Mage: The Gun Quarter

Session 31
99 Problems, Plus 1

-Rory Cooper picks up some heirlooms and mementos from his father’s house, in preparation for his impending fake death.
-Nicholas Black summons Mercury Jones, and asks him to contact the The Order of the Silver Flame regarding William Wayne; Mercury says that coincidentally, Rangda wishes to speak to him as well.
-Nick sends a bouquet of black roses to the mayor anonymously, with a note offering condolences for the death of his cousin.
-Rory and Jack O’Shadows go on a date and enjoy the back of the hearse.
-Akiko invites Kaneda Takeshi to Rory’s birthday party, and Sarah Giles invites Mel Chow. The skinheads at the party are somewhat disturbed by the presence of people of different ethnicities, but eventually they are enveloped by Akiko’s Arcane, and no one seems to pay them too much mind.
-Alice Wright shows up at the party and makes a scene; Rory restrains himself, and gets her to leave without too much incident. Part of Alice’s complaint comes from the fact that Rory badly beat Denton Hull, the provider for the small family consisting of Denton, Alice, and her child (who may or may not be Rory’s). Since Nick has taken Denton under his wing, he discreetly provides Alice with £1000, which she is definitely not too proud to take.
-Akiko trains with Master Jade who impresses upon her that her sword is nothing more than a crutch.
-Nick meets The Serpent Society in London and is inducted as a neonate, and Giovanni Lavi promises to see personally to his tutelage.
- The Misfits travel to Elysium to try to convince William Wayne to come back to Earth; there, Nick negotiates with Rangda, who promises she will divulge the location of The Cathedral of Bone in exchange for the contents therein. Nick instead convinces her instead to accept the realm itself, but the Misfits get all the contents.

Session 30
Bulldog Must Die!

-Nicholas Black convinces Lacey Marsh to aid him in reforming Denton Hull; Lacey’s generosity and love of teaching make her agree readily.
-Nick visits Ava Frost in London to talk about the Death Battery, and asks for her vote in increasing his shares with the Mammon Group, to which she agrees.
-Returning from The Sacred Grove, Rory Cooper runs into a strange man who seems to know him quite well. Calling himself Bram, the strange man tells Rory not to “get too close to the girl”, but refuses to elaborate further before disappearing mysteriously.
-Akiko Ninube visits Master Jade, who has taken up residence at Boo’s dojo. Jade performs the Dim Mak on her, and tells her to return in 7 days, lest the death touch kill her on the 8th day – if he discovers her chakras are unblocked, he promises to kill her swiftly himself.
-Having been told about Nick’s nature by Karen Allen’s mother, and cautioned by Father Cain not to trust him, Sarah Giles becomes concerned about what Nick will do with the Death Battery. She calls Karnacki and convinces him that she will be taking the Battery on Nick’s behalf, and begins monitoring Nick’s movements as well.
-Back at the Church, Rory spends time working with a particular raven, making it smarter and teaching it to say corn. He decides to name the raven Thomas.
-Nick meets with Giovanni Lavi, a representative of The Serpent Society, who is waiting in Nick’s office. Mr. Lavi explains that Nick’s actions have caught the attention of the Society and he invites Nick to join the organization.
-Rory asks Woody to organize a big “birthday” party at The World’s End.
- The Misfits decide to build a time ward around The Church of the First Blood.
-Nick calls Karnacki, The Ghost-Taker to discuss picking up the ghost battery and learns that Sarah has said that she would take the battery in his place. Fearing that Sarah may circumvent his deal with Mammon Group, Nick rents a truck and takes possession of the battery immediately before delivering the Death Battery to Ava Frost in London.
-Sarah spies on the Mammon Group building in London, but is unable to penetrate the wards. In the process, however, she discovers the building is full of negative energy.
-Nick contacts Susan Smith about cooperating against T-13, but Smith is evasive.
-Akiko and Rory visit John Honold.
-A representative of Mammon Group visits Nick and tells him about the surveillance Sarah has them under; Nick confronts Sarah, warning of the consequences in interfering with Hell’s affairs and she stops.
-Nick and Sarah go to visit Prof. Ethan Bell, but find him dead on his apartment floor, his brain apparently removed through a fist-sized hole in the back of his head.
-Nick, Akiko, and Sarah go clothes shopping for the party.
-Rory goes to visit Simon the Bookie and asks for advice about John Bull and his gangs.
-Rory then calls “Bunk” to ask about what he knows about John Bull, and in particular Bulldog. Bunk “doesn’t” tell Rory about a connection between Bulldog and the mayor.
-Rory convinces Akiko to kill Bulldog, who is currently in police custody. Akiko breaks into the police station and locates Bulldog’s cell, but decides she can’t kill him without getting detected afterwards and leaves.
-Rory makes some poison for Akiko’s knife, to ensure that Bulldog will die quickly and quietly. Akiko sneaks back in, and just according to plan, makes quick work of Bulldog. However, when she is sneaking out, she is spotted by Officer Nigel Wright, who raises the alarm. After a hair-raising flight, Akiko manages to escape and everyone gets away.
-Upon hearing of Bulldog’s death, Nick summons his spirit and compels him to tell him the truth of who he works for. Bulldog reveals that he is the cousin of Birmingham’s mayor, who has a vested interested in the Gun Quarter, and has been using the guise of John Bull to spur the skinhead gangs into attacking carefully chosen targets to advance his agenda.
-Sarah does some financial flim-flam under Nick’s direction to make it look like the mayor has misappropriated funds from the city.

Session 29
The Misfits Must Die!

-Sarah Giles checks in on Knights of the Cyber-Brotherhood to see if there has been any movement by Iteration X. The Knights assure her that they have only encountered some exploratory drones commonly used by ItX, so nothing to worry about
-Nicholas Black goes to visit the recently hospitalized Denton Hull with a proposal. Nick will help Denton turn his life around, become a model citizen, and make something of himself, all in exchange for the very low cost of his soul. In a very dark place, Hull acquiesces
-The Tradition mages of Birmingham arrive at the The Church of the First Blood for the Conclave
-Meanwhile, the The Guardians of the Sacred Grove prepare for a journey to pay obeisance to The Summer Queen
-Seer gives Rory Cooper a cryptic warning and begs him to come back from the Summer Lands alive. The Emissary performs a ritual that brings her, Rory, Boudica and their tribute to the Summer Lands
-at the Conclave, Master Jade and The Martyrs are acknowledged as members of the gathering
- The Triptych tell the mages that they have what is essentially a “negative energy bomb”, or battery, produced by The Colloquium when they were cleansing the resonance of McGillicutty’s. Nick convinces the the Council that he has some friends that can safely dispose of the artifact, and they agree to remand it to his keeping
-Master Jade tells the Mages of Birmingham that he has come to train Akiko Ninube at the behest of Master Iron; however, he refers to her as a viper, so it looks like it will be tough training. Reluctantly, the Conclave agrees to allow it, seeing how adamant Akiko is about undertaking the training
- The Misfits are determined for the mages of Birmingham to finally take collective action against The Child of Night; everyone agrees that the time to act has come. Master Jade appoints himself battle commander, and plans an expeditionary foray to The Cathedral of Bone to test its defenses and formulate an overall plan of attack. The expeditionary force will consist of Master Jade, Akiko, Nicholas Black, Rangda, and Michael Hopkins
-The Summer Queen promises Rory Cooper she will grant him her blessing, thereby negating The King of Winter‘s curse, if he brings her the horns of the Golden Hind, or performs some equally heroic feat in her name
-Prof. Ethan Bell shows up at the Church and hangs around outside the gate. Woody had been installed in the belltower by Nick, and he informs Nicholas of Bell’s presence by throwing wadded up paper down the stairs. Nick tells Woody to keep an eye on Bell for the time being, and proceeds with the business of the Conclave
-Mother Mary Victoria makes clear the Martyr’s reasons for coming to Birmingham; they’ve come to quell fear regarding all things religious and mystical that has been engendered by The Ascension Warriors, The Misfits, and of course, manipulated by the Technocracy. Because the members of the Misfits have been attached to religious terrorism so thoroughly by the media, they must appear to die to allow the unAwakened populace of Birmingham some closure. As Nicholas Black has always been very careful to mask his involvement, the move would only effect Sarah and Rory. Mother Mary proposes new faces for the two, provided by Proteus, while Ally will provide them with new identities if necessary. Nick puts the decision to Sarah, and seeing the value of the plan, she reluctantly agrees on Rory’s behalf
-After the business of the Conclave is concluded, Nick goes out to see what Ethan Bell is doing. Bell grabs Nick by the throat and begins running down the street. Akiko and Sarah follow, and they manage to drive Bell off and rescue Nick in the process, while also discovering that there is more to Bell than meets the eye. They speculate that it might have in fact been T-13, the rogue Technocratic construct that Nick had been warned about

Session 28
The Kidnapping Gambit

-Rory Cooper and Akiko Ninube meet with Woody at the Sunny Side Café and talk about the future of gangs in Birmingham
-Sharon Smith runs into Rory at the café, and she tells him she is on to his scheme; she tells him she will pay him back by becoming a social worker and helping kids like him.
-Nicholas Black meets with the police commissioner to discuss the Private Security Proposal, and the commissioner mentions his desire to develop a religious crimes unit.
-Woody meets with Nick to report on Rory’s beating of Denton Hull, and the waves the event is causing in the community.
-Akiko meets with Mercury Jones to discuss the upcoming Conclave and to work on their relationship.
-Nick asks Sarah to “half-build” some explosives, but she is met with limited success.
-Nick and Akiko recoinnter The Union Jack, prior to a meeting Rory and Woody have with Bulldog.
-Rory and Woody meet with Bulldog, with Akiko and Shadow joining secretly. Bulldog asks Rory and Woody to hurt a city councilor named Nicholas Black, so that the Private Security Force motion will go through.
-Akiko tracks Bulldog back to his house, which is lavish but new looking, and investigates a little, but finds that killing, not investigating, is her specialty.
-Woody arranges for a meeting with Bulldog to present faked evidence of Nick’s beating; Woody pulls off the lie, and Bulldog is convinced, paying Rory and Woody the agreed upon sum of money for the job.
-Nick and Sarah go to Bulldog’s house, and investigate quickly; Nick leaves the halfway made bombs, the building schematics he had collected earlier, and the newspaper clippings about the bombings in a conspicious place, then places forged financial documents in Bulldog’s safe. Then Nick places a bag on his head, handcuffs himself to a chair, and has Sarah call the police
-Bulldog comes home, and the police arrive shortly after – Nick cries out for help, but Bulldog is able to convince the police that nothing is amiss and they leave. Bulldog then finds Nicholas handcuffed to a chair, and they argue. Things are not going well for Nicholas, so he has Shadow attack and subdue Bulldog, and Nick calls the police again. This time the police arrest Bulldog, and Nick gives them a a very convincing bogus statement.
-After an attempt at a drinking contest with Akiko, Woody sicks up on Nick’s carpet. Woody offers to pay the £5000 he had earned for pretending to beat up Nick to replace the carpet, but Nick refuses. Instead, in the morning, Woody pays to have the carpet cleaned.
-Gwendolyn Davies calls Nicholas Black for some information about the economic sectors of the Gun Quarter; Nick provides them with some information. Unfortunately, while investigating the area, Gwendolyn’s team are waylaid by a tweaker with a butcher knife.
-Rory busts into James Dole’s apartment and threatens the boxer/bouncer, telling him he no longer works for Bulldog, but instead works for Rory.
-Akiko and Rory pay a visit to John Honold.
-Nick calls Mercury for some heads up about the Conclave, and Mercury reluctantly tells Nick what he knows about the forthcoming concerns of the other cabals.
-Sarah gives Lord Greymane her email address, so he can contact her if the Iteration X attacks The Castle.
-At the city council meeting, Nick convinces the Council not to provide funds for a trial period employing Carbine Security, but instead providing the funds to Birmingham city police to hire some consultants in religious crimes.
-Susan Smith provides some information to Nick about [T-13 via his catspaw on the city council, Simon Fay-Malloy.
-Gwendolyn calls Nick and tells him she can no longer work on the project. Nick visits her at home, and after some coaxing, convinces her to tell him about the attack. He eventually manages to convince her to complete the project, and she approaches the prospect with renewed enthusiasm.
-Nick spends some time prior to the Conclave cleaning up stray hairs, finger nails, and various other items that would assist others in performing sympathetic magic on members of The Misfits.

Session 27
The Reading Room

-Sarah Giles investigates Captain Chaos‘s surveillance logs and sees him get dragged out of his sanctum by thugs in a moment of inattention
-Rory Cooper is accosted by Denton Hull and a gang of his skin-head cronies. With the assistance of Baldur’s Protection, Rory easily overcomes the terrible odds, intimidating quite a few skinheads in the process and deliberately beating Denton to within an inch of his life
-during the period where most of The Misfits are in Brighton, Nick hosts a demon gathering at The Church of the First Blood. During the party, Nick brokers a deal to increase the Arcane rating of the Church, occluding it from the large number of people who are now aware of its presence. Also during the party, a virgin sacrifice occurs, empowering the Spirit of the Church of the First Blood
-Rory, Sarah, and Akiko Ninube drive to Brighton to see if they can help Captain Chaos
-Nick spends some time making friends and trading influence with other city councilors
-The rest of the Misfits find a warehouse frequented by criminals, and Akiko sneaks in and finds some fairly recent bloodstains
-The Misfits come to blow with the thugs inside, as the result of a communication breakdown, and Akiko cuts them down like so much wheat
-they interrogate the remaining goons, who promptly surrendered, and learn that Captain Chaos currently resides in a number of garbage bags beneath the Brighton pier
-Sarah reclaims Captain Chaos’s computer equipment, which is quite valuable – he had taken out an illegal loan to secure the capital to build it, which lead to his ultimate demise. Sarah reasons it would be a shame to let it go to waste
-Nick goes to chat with The Triptych; he asks if the Triptych would like legal ownership of McGillicutty’s, but they decline
-Sarah tracks the homing signal placed on Nick by The Serpent Society back to Chelsea, in London, so Nick and Akiko hop on a train to investigate
-After some searching, Akiko finds a Seal of Solomon on a hotel called The Lodge
-Nick and Akiko investigate the building and discover some irregularities with the 13th Floor
-Rory and Sarah join Nick at The Lodge
-The Misfits finally manage to get into The Reading Room, by making a hole in the floor above it, and discover The Orb of Elantris
-Nicholas spends a great deal of time investigating the Reading Room; he breaks the spirit ward around the place, and ultimately the Misfits decide to take the Orb of Elantris with them. Nick leaves his calling card in its place
-Closing the hole in the floor, Sarah backlashes, gets electrocuted, and her hair stands on end

Session 26
The Sleeping Dragons

-Rory Cooper has a conversation with Simon the Bookie about employing a gentler touch in debt-collections in the future. Jim Mandryk paid his debts in full, and then skipped town, never to owe money to Mac The Knife again, which is bad for business
-Sarah Giles hooks Akiko Ninube up to her rig and invites her to the Digital Web. Together, they infiltrate the Knights of the Cyber-Brotherhood‘s Castle, and disable the automated sentries. They then use Captain Chaos’s cipher to penetrate the Chaos Sphere.
-Sarah imprints the unformatted web inside, patterning it as a massive Steampunk lab that no one but her can see into or out of
-Sarah and Akiko decide to celebrate her victory by putting on costumes and watching monster movies
-Nicholas Black goes to the Council House and gets architectural plans of all the areas that have been “bombed” in Birmingham in recent memory.
-Rory travels to The Sacred Grove and chats with Boudica about his future, and his impending encounter with The Summer Queen.
-Sarah encounters another member of Knights of the Cyber-Brotherhood, and despite her best efforts, yet another duel occurs. Sarah achieves a decisive victory and in a fit of pique opts to send feedback into her opponent’s computer, damaging hit. This does not endear her to the Knights of the Cyber-Brotherhood
-Nick calls Susan Smith and provides the coordinates of The Ninube Compound. In exchange, Nicholas requests assistance in dealing with The Blood Witch Rangda.
-Akiko and Sarah travel to China, as Akiko wishes to seek the guidance of Abbot Zhao of the Iron Dragon Monastery.
-Abbot Zhao promises to send Master Jade to Birmingham to train Akiko
-Rory links a tree at The Church of the First Blood with a tree at the Sacred Grove.
-Nick collects newspaper clippings about the bombings.
-Sarah and Lord Greymane reconcile their differences and pledge to work together against Iteration X.
-Nicholas visits Patrick O’Sea and somehow convinces him to procure supplies that can be used to make explosives.

Session 25
I Do Like To Be Beside the Seaside

-Nicholas Black and Rory Cooper go to The University of Birmingham and deposit the remainder of Sharon Smith‘s tuition money into her account
-The Red Queen tells Sarah Giles about a rumour she has heard about an unformatted sector of the Digital Web, apparently claimed by Captain Chaos, and that Captain Chaos has seemingly gone missing
-Akiko Ninube uses Time magic to speed herself up, so that she and Sarah can complete Sarah’s self-sustaining Church infrastructure faster and Sarah can investigate the Captain Chaos matter while it is still timely
-Dr. Yung calls Nick about a grad student who is interested in working on the economic model for the Gun Quarter; Nick meets Gwendolyn Davies at the trendy Union Jack restaurant and they affirm their enthusiasm to work together
-Sarah and Akiko successfully make the The Church of the First Blood independent of outside infrastructure, meaning the Technocracy can no longer disrupt the Church by cutting power, water, or other services
-Sarah travels into the Digital Web and finds a Chaos Sphere produced by Captain Chaos, presumably surrounding the virgin web. She sets up a trip-wire around the sphere, so she can monitor the situation
-Rory arranges to do some work for Simon the Bookie. Simon sends him to collect a gambling debt from a small time crook named Jim Mandryke, who hangs around a pub called The Greyhound
-Akiko tags along to the Greyhound, and she and Rory beat the money out of Jim; he agrees to pay everything he owes
-Sarah encounters members of the Knights of the Cyber-Brotherhood, who have tripped her alarm. Sarah’s social skills prompt a fight, and the knights force her to de-rez. She later observes the Knights building a castle around the Chaos Sphere
-Thinking laterally, Sarah decides to track down Captain Chaos’s physical sanctum, which she locates in Brighton. Sarah, Akiko, and Ethan Bell drive to Brighton overnight
-Outside Captain Chaos’s sanctum, the trio end up fighting a number of gangsters who are hanging around outside and who seem to be waiting for something. The gangsters are messily dispatched, and Sarah bypasses the security of the Sanctum. Inside, she finds the cipher for the Chaos Sphere and liberates Captain Chaos’s hard-drives

Session 24
Snake Tracks

-Rory Cooper takes Akiko Ninube to The Sacred Grove and convinces The Green Man to regrow her limbs
-Nicholas Black converts Rupert Cain‘s former sanctum to a lavishly appointed sitting room; an ornate rug covers the summoning circle inscribed into the floor
-Nick arranges a meeting with the dean of the Economics Department of The University of Birmingham, Dr. Brett Yung, and asks about collaborating on a project to develop some models for the future of the Gun Quarter
- The Misfits develop a standard procedure for defense of The Church of the First Blood, including weekly ward maintenance and a buddy system for travelling outside the Church
-Nick takes Rory to a tattoo parlour, and pays the replacement of the tattoos removed by the Ninube
-Akiko Ninube attempts to dismantle the wards at the The Ninube Compound, in order to get Rory’s skin back, but she is unsuccessful
-Nick meets with Dr. Yung to propose the creation of a think-tank; he agrees provisionally, saying he will think on the matter and contact Nick
-Akiko speaks to her friend Boo and asks for advice. For his part, Boo simply tells her to follow the advice already given to her by Abbot Zhao
- The Misfits, joined by Mercury Jones and Jack O’Shadows, hit the town. After an enjoyable evening, Mercury takes Akiko home
-Nick meets with Lacey Marsh to discuss politics
-At Nick’s behest, Sarah Giles investigates Steinmann and Walter Hartles
-Nick goes to converse with Hartles at the train station. Hartles tells him about a book that was removed about 4 years ago. In the place where Hartles indicates the book was stored, Nick discovers a bound demon, who tells him about The Serpent Society, and tells him that they will contact him
-Sarah attempts to make the Church self-sufficient for power and water, over course of a week
-Nick invites Karnacki to the Church to discuss the ownership of McGillicutty’s Abattoir.
-Rory works with birds, training them to accept the Church and become acclimatized to him sharing their minds.

Session 23

-Karen Allen‘s mother, rather dazed by her ordeal, watches Coronation Street at the The Church of the First Blood while Nicholas Black is at the The Prometheus Building attempting to make contact with the Technocracy. She does mention, however, her trip to hell with Nicholas to Sarah Giles
-Rory Cooper is tortured and interrogated by Karasu “Otosan” Ninube. The Ninube Clan send one of his flayed tattoos to the Church of the First Blood, as a clear message to Akiko Ninube
-Having had little success the previous day, Nick returns to the Prometheus Building the next day and is admitted to speak to Susan Smith. Nick negotiates a ceasefire with the Technocracy and The Misfits in exchange for the dangerous renegade Rupert Cain leaving the city. Nick also convinces Karen Allen to come with him to the Church to rescue her mother
-Karen Allen tells Susan Smith that she will submit to reconditioning, as will her mother, and Karen will go to EVA for modifications
-Akiko storms The Ninube Compound to save Rory; after some trials, including climbing a sheer cliff, assassinating two watchmen, and cutting Rory down from his hanging perch, she is successful; Rory uses his life magic to turn into a raven and fly down the cliff
-Karasu catches up to the fleeing Misfits with a handful of ninja in tow, and a battle ensues. Attempting to bring Akiko back alive, Karasu cuts off Akiko’s arm and leg, but eventually he is revealed to be a Shadow Clone and Nicholas Black drags the wounded mages into the Umbra
-In the Umbra, the Misfits encounter a Maiden of Endless Sorrow, who drags Nick away to her private hellscape, stranding Rory and Akiko
-Rory and Akiko are pursued by Noh, The Prince With A Thousand Faces – fortunately for them, his bulk makes him a slow pursuer
-Nick alters his essence to escape his Umbral prison, and catches up to Rory and Akiko. Fearing further difficulties, he ferries them both back to the Church in the form of a demon of smokeless flame

Session 22
"I'm in Japan!?"

-Prof. Ethan Bell, having been captured by the Technocracy, is first tempted by EVA, but his resolve holds firm. However, Susan Smith tortures and mentally reprograms the man, after learning everything he knows about the Traditions in Birmingham, then sends him back to act as a sleeper agent
-Karnacki, The Ghost-Taker invites Sarah to an experiment at McGillicutty’s Abattoir, pre-empting Sarah and Akiko‘s daily morning jog; this prompts Akiko to tag along
-Sarah records the experiment performed by The Colloquium, which is intended to concentrate and contain the negative spiritual energy permeating the place
-Karnacki invites his colleagues to The Velvet Fog, a local gentlemen’s lounge, and the group relaxes over brandy and cigars
-At the city council meeting, Nick convinces the City Council to establish a committee to investigate the possibility of revitalization of the Gun Quarter
-Conversely, Simon Fay-Malloy convinces the Council to examine the value of retaining a private security firm in the Gun Quarter, Carbine Security
- The Misfits have a planning session, and Nick convinces Rory Cooper to begin stockpiling tass
-Nick travels to Withby, to learn more about Karen Allen from her mother
-Rory and Akiko pick up the tatami and ninja weapons from Jon “Boo” Smith
-Ninube Clan ninjas ambush Rory as he makes his way to the grove, and quickly subdue and kidnap him
-Nick literally takes Karen Styles to hell, and convinces her to sell her soul to be reunited with her daughter, who she believes to be dead
-Nick tries to get in touch with agents of the Technocracy, but is thwarted, as it is a Sunday
-Rory comes back to consciousness to find himself hanging from a rope over a cliff


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