Mage: The Gun Quarter

Session 18
Wheeling and Dealing

-Nicholas Black bargains with Mr. Twist; Nicholas wants blackmail on important figures to help his bid for city council, and in exchange, when he gets elected, he’ll make sure that Mr. Twist doesn’t experience official disruptions
-Caswell Jones also helps Nicholas with his election campaign, providing contributions and campaigning, for… reasons
-Nick and Rupert Cain work together to further enhance the defenses of The Church of the First Blood
-Nick’s opponent for the City Council election is a retired school teacher named Lacey Marsh, who is also running on a platform of economic revitalization for the Gun Quarter
-Nick hires Woody and has him round up a crew to smash up his own campaign office
-Rupert studies the node to learn more about its past and mysteries
-Rory Cooper asks Boudica about his grandfather, and she agrees to research a permutation of the ritual used to induct individuals into the Order of the Sacred Grove, in order to look backwards through the bloodlines
-Prof. Ethan Bell arrives in Birmingham, and his colleague Karnacki, The Ghost-Taker introduces him to The Misfits. Bell pledges his expertise with dimensional science to The Misfits to assist them in their search for the Necromancer

Session 17
The Conclave

- The Misfits attend the quarterly Traditions Conclave, this time held at Elysium
-At the Conclave, the “The Ghostbusters” are officially acknowledged as a cabal by the Traditions of Birmingham
-The Conclave votes on whether or not to officially take action against The Child of Night; unfortunately, the belligerence of Traveller and the influence of Rangda on The Order of the Silver Flame mean the motion is defeated
-The finding of the Conclave, with Mercury Jones‘s testimonial, is that Rupert Cain is cleared of wrongdoing in the deaths of The Questors of the Sign, and that his actions against the The Ascension Warriors were justified
-However, this is another surprise in store for The Misfits. Rangda accuses David Joy of being a diabolist, and uses the Mirror of Revelations to show David Joy turning into a demon during the assault on The Prometheus Building. The charges and evidence against Joy are grave, and if he is found guilty he will have to submit to Gilgul, a terrible ritual that severs a mage from their avatar. David admits his guilt and willingly submits to the Gilgul ritual.
-Meanwhile, Rory Cooper has accompanied Boudica and The Emissary to the realm of The King of Winter to pay obeisance to him and bring him gifts such as Tass Mead. Things go awry when The King of Winter tells the humans that he will keep Birmingham in the grips of a terrible winter unless they return The Emissary to him, for he feels The Emissary was stolen from him. He graciously offers to accept another human child in place of The Emissary, but this is as unpalatable to the The Guardians of the Sacred Grove. Rory calls for Nicholas Black, who uses his spirit magic to join them. Nick helps Rory and Boudica negotiate for a trial by combat – Rory will battle The King of Winter’s lowliest soldier, and if Rory wins all the humans are free to go and the winter will stop. If Rory loses, The Emissary will have to stay with the King of Winter. Nick and Boudica spend all night enchanting Rory, and the next day Rory does battle with an Ice Giant on an ice floe, and bests him with a massive blow to the heart, echoing the act of his grandfather, Jack West. The humans return to Earth triumphantly, but not before The King of Winter curses Rory Cooper to be always cold.

Session 16
The Sermon

- The Misfits, Traveller, and Michael Hopkins go to McGillicuty’s Abattoir. There, Michael and the Misfits guard Traveller as he conducts a ritual to locate The Child of Night
-The Traveller is unable to locate the Child of Night; he claims she has fled deep into the Far Umbra, where he dare not follow
-Rupert Cain is not happy with this result; he resolves to leave a trap for The Child of Night. This procedure is complicated by the fact that it is already very late on Saturday night, and his ritual will take a long time. Cain first contacts Sarah Giles at the Church and has her leave a message on the Church gates, informing his parishioners that the day’s sermon has been cancelled. Then, to give him the energy he needs to perform magic through the night, Cain takes some cocaine, provided by Nicholas Black. Cain works through the night and into the morning to leave a spirtual trap for the Child of Night, a sort of bomb keyed to her resonance – if she tries to pierce the gauntlet at the shallowing in her sanctum, she will be blasted by an enormous explosion
-While Rupert Cain is casting his ritual, Rory Cooper and David Joy keep watch; they take turns sleeping in the car and watching the building. Meanwhile, Nicholas Black takes a shortcut through the Umbra to return to the Church, removes the sign, and performs Rupert’s sermon in his place; the parishioners are chary about it, but Nick performs an excellent service. Sarah encounters Nick, and he bribes her to keep quiet about what he is doing
-Rory wishes to know more about the giant Cymic, so he has David Joy take him to the The University of Birmingham to speak to Dr. Noah Fielding. Noah tells them a little bit about Cymic being the first son of Ymir, and his legacy of viciousness, but isn’t able to provide much insight. Rory asks for help reading the box the heart came in, but Noah can’t read the runes. He suggests Rory speaks to Dr. Sven Stieg, chair of the Scandinavian Studies department. Dr. Stieg is not available, so Rory and David cooperate to write him a letter that is, frankly, incomprehensible
-Rupert prepares his defense for the upcoming Tradition’s Conclave
-Rory is contacted by Woody, who tells him that John Bull has a job for them – the two meet Bulldog, who sends them to burn down a Chinese Dry cleaner – the young men make £2000

Session 15
Summoning Circle

-Jodi Alexson, having been tipped off by Nicholas Black to the charity provided by Rupert Cain to The Travelers, braves the storm to investigate the situation; instead of a human interest piece, however, she finds a murder scene
-Rory Cooper tells Jodi to call the police, but quickly reconsiders, and The Misfits work together to confuse Jodi into believing that the body she had seen was that of a goat, rather than a human
-The police send Officer Craig Rickitz to respond to Jodi’s call, but Rickitz’s poor opinion of women means the two officers are easily shooed away
-With all of the interlopers gone, the Misfits get down to investigating the murder; study of the demonic runes painted in blood indicates that the killing was a ritual murder dedicated to Ra’t’lahati, The Walker in Shadow. Spirit magic reveals that Garret’s spirit is missing
-The Misfits decided to go out for breakfast, but get stuck in the snow on the way
-Father Cain calls Traveller and Michael Hopkins to the The Church of the First Blood to help with The Child of Night
-In a meditative moment, The White Man teaches Rory how to grow thorns
-Father Cain summons The Walker in Shadow, and in exchange for information regarding The A.E.G.I.S. Project, learns that The Child of Night summoned Ra’t’lahati and ritually sacrificed Garret in exchange for a Skull of Ka’Lun
-Cain researches the Skulls of Ka’Lun in his library and learns that they are unique foci for spirit magic, and that there are only 12 of them in existence (now 11, after Cain destroyed one)
-Rory stops by his father’s home, and in a chest belonging to his grandfather, finds a false bottom. In the chest is an ornately carved box with an enormous heart in it. The runes claim the heart is that of the giant Cymic, Son of Ymir, who Rupert has heard of as a terrifying and powerful giant

Session 14
The Travelers

- The Church of the First Blood experiences intermittent earthquakes, as Raxelnalada’s tentacle decays in the Umbra.
-Jack O’Shadows comes to the Church through a bath-tub, and asks The Misfits to host the Travelers, an itinerant cabal of Verbena mages allied to the The Guardians of the Sacred Grove. The Travelers are on their way north to Stonehenge but have been waylaid by the storm. The Misfits agree to offer asylum to the Travelers, and Jack leads them to the Church, using her pyrokinesis to clear the way.
-Nicholas Black and Rupert Cain both take a liking to the free-spirited Travelers, and Rupert actually gets quite drunk on Fergus Simes‘s “water of fire”, and shows off with a paradox affect that draws fire towards him.
-Rory Cooper convinces Rupert to take Jack into his library and teach her about fire magic. Rupert’s books are of little use to Jack, but they do connect, and he teaches her a little about fire.
-The leader of the Travelers, The White Man sees Rory’s brass knuckles and intimates that they are special and have some history, which intrigues Rory.
-Rory attempts to assist The White Man and Firelily Wainwright with a ritual, but is unsuccessful.
-Nicholas Black attempts to seduce Firelily, but is politely declined.
-After a night of revelry, the Misfits wake to discover Garret Duggan ritually murdered, literally on their doorstep.

Session 13

-Rory Cooper enchants the The Church of the First Blood with a life ward that causes wounds to heal more quickly within the church.
-David Joy purchases an Egyptian sword from Patrick O’Sea; it is an authentic sword, although it was used for ritual purposes by a priest of Isis.
-Rupert Cain enchants some grenades that Nicholas Black and Rory brought back from Woody, making them much more explosive.
- The Misfits make a raid on the facility that Nicholas discovered. Deep under the earth, the cabal finds a massive spinning pylon that appears to be generating electricity. Moving up under the cover of Rupert’s invisibility, Rory ambushes and kills the technician who is minding the strange machine. Sarah Giles investigate’s the technician’s console and learns that this facility is part of something called Project A.E.G.I.S. She also discovers that the machine requires constant monitoring and adjusting – hence the technicians. The Misfits leave and are rewarded with a massive explosion as the machine spins out of control, wreaking havoc with the power grid.
-The Misfits visit Nick’s favourite night club, The Juncture, to unwind
-a massive blizzard grips the city of Birmingham, essentially shutting it down
-Raxelnalada tries to invade the church during Rupert’s service, in order to retrieve the Skull of Ka’Lun – however, Rupert destroys it before the creature is able to get it, and grievously wounds Raxelnalada in the process.
-Sarah takes care of the shell-shocked parishioners; unfortunately, in addition to Umbral creatures, the Church is also besieged by zombies. The Misfits barricade the church and spend some time shooting at the zombies from the bell tower, but their numbers are great and the inclement weather makes accurate shooting difficult.
-Rupert calls The Doctor and Karnacki for advice; The Doctor suggests they perform a banishing spell, to send the spirits animating the zombies back to the Deep Umbra.
-Rupert, David, and Nick work together to perform a mass exorcism, defeating the zombies.
-Venturing outside, The Misfits see a black cat watching them intently and feel a strong deathly resonance emananting from it; as such, they surmise that it is the familiar of The Child of Night.
-Rupert calls Karnacki to let him know about the zombies and discuss the Child of Night again. After some discussion, Rupert agrees that the Misfits will vote for the “Ghostbusters” to be officially acknowledged by the Conclave, and in return the Ghostbusters will bolster the Misfit’s case that the mages of Birmingham must work together to stop the Child of Night.

Session 12
The Hanged Man

-Nicholas Black devoted himself to securing more parishioners for the The Church of the First Blood. His efforts bore fruit, and resulted in 10 new people visiting the Church.
-However, Nancy White saw Nicholas’s advertisements, and came to the Church to warn people that they were putting their soul in peril by visit the Church of the First Blood. Rupert Cain was unable to make her leave, but did convince her to do her protesting across the street.
-In an attempt to commune with his avatar, Rory Cooper hangs upside down. Odin contacts him and lectures him about the necessity for sacrifice in increasing power. This revelation helps Rory grow in understanding of magic.
-Father Cain writes a letter to Sterling Parsons about meeting to discuss Hebraic artifacts.
-Cain then builds a box to contain the Skull of Ka’Lun that Nicholas and David Joy liberated from the The Child of Night’s sanctum.
-Nick still wishes to know why the Gauntlet in Birmingham is so impermeable, and enlists David to drive around and “dowse”, looking for areas where the Gauntlet is thicker or thinner. They find a seemingly ordinary looking building where the Gauntlet is completely impassable. Nick investigates and discovers some suspicious, high-tech looking doors in the basement.
-Preparing to infiltrate the building, Nick and Rory contact Woody, and ask him to procure more weapons for them.

Session 11
The Agama Sojourn

-Having encountered a vagrant that is clearly possessed by a Far Umbra creature, The Misfits and the The Ghostbusters debate on how to proceed; the creature seems docile at first, but moves in unnerving ways. Nicholas Black shuts the door on the beast, hoping to trap it in the abattoir, but it burst through the door and attacks the two cabals
-Working together, the Misfits and the Ghostbusters are able to defeat the creature; they investigate the sanctum of The Child of Night and discover an ancient, desiccated corpse. Karnacki, The Ghost-Taker believes that the corpse might be a fetter for the Child of Night, and uses his electric pentacle to cleanse and destroy it. Rory Cooper takes the opportunity to liberate a very nice (albeit dusty) Persian rug from the secret room
-Sarah Giles goes to City Hall to do some research on the abattoir. She learns that it was built in 1850 by Charles McGillicutty, but it has a storied history. For instance, 20 years ago a man named Kevin East tried to rezone the area and have the abattoir destroyed, but he mysteriously died of a heart attack not long after and the project died on the vine. The building has existed in bureaucratic purgatory ever since.
-David Joy and Nick go to visit the Treasure Trove to get a sword for David, but find that it is closed. Instead, they visit Patrick O’Sea. David asks O’Sea for an authentic Egyptian sword, and O’Sea says he can get it for him inside a week.
-Having learned about Sterling Parsons from Sarah, Rupert Cain invisibly reconnoiters Lustre for Life to see if he can learn more about the Voynich Manuscript Cipher; instead, he manages to scare a poor shop girl half to death and not much else.
-David visits The Doctor and she helps him perform the Agama Sojourn,; this ritual sends him to the Underworld, so he can see for himself the toll of his killings. She tells him about the necessity of being judicious when dealing out death, because the dead have no chance to improve their karma; only the worst cases need to receive the Good Death. The Doctor also helps David start to beat his addiction to heroin, but promises him that it will be a long and difficult process.

Session 10
Buried Treasure

-Rory Cooper and Nicholas Black purchase iron from Patrick O’Sea
-David Joy sees a naked dead girl hanging around the The Church of the First Blood
-Working from the notes left by Adam, The Silence Killer, Rupert Cain tries to pick up the thread of his search for the Voynich Manuscript Cipher. It appears that Adam has tracked the Cipher to a man named Isaacson. He asks Sarah Giles to learn more about Isaacson, and after research records she discovers that when he died, he left his goods and his business to man named Sterling Parson
-David meets with The Doctor and promises to undergo detox
-Eric Mason and Woody accompany Rory to a meeting with Bulldog, the chief representative of John Bull. Bulldog asks them to break into The Treasure Trove and steal the deed; the trio agree
-the gang pull of the job, impressing Bulldog and getting paid
-Nick and David drive around the city trying to find the source of the Gauntlet thickening; they have no real luck, but they do discover a shallowing, which turns out to be the sanctum of The Child of Night; they remove a Skull of Ka’Lun from the abattoir for Rupert to study
-Rupert invites the The Ghostbusters to the Church to see the skull, and to discuss the continued existence of the Child of Night
- The Misfits and The Ghostbusters depart together to investigate the abattoir, where they encounter a creature from the Far Umbra

Session 9

-David Joy and Sarah Giles visit Mel Chow at the The University of Birmingham to take a look at the mainframe. Mel Chow is initially suspicious of David and Sarah’s relationship to one another but quickly relaxes when she gets to know Sarah. – Sarah optimizes the mainframe and in exchange, Mel gives Sarah remote access to the mainframe
-Captain Chaos, mentor of Ann Archy and Cool Cat, declares war on Sarah after finding out that both of his apprentices are dead after the assault on Mandjet – he sends a virus her way, but she easily turns it around on him, and posts his digital coordinates to the Digital Web, inviting others to grief him as well.
-David researches Cyril Oscar and petty crimes; he goes to the site of a gay-bashing where a young man was beaten to death by two skin-heads named Corwin Tom and Don Leir.
-David uses The Curse of Damocles on the two skin-heads, causing them to die in unexpected and gruesome ways.
-Nick and David bring Father Cain to the site of Cyril’s Oscar death. Looking backward in time, Father Cain finds a footprint, and a bit of red clay, which leads The Misfits to conclude the Silence Killer is a golem.
-Sarah tracks the Silence Killer to an underwater location in the canals of Birmingham, and watches him perform a magical ritual.
-David Joy buys a taser and Father Cain empowers it.
-The Misfits confront the Silence Killer, catching him off guard and best him in battle. The golem attempts to escape but Nick tags the golem with a spirit beacon which allows the Misfits to track it. Father Cain freezes an entire section of the canals solid, trapping the golem in ice and Sarah teleports the golem’s own knife into the magical sigil in its chest, killing it instantly.


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