meet his ward, Alex, the spirit of the library of Alexandria.
-The Troll requests something that is not currently in his library in exchange for the ritual to travel to the realm of The Vizier. Nick finds a suitable book in The Reading Room, but not wanting to remove it from the library, he instead photocopies it in its entirety at The Lodge. The Troll is somewhat non-plussed, but as this technically fulfills the requirement, he offers the ritual, and sends them on their way with a request to bring him any texts they find from the Library of Alexandria
-at the biannual meeting of The Serpent Society, Giovanni Lavi confronts Nick about taking a text out of The Reading Room. Giovanni is very cross, but Nick mollifies him with wit and charm
-On their way back to Birmingham, Art and Nick encounter King Mab, who encourages them to ignore Agent Dare and fuck shit up
-Amund Ellestad, The Doctor, and Karnacki, The Ghost-Taker gather at The Church of the First Blood, per Rory Cooper‘s request, to prepare to deal with the situation in Trinity
-Art creates blood tass for Rangda, who in exchange provides him with the ritual to travel to the Arcane Sanctuary. Cross-referencing, Art sees that it is the same as the one provided by The Troll
-Art performs the ritual and travels to the Arcane Sanctuary to meet the Vizier and learn what he can about Qulalathun. The Vizier portends only doom…
-Nick leans on Patrick O’Sea and manages purchase a foreclosed exterminator business called Bug-B-Gon – the purchase includes all the equipment and a small supply of chemicals

Session 99
Corners of the Earth

June 20, 1987 – June 28, 1987
- The Misfits meet their Traditions brethren at the Conclave in Birmingham; they agree that the The Order of the Silver Flame should see to the tutelage of the newly awakened mage that Professor Prime‘s system detected
-Karnacki, The Ghost-Taker approaches Art Valentine about his concerns about the need for the The Triptych to continue to exist; Art pivots on Karnacki instead, and offers The Triptych a place in The Accord. Karnacki promises to take the offer to the rest of the Triptych and think about it
-Sarah Giles asks The Red Queen for help learning Correspondence. The Red Queen sends Sarah a series of special files that can only be accessed on prime numbered days
-Nicholas Black travels to Rio De Janeiro in search of Morgen
-Art investigates the node at the Giant’s Causeway. Seeing that it is infrequently visited, Art uses his Prime magic to leave a secret message
-Rory Cooper travels to Newfoundland to track down Charlies Dietrich for Amund Ellestad
-After trekking overland for several days, Rory arrives at Trinity, only to stumble upon a strange occurrence involving the Heralds of Unsleep. Unnerved, Rory summons a spirit to fetch Art for backup
-Nick’s research leads him to discover the Corte Verde Riot of 1957 in Rio, which he thinks might help lead him to Morgen

Session 98
Deadly Deals

-Rory Cooper calls together the Sons of Odin to try to address their racism and xenophobia. Although they are not hostile to his entreaties, neither are they ready to accept them wholeheartedly
-Nicholas Black uses The Orb of Elantris to scry Pazuzu in Calcutta, as well as two nodes of moderate power in the UK – one in the Lake District and one in The Giant’s Causeway
-Rory meets with Ava Frost and her bodyguard, Samson. Rory convinces Ava to step back from Adrian Cross, giving him up to guardianship for 13 years. If she does, Rory will not seek reprisal against the Mammon Investment Group, and will assist Emm in killing The King of Winter. Ava agrees, on the condition that Emm at least tries to make the King of Winter suffer, or feel fear before he dies
-Nick and Rory travel to Calcutta, where they find Pazuzu trapped on the cusp of death in a mortal form in hospice care. They agree to kill him, in exchange for information about his daughter, Morgen. Pazuzu tells them that he left Morgen and her mother in Rio De Janeiro, not long after World War II. Nick and Rory then fulfill their end of the bargain
-Art travels to the Lake District to investigate the remains of the Lady Holme Chantry, and the node that likes there. He discovers the quintessence the node produces is resonant in nature, and he wards it against future discovery
-Art, Rory, and Guru travel to Estonia to meet Dávved and convince him to take guardianship of Adrian. Dávved takes Adrian on a short journey with his son, requesting that Rory, Art, and Guru wait for him. He returns one day later, and agrees to take Adrian on as a second apprentice

Session 97

May 18, 1987 – May 25, 1987
-Rory Cooper, after a great deal of effort, manages to locate the 7th Dagger of Megiddo, discovering it is in the possession of the Guru. Rory sees The Guru locked in battle with a yeti, high in the Nepalese mountains, and has Sarah Giles teleport him to the scene of the fight so he can come to the Guru’s aid. Unfortunately, Rory discovers that the yeti is a friend of the Guru, and the two are simply engaged in a friendly wrestling match. In spite of his rocky introduction, Rory manages to convince the Guru to come to Birmingham and help him deal with Adrian Cross
-With the aid of Fugue, a Spirit of Forgetfulness, Nicholas Black sends one of the Daggers of Megiddo to London for safe keeping. When Rory discovers one of the daggers missing, Rory asks Sarah to find out what happened, but even looking back in time, Sarah finds she can not remember what occurred – an unnerving experience for a woman with an eidetic memory
-Guru, Art Valentine, and Rory visit Adrian, and the Guru is convinced that, in the right environment, Adrian can remain “good”
-The Red Queen crypitcally encourages Sarah to have the Knights of the Cyber-Brotherhood join The Accord, so Sarah extends an invitation to Lord Greymane. Lord Greyman travels to Birmingham and then to The Black Berg, where he is impressed by what is offered by The Accord. Lord Greymane can not speak for the entirety of the Knights of the Cyber-Brotherhood, but promises to encourage them to join the Accord
-Art receives one million dollars from Holy Hannah, and arranges a meeting with the Grey Squirrel
-Art and Nick travel to New York to meet with the Grey Squirrel and negotiate the return of Inquisitor’s Cross. Art almost manages to pique Grey Squirrel’s interest by promising him a ring that brings happiness, but ultimately Father Parker Rose, via cell-phone, offers Grey Squirrel something too tempting to pass up

Session 96
Roots of Dissent

From the diary of Group Captain Reginald Darling, RAF

September 14, 1943
Well, it looks like we’re going up again. I’m to reconnoiter an airbase called Gioia Del Colle, as part of the ongoing landings at Salerno. I’ve just time for a smoke before we’re wheels up.

September 20, 1943
Jesus, but I’ve had a time of it. You’d think being shot down in some god-forsaken vineyard would be the worst thing to happen on the mission, but that’s not even half of it. I managed to deploy my ‘chute, and wasn’t too badly injured, but when I went to survey the wreckage, it was the damnedest thing – there was a Gerry pinned under the wreckage. He seemed mad as hell, but otherwise unharmed. I tried to put the bastard out of his misery with my knife, but after I stabbed him in the heart he still managed to get a grab around my throat. I only managed to get him off by sawing his damned head off, but he didn’t even have the decency to die! The head was spitting and cursing in German. I was in a bit of a daze at this point, so I just took the damned thing with me.

I remembered my friend Percy had admitted to me that he know a strange man named Karl Magnusson, who was the expert on strange things. I dragged that head all the way back and had Percy help me connect with this Karl fellow. He looked and sounded like a Kraut – though a damned strange one-, but he didn’t seem fazed by the damned head, so I let him have it, and figured that would be the end of it. When I tried to report what had happened, I was put on medical eval – can’t say as I blame the, as I’d have done the same, despite the fact it happened to me.

A few days later, I snuck out for a little R&R, so I was drinking the piss Sicilian’s cheekily call wine, when I see a Tommy with a few birds and some boffin or some such, arguing with one another about a head. Of course, my luck being what it is, it’s the same damned head! They proceed to interrogate me, and ask me to take them to where I found. Naturally, I refused, but that French bird was quite a looker, and the blonde one suggested Frenchy might fancy me if I helped them out. Well, I’ve always been a sucker for a pretty face, so against my better judgement I went along with them as they commandeered a car.

I lead them to the Gerry’s body, and they gave it a thorough ransacking. Found a postcard or image of some place in Bavaria called Neuschwanstein. Then the boffin started going off about an army of these damned indestructible Krauts, and that the four of them had to get to Bavaria to stop them. Now that all sounded bad to me, but I was still about to tell them to take a hike… then, I think the phrase “en petite dans la bouche” was thrown around. I have enough French for that. Besides, in for a penny, in for a pound, I suppose.

September 22, 1943
I’m starting to think that I had my wits knocked completely out of me when my plane crashed a week ago. I actually helped these miscreants by stealing them a plane, then flying them behind enemy lines! That French woman is too persuasive for her own good…

At any rate, I stole them a plane and flew them right over the Alps to Bavaria, so they could get to this Neuschwanstein. They wanted me to land right next to a forest, so they could head up to the castle. Well, I warned them it was a bad idea, and sure enough, the landing did a number on the plane. Well, what do you know, but that that Blondie was a dab hand with a wrench. So Blondie and I fixed up the plane while the boffin prayed in Hebrew, of all things, and Frenchie snoozed. Meanwhile the Tommy (Jack, I guess his name is), went out scouting. Of course, he came back covered in blood, so I think I’d rather not know what he was doing up there.

Now they’re up at the castle, and I’m left with the plane. Nothing to do now but write in my diary and wait for them to come back.

September 25, 1943
I never thought I could say I’d had the honour of seeing the inside of a stockade, but I’ve been experiencing a lot of firsts of late. I’m to be court-martialled, and summarily executed for treason for, amongst other things, dereliction of duty and absconding with military equipment. Of course, if the Marshal’s had seen what I had seen at Neuschwanstein, they’d be thanking me. At least I’ll go to the gallows a patriot in my heart, even if everyone things I’m a traitor and a madman to boot.

It was just like Avi said – there was practically a whole army of those “berserkers”, and they were chasing after Jack and the girls like bats out of hell. One hell of a bloody firefight ensued, and I thought for sure Betty was a goner. Somehow Jack got her on her feet though, and we all got away with our heads on our shoulders. I don’t quite know what happened up there, just that there were plenty of explosions and that Avi assured us that the threat was done. I got them all home, safe and sound, so they could continue to do their behind-the-scenes work.

So there. Let this diary be a testament to the small part I played in winning the war. I know I’m going to the gallows a hero, even if I’m called a traitor.

Darling out.

September 27, 1943
Wonders never cease. I swear, I’m in awe of Betty and her bombs – she managed to blow a hole the size of Gibraltar in the wall of the stockade without hurting me, or anyone else. So, needless to say, I was rescued at the zero hour by Yggdrasil Unit. I guess that makes me a member of Yggdrasil Unit too. I feel like a different man to the one I was two weeks ago, but this feels good. It feels right.

Tally ho.


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