Mage: The Gun Quarter

Session 24
Snake Tracks

-Rory Cooper takes Akiko Ninube to The Sacred Grove and convinces The Green Man to regrow her limbs
-Nicholas Black converts Rupert Cain‘s former sanctum to a lavishly appointed sitting room; an ornate rug covers the summoning circle inscribed into the floor
-Nick arranges a meeting with the dean of the Economics Department of The University of Birmingham, Dr. Brett Yung, and asks about collaborating on a project to develop some models for the future of the Gun Quarter
- The Misfits develop a standard procedure for defense of The Church of the First Blood, including weekly ward maintenance and a buddy system for travelling outside the Church
-Nick takes Rory to a tattoo parlour, and pays the replacement of the tattoos removed by the Ninube
-Akiko Ninube attempts to dismantle the wards at the The Ninube Compound, in order to get Rory’s skin back, but she is unsuccessful
-Nick meets with Dr. Yung to propose the creation of a think-tank; he agrees provisionally, saying he will think on the matter and contact Nick
-Akiko speaks to her friend Boo and asks for advice. For his part, Boo simply tells her to follow the advice already given to her by Abbot Zhao
- The Misfits, joined by Mercury Jones and Jack O’Shadows, hit the town. After an enjoyable evening, Mercury takes Akiko home
-Nick meets with Lacey Marsh to discuss politics
-At Nick’s behest, Sarah Giles investigates Steinmann and Walter Hartles
-Nick goes to converse with Hartles at the train station. Hartles tells him about a book that was removed about 4 years ago. In the place where Hartles indicates the book was stored, Nick discovers a bound demon, who tells him about The Serpent Society, and tells him that they will contact him
-Sarah attempts to make the Church self-sufficient for power and water, over course of a week
-Nick invites Karnacki to the Church to discuss the ownership of McGillicutty’s Abattoir.
-Rory works with birds, training them to accept the Church and become acclimatized to him sharing their minds.

Session 23

-Karen Allen‘s mother, rather dazed by her ordeal, watches Coronation Street at the The Church of the First Blood while Nicholas Black is at the The Prometheus Building attempting to make contact with the Technocracy. She does mention, however, her trip to hell with Nicholas to Sarah Giles
-Rory Cooper is tortured and interrogated by Karasu “Otosan” Ninube. The Ninube Clan send one of his flayed tattoos to the Church of the First Blood, as a clear message to Akiko Ninube
-Having had little success the previous day, Nick returns to the Prometheus Building the next day and is admitted to speak to Susan Smith. Nick negotiates a ceasefire with the Technocracy and The Misfits in exchange for the dangerous renegade Rupert Cain leaving the city. Nick also convinces Karen Allen to come with him to the Church to rescue her mother
-Karen Allen tells Susan Smith that she will submit to reconditioning, as will her mother, and Karen will go to EVA for modifications
-Akiko storms The Ninube Compound to save Rory; after some trials, including climbing a sheer cliff, assassinating two watchmen, and cutting Rory down from his hanging perch, she is successful; Rory uses his life magic to turn into a raven and fly down the cliff
-Karasu catches up to the fleeing Misfits with a handful of ninja in tow, and a battle ensues. Attempting to bring Akiko back alive, Karasu cuts off Akiko’s arm and leg, but eventually he is revealed to be a Shadow Clone and Nicholas Black drags the wounded mages into the Umbra
-In the Umbra, the Misfits encounter a Maiden of Endless Sorrow, who drags Nick away to her private hellscape, stranding Rory and Akiko
-Rory and Akiko are pursued by Noh, The Prince With A Thousand Faces – fortunately for them, his bulk makes him a slow pursuer
-Nick alters his essence to escape his Umbral prison, and catches up to Rory and Akiko. Fearing further difficulties, he ferries them both back to the Church in the form of a demon of smokeless flame

Session 22
"I'm in Japan!?"

-Prof. Ethan Bell, having been captured by the Technocracy, is first tempted by EVA, but his resolve holds firm. However, Susan Smith tortures and mentally reprograms the man, after learning everything he knows about the Traditions in Birmingham, then sends him back to act as a sleeper agent
-Karnacki, The Ghost-Taker invites Sarah to an experiment at McGillicutty’s Abattoir, pre-empting Sarah and Akiko‘s daily morning jog; this prompts Akiko to tag along
-Sarah records the experiment performed by The Colloquium, which is intended to concentrate and contain the negative spiritual energy permeating the place
-Karnacki invites his colleagues to The Velvet Fog, a local gentlemen’s lounge, and the group relaxes over brandy and cigars
-At the city council meeting, Nick convinces the City Council to establish a committee to investigate the possibility of revitalization of the Gun Quarter
-Conversely, Simon Fay-Malloy convinces the Council to examine the value of retaining a private security firm in the Gun Quarter, Carbine Security
- The Misfits have a planning session, and Nick convinces Rory Cooper to begin stockpiling tass
-Nick travels to Withby, to learn more about Karen Allen from her mother
-Rory and Akiko pick up the tatami and ninja weapons from Jon “Boo” Smith
-Ninube Clan ninjas ambush Rory as he makes his way to the grove, and quickly subdue and kidnap him
-Nick literally takes Karen Styles to hell, and convinces her to sell her soul to be reunited with her daughter, who she believes to be dead
-Nick tries to get in touch with agents of the Technocracy, but is thwarted, as it is a Sunday
-Rory comes back to consciousness to find himself hanging from a rope over a cliff

Session 21
Spring Fever

-Robert “Sparky” Kent comes to the Church, looking for Rupert Cain, and is angry to learn that he is gone
- The Misfits call Mercury Jones to alert him to Rupert Cain’s departure
-Rory Cooper and Akiko Ninube waste no time in transforming the church into a gym
-Rory and Nicholas Black visit Mr. Twist and meet to confirm ties, and perhaps learn more about The Child of Night
-Mr. Twist tells them about the Cathedral of Bone, Umbral Realm of the Child of Night, and that it is located in the Deep Umbra
-Nick meets with Lacey Marsh, his defeated opponent in the city council elections, and asks her to be his assistant, an overture to which she readily agrees
- The Guardians of the Sacred Grove pledge themselves to Rory against the Child of Night
-Sarah Giles and Akiko go drinking
-Nick concludes a demonic ritual to unlock more of his essence
-Rory participates in a ritual to learn more about his grandfather, and is drained by the experience
-Akiko purchases some weapons and tatami mats for the church gym from her friend Jon “Boo” Smith, who owns a dojo called “The Spirit of the Dragon” in Birmingham
-Rory learns more aboutKarl Magnusson from Boudica
-Rory makes a date with Jack O’Shadows
-Akiko goes on a date with Mercury Jones
-Nicholas details his plans to Woody, and dubs himself Lazarus the Gunsmith for criminal purposes
-Jack and Rory go on a date, which goes well
-Sarah and Akiko travel to Whitby by train
-Nick defends Sarah’s computer with a “Like Clockwork” procedure, to protect it from mishaps
-Sarah finds records for Karen Styles, mother of Samantha Styles (AKA Karen Allen, as well as her address and phone number
-Rory builds a small sanctum within the grounds of the Church, taking the form of a mini-grove
-Nick gets the Mammon Investment Group on board with his investment scheme for affordable housing in the Gun Quarter

Session 20
Departures and Arrivals

-Susan Smith, through his agent Karen Allen, tries to convince William Wayne to leave The Misfits, telling him that they are dangerous terrorists and that they have planted a bomb at Birmingham’s Children Hospital
-Nicholas Black and Rupert Cain, through honesty, convince the young man that the Technocracy is lying, and he refuses to go with them. Meanwhile, Sarah Giles colocates to the hospital, not willing to risk the Technocracy’s bluff
-The Technocracy detects Sarah, and detonates the bombs. However, Sarah is able to generate an EMP that disables half the bombs. Despite that, she is injured in the explosion, as are many of the people at the hospital
-The Misfits rush to the scene and do what they can to help; Prof. Ethan Bell does what he can to disable the CCTV’s at and around the hospital, but it takes a long time, and with the exception of Nicholas, most of the Misfits choose not to wait
-The Misfits decide that for the time being, the safest place for William Wayne is Elysium; they convince Proteus to take care of the boy
-Sarah spends some time with her new friend, Mel Chow
-Boudica tells Rory Cooper that she has adapted the ritual, but it will be easier with blood from his matrilineal family members
-Rory and Ethan go out day drinking with Woody and Boy Blue and get quite inebriated
-Nick wins the election, and becomes a city councilor representing the Gun Quarter
-After sobering up over the course of a couple of days, Rory buys some syringes to get blood from his family members; the clerk at the druggists is rude to him, so Rory headbutts him and breaks his nose before leaving the store
-Rory cooks up a story about genealogical research being done at the University, and barely convinces his aunt to give him her blood
-Rory then visits his cousin Errol, who is a little more credulous, and gives up his blood much more willingly. Errol also tells Rory about his friend Mick, who works as a janitor for a building that houses tigers
-Ethan Bell, hoping to hone his knowledge of Dimensional Science, hacks the Technocracy’s system in Birmingham from his computer at the University. He gets the files he was looking for, but the SysOp back-traces his location and sends Darius Pointe and Franklin Blanke to deal with him. Ethan nearly escapes, but in the end the goons capture him
-Akiko Ninube arrives at the The Church of the First Blood looking for Rupert Cain. However, it appears that Rupert Cain has unexpectedly left Birmingham. He leaves a letter to Sarah and the deed to the Church to Rory, and implicitly the leadership of the Misfits. Rupert’s library and all other traces of his existence are gone

Session 19
The Inferno

-After the winter conclave of 1984, Rory Cooper spent some time in Norway, learning from the mages of The Circle. Upon his return, he sports a massive beard and long hair, marking his transition
-On the trail of the The Child of Night, Prof. Ethan Bell triangulates shallowings and finds a new one at a council housing estate
-Rory tries to give his friend Sharon Smith some money to help her with University, but she refuses. Not to be deterred, Rory has Sarah Giles hack the university and deposit money into Sharon’s account
-Ethan Bell and Sarah work together, using resonance from the shards of Skull of Ka’Lun, to track the familiar of the Child of Night
-Having found a hint of the creature, Rupert Cain sends his familiar, Nizzet, to track it. He follows it to the Council Housing estate that Ethan discovered earlier
-Rupert and Nicholas Black investigate the building, and discover the sanctum of Traveller – Traveller is phsyically present in the building, but appears to be astrally projecting
-Nick and Rupert summon the others to the building, but before they arrive, Traveller returns to his body
-Traveller accuses Rupert Cain of violating his sanctum, while Rupert accuses Traveller of possessing resonance similar to that of the Child of Night. After a tense stand-off, Traveller attacks Rupert Cain, and Rupert responds with a massive fireball that obliterates Traveller but also severely damages the building and its residents
-Surveying the wreckage for clues afterward, Ethan Bell discovers a shard of a Skull of Ka’Lun
-Nick has Mercury Jones send a message to the The Order of the Silver Flame, imploring them once again not to ignore the continued threat presented by The Child of Night
-Rory spends some time making a natural space in the The Church of the First Blood grounds, where he finds it much easier to commune with animals
-Nicholas Black is unexpectedly arrested for tax evasion, but he has Sarah and Ethan retroactively create tax records for him, and he is released
-The Misfits are surprised when all of the quintessence is removed from their node; they follow the resonance of their quintessence to Xanadu, where they find a young man removing people from Mr. Twist’s influence
-The Misfits talk to him for a bit and he introduces himself as William Wayne. Recognizing his immense raw power, they convince him to come back to the Church for safety and tutelage
-When they return to the Church, they find a large Technocracy response team waiting for them

Session 18
Wheeling and Dealing

-Nicholas Black bargains with Mr. Twist; Nicholas wants blackmail on important figures to help his bid for city council, and in exchange, when he gets elected, he’ll make sure that Mr. Twist doesn’t experience official disruptions
-Caswell Jones also helps Nicholas with his election campaign, providing contributions and campaigning, for… reasons
-Nick and Rupert Cain work together to further enhance the defenses of The Church of the First Blood
-Nick’s opponent for the City Council election is a retired school teacher named Lacey Marsh, who is also running on a platform of economic revitalization for the Gun Quarter
-Nick hires Woody and has him round up a crew to smash up his own campaign office
-Rupert studies the node to learn more about its past and mysteries
-Rory Cooper asks Boudica about his grandfather, and she agrees to research a permutation of the ritual used to induct individuals into the Order of the Sacred Grove, in order to look backwards through the bloodlines
-Prof. Ethan Bell arrives in Birmingham, and his colleague Karnacki, The Ghost-Taker introduces him to The Misfits. Bell pledges his expertise with dimensional science to The Misfits to assist them in their search for the Necromancer

Session 17
The Conclave

- The Misfits attend the quarterly Traditions Conclave, this time held at Elysium
-At the Conclave, the “The Ghostbusters” are officially acknowledged as a cabal by the Traditions of Birmingham
-The Conclave votes on whether or not to officially take action against The Child of Night; unfortunately, the belligerence of Traveller and the influence of Rangda on The Order of the Silver Flame mean the motion is defeated
-The finding of the Conclave, with Mercury Jones‘s testimonial, is that Rupert Cain is cleared of wrongdoing in the deaths of The Questors of the Sign, and that his actions against the The Ascension Warriors were justified
-However, this is another surprise in store for The Misfits. Rangda accuses David Joy of being a diabolist, and uses the Mirror of Revelations to show David Joy turning into a demon during the assault on The Prometheus Building. The charges and evidence against Joy are grave, and if he is found guilty he will have to submit to Gilgul, a terrible ritual that severs a mage from their avatar. David admits his guilt and willingly submits to the Gilgul ritual.
-Meanwhile, Rory Cooper has accompanied Boudica and The Emissary to the realm of The King of Winter to pay obeisance to him and bring him gifts such as Tass Mead. Things go awry when The King of Winter tells the humans that he will keep Birmingham in the grips of a terrible winter unless they return The Emissary to him, for he feels The Emissary was stolen from him. He graciously offers to accept another human child in place of The Emissary, but this is as unpalatable to the The Guardians of the Sacred Grove. Rory calls for Nicholas Black, who uses his spirit magic to join them. Nick helps Rory and Boudica negotiate for a trial by combat – Rory will battle The King of Winter’s lowliest soldier, and if Rory wins all the humans are free to go and the winter will stop. If Rory loses, The Emissary will have to stay with the King of Winter. Nick and Boudica spend all night enchanting Rory, and the next day Rory does battle with an Ice Giant on an ice floe, and bests him with a massive blow to the heart, echoing the act of his grandfather, Jack West. The humans return to Earth triumphantly, but not before The King of Winter curses Rory Cooper to be always cold.

Session 16
The Sermon

- The Misfits, Traveller, and Michael Hopkins go to McGillicuty’s Abattoir. There, Michael and the Misfits guard Traveller as he conducts a ritual to locate The Child of Night
-The Traveller is unable to locate the Child of Night; he claims she has fled deep into the Far Umbra, where he dare not follow
-Rupert Cain is not happy with this result; he resolves to leave a trap for The Child of Night. This procedure is complicated by the fact that it is already very late on Saturday night, and his ritual will take a long time. Cain first contacts Sarah Giles at the Church and has her leave a message on the Church gates, informing his parishioners that the day’s sermon has been cancelled. Then, to give him the energy he needs to perform magic through the night, Cain takes some cocaine, provided by Nicholas Black. Cain works through the night and into the morning to leave a spirtual trap for the Child of Night, a sort of bomb keyed to her resonance – if she tries to pierce the gauntlet at the shallowing in her sanctum, she will be blasted by an enormous explosion
-While Rupert Cain is casting his ritual, Rory Cooper and David Joy keep watch; they take turns sleeping in the car and watching the building. Meanwhile, Nicholas Black takes a shortcut through the Umbra to return to the Church, removes the sign, and performs Rupert’s sermon in his place; the parishioners are chary about it, but Nick performs an excellent service. Sarah encounters Nick, and he bribes her to keep quiet about what he is doing
-Rory wishes to know more about the giant Cymic, so he has David Joy take him to the The University of Birmingham to speak to Dr. Noah Fielding. Noah tells them a little bit about Cymic being the first son of Ymir, and his legacy of viciousness, but isn’t able to provide much insight. Rory asks for help reading the box the heart came in, but Noah can’t read the runes. He suggests Rory speaks to Dr. Sven Stieg, chair of the Scandinavian Studies department. Dr. Stieg is not available, so Rory and David cooperate to write him a letter that is, frankly, incomprehensible
-Rupert prepares his defense for the upcoming Tradition’s Conclave
-Rory is contacted by Woody, who tells him that John Bull has a job for them – the two meet Bulldog, who sends them to burn down a Chinese Dry cleaner – the young men make £2000

Session 15
Summoning Circle

-Jodi Alexson, having been tipped off by Nicholas Black to the charity provided by Rupert Cain to The Travelers, braves the storm to investigate the situation; instead of a human interest piece, however, she finds a murder scene
-Rory Cooper tells Jodi to call the police, but quickly reconsiders, and The Misfits work together to confuse Jodi into believing that the body she had seen was that of a goat, rather than a human
-The police send Officer Craig Rickitz to respond to Jodi’s call, but Rickitz’s poor opinion of women means the two officers are easily shooed away
-With all of the interlopers gone, the Misfits get down to investigating the murder; study of the demonic runes painted in blood indicates that the killing was a ritual murder dedicated to Ra’t’lahati, The Walker in Shadow. Spirit magic reveals that Garret’s spirit is missing
-The Misfits decided to go out for breakfast, but get stuck in the snow on the way
-Father Cain calls Traveller and Michael Hopkins to the The Church of the First Blood to help with The Child of Night
-In a meditative moment, The White Man teaches Rory how to grow thorns
-Father Cain summons The Walker in Shadow, and in exchange for information regarding The A.E.G.I.S. Project, learns that The Child of Night summoned Ra’t’lahati and ritually sacrificed Garret in exchange for a Skull of Ka’Lun
-Cain researches the Skulls of Ka’Lun in his library and learns that they are unique foci for spirit magic, and that there are only 12 of them in existence (now 11, after Cain destroyed one)
-Rory stops by his father’s home, and in a chest belonging to his grandfather, finds a false bottom. In the chest is an ornately carved box with an enormous heart in it. The runes claim the heart is that of the giant Cymic, Son of Ymir, who Rupert has heard of as a terrifying and powerful giant


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