Mage: The Gun Quarter

Session 39
Negotiation Breakdown

-Nicholas Black is invited to a charity function, which he agrees to attend.
-Rory Cooper starts building a “plant dispersal system” in his rooftop garden on the building across from The Church of the First Blood with the hopes of spreading his plants throughout the Gun Quarter.
-Akiko Ninube takes Master Jade to the Iron Dragon Monastery, so Master Iron can heal his mind. The monks of the monastery gather for a three day vigil, focusing their chi into Master Jade, who finally wakes from his coma. Still weak, he curses Akiko, revealing that the creature in The Child of Night‘s sanctum has robbed him of his memories of his family.
-Nick finally meets the mayor, and intimidates him, but the mayor tells him that he is now under the protection of Mac The Knife, and is unable to remove himself from it. Nick promises to return.
-Nick meets with a group known as The Founders at the Velvet Fog. The Founder reveal that they are the guiding hand behind Birmingham’s business and political world. Nicholas blows them away with his charm and financial savvy, and they quickly induct him into their group.
-Sarah Giles tracks a couple of likely locations for Mac the Knife, and Akiko checks them out.
-Akiko is visited in her dreams by Master Iron and is given some measure of peace and reassurance that Master Jade will recover fully and eventually give up his blame of Akiko.
-Akiko goes to Manchester on her motorcycle to rescue Woody
-Nick and Rory kidnap Mac the Knife to the Umbra. Nick attempts to convince Mac the Knife that a useful partnership is in their future, but the promises of Nick and Rory prove rather nebulous for the practical gangster. As such, negotiations break down and a brawl ensues, during which Mac is disemboweled by Shadow. Rory and Nick return to the church as minor banes begin to gather around the freshly departed spirit.
-Rory encounters Firelily Wainwright on the way to Samuel Singh‘s shop, the Treasure Trove, for an antique hat box, and invites her back to the Church. Fierily reveals she was looking for Rory to learn of the fate of the The Child of Night, and that she knew Rory would be on the street at that time, as she was told by an oracle named Sophie Charles.
-Back at the church, Firelily explains that The White Man has left The Travelers in search of the mythical wizard Merlin, who is said to be imprisoned in crystal. Firelily thinks he’s gone crazy and says she’s sort of in between places for now. Rory invites her to stay at the Church as long as she would like.
-Nick presents Mac’s head to the mayor in said hat box and informs him that the mayor now works for him. The mayor is suitably cowed, but is incredulous when Nick demands that the mayor also deed him his soul. However, the mayor eventually embraces the strangeness of the situation and accedes to all of Nick’s demands, including his supporting Nick in the upcoming mayoral elections and half of all of the holdings that the mayor has cheaply acquired during the city’s economic plight.
-The Misfits, Woody, and Firelily carouse the in plush basement quarters of the Church, with booze, marijuana, and no pants.

Session 38
The Rognavaldsson Gambit

- The Misfits return Akiko Ninube to her Technocratic holding cell, in order to liberate Nicholas Black, so he can complete his plan.
-The Misfits, sans Akiko, travel to Norway to track down the Nephandus Jon Rognavaldsson. Nicholas believes that if they can find and kill this Nephandi, they can capture his spirit and present it in The Child of Night‘s place. She accompanies them after Rory alters the appearance of her host to look exactly like David Joy.
-Rory Cooper establishes a mental link with Brynhildr, and then induces her to dream, so he can see her first encounter with Rognavaldsson. Rory then transmits the vision to Sarah Giles.
-With some difficulty, given she has only his image, Sarah tracks Rognavaldsson to a barren, and large, stretch of the North Atlantic.
-With the help of The Circle, The Misfits commission a fishing boat to help them trawl the Arctic waters and find Rognavaldsson.
-The Misfts eventually find The Black Berg, and encounter Tordor. Tordor flees into the tunnels and The Misfits give chase, but are stopped by an Ice Giant Zombie. Rory destroys the giant with his hammer, and the Misfits enter the tunnels.
-They encounter Tordor, who had been encased in ice by Sarah. Rory cracks the ice with his hammer, freeing the fox, and follows him down the tunnels to Rognavaldsson’s sanctum.
-Rory catches a glimpse of a narwhal escaping down a tunnel into the ocean. With split second decision making, Rory unleashes a previously held spell, life-rending the narwhal and exploding it into gory chunks.
-The Child of Night secures Rognavaldsson’s avatar before it can be reincarnated, and the Misfits ransack the sanctum. They take Jon Rognavaldsson’s Spirit Flask, his collection of books and scrolls, a polar bear rug, and some precious gems.
-The Misfits return to the Circle and deliver the good news: their enemy is dead.
-Rory sculpts a heart into a simulacrum of The Child of Night’s Phylactery. The Misfits gives the gems to the Circle, keeping the flask and books.
-The Misfits return to England, and Nick sends Woody and his crew off to Manchester to take in a football match and start some trouble (and build some civic pride while they’re at it, hoping to prevent their continued vandalism in Birmingham.)
-Meanwhile, Rory starts leading his cult in the building of a garden on the building across from the The Church of the First Blood.
-Under the supervision of Major Percival Price, Nick and Akiko observe the Extra Dimensional Psychic Containment Sterilization Procedure at The Prometheus Building.

Session 37
The Rangda Gambit

-The Misfits arrive back in Rangda‘s sanctum at the Keep in Elysium. Akiko Ninube tries to capture Azrael for leverage on Rangda, but is foiled by some innate entropy abilities of the familiar.
-Akiko petitions Mother Abigail to tend to Master Jade; Abigail tells her that while she can heal his physical wounds, he seems to have suffered grevious wounds of the mind as well, about which she can do nothing.
-Nicholas Black seeks out Proteus, but encounters his manservant, Walsingham instead – Walsingham tells Nicholas that Proteus has left strict instructions not to be disturbed although he does direct him to Mother Abigail, and provides Nicholas with a new suit.
-After much negotiation, The Misfits decide to give up The Child of Night’s Phylactery to Major Price and the Technocracy, and leave Elysium behind.
Nicholas claims to need the heart for a week to interrogate the Child of Night’s spirit.
-Akiko is to be a hostage for he Technocracy, until the Heart is remitted to them
-Michael Hopkins objects to the entire plan, but can see that he has been overruled.
-Nick deals with the Mammon Group, offering them the services of The Child of Night in exchange for demonic power.
-Nick gives the heart to Ava Frost and she arranges for The Child of Night to possess the body of a temp she dislikes in her law firm… He bargains with the Child of Night who agrees to serve Hell, seeing no other choice to preserve her unholy existence.
-The mud of the stygian shore not yet dry on their boots, The Misfits mount yet another assault on The Cathedral of Bone, this time in an effort to kill Rangda and imprison her essence within a duplicate phylactery.
-The Misfits fight their way through the perils of the Cathedral’s realm, and find it already changed to match Rangda’s essence. When they arrive at the Cathedral proper, however, they find bloodsoaked sand, and the contents of the Cathedral, including the Unhallowed Tome, and assorted other items, as well as a note saying only, “Misfits”. Rangda is nowhere to be found.
-Sarah goes to the Prometheus building to relieve Akiko but upon learning that Sarah will be the new hostage, Akiko refuses to leave, so Major Price sends Sarah on her way.
-Rory goes to The Mission House to check on Xien Tsu " Jade", but finds that the mental damage is beyond what he can easily heal.
-Nicholas relieves Akiko as a hostage, and Rory removes the Dim Mak on her so she won’t die, after discovering that it will be some time before Master Jade will be conscious again.

Session 36
The Cathedral of Bone

-Rory Cooper meets with his cult, and gives them a pep talk and some home work.
-Nicholas Black, at the monthly City Council meeting, tries to convince the council to invest money in the Gun Quarter. In service of his attempt, he has Gwendolyn Davies and her economic impact study. Sensing an opportunity to enrich themselves, the City Councilors approve the measure, but only in the aount of £40,000.
- The Misfits break into the Mayor’s house, and wait for him to return. Unfortunately, the Mayor does not return home that evening, and the Misfits leave the home as they found it, with no trace of their presence but note that the black condolence flowers sent to him by Nicholas Black sit in a vase in the mayor’s house…
-Nick hires a construction company called Sullivan and Sons to renovate the building across the way.
-Nick visits The Martyrs and asks for help concealing his pattern. While Mother Mary Victoria prays, Nick chats with Ro, who tells Nick that the Martyrs cannot leave Birmingham, as they currently find themselves embroiled in a back-and-forth war of propaganda. Nicholas tells them that it is likely the NWO Technocrat Susan Smith that is directing the effort against them.
-The Misfits prepare for the trip to the The Cathedral of Bone, enchanting themselves against the threats they expect to face and then go to Elysium.
-Per her agreement, Rangda takes the Misfits, Master Jade, and Michael Hopkins to the hidden location of The Cathedral of Bone, with the help of Azrael, the The Child of Night‘s former familiar.
-in the Underworld, the party encounters a band of BDC marines, led by Major Percival Price – their powerful sensor equipment led them to the sanctum of the Child of Night, who the Technocracy had identified as one of the top 3 threats to Birmingham and one of the top 12 threats to the Earth. Their plan is to storm the Cathedral, but Nick convinces them to hold off for the time being, while Master Jade scouts the area.
-Master Jade is gone for a long time, and after six hours, the two parties agree to enter the Cathedral of Bone and see what they can find. The magic of the Cathedral separates everyone and bedevils them, but eventually the Misfits are able to win through and regroup at a sinister lake, which has the Cathedral of Bone itself in an island at its centre. The lake is home to a ferryman – the BDC Marines don’t have any patience for the creature, and kick him into the lake and commandeer the boat for themselves. Unfortunately the heavy armor of the marines causes the boat to capsize, and all of the Technocrats but Major Price are lost. Akiko manages to reclaim the boat, and the rest of the party crosses the lake.
-Within the Cathedral of Bone, Master Jade is being mentally assaulted by a terrifying Far Umbral creature. With some difficulty, the beast is dispatched and Master Jade liberated. Within the creature, Nicholas finds a female human body, slowly forming around a shriveled black heart. Nicholas removes the heart, killing the body, but disturbingly, the heart continues to beat

Session 35
The Initiation

- The Misfits feast with the dwarves of the Stoneheart Tribe and Karl Magnusson, and Karl tells them about his travels through the 9 realms
-Karl tells the Misfits that before he returns to Asgard that he will visit all his co-conspirators; it will take some time
-Nicholas Black convinces Karl to take William Wayne under his wing as Karl is the only mage powerful and wise enough to be able to guide the young man. William agrees to this partnership and the two set off together.
-Rory Cooper initiates his cult
-Nicholas reviews Gwendolyn Davies‘s Economic Impact Study abstract, and writes a proposal for city council.
-Rory and Woody go to start some trouble at the Orangemen’s Day Demonstration to keep Woody’s promise to his IRA contacts.
-Akiko Ninube plays with Sarah’s new AI, Niv Mizzet and bests it in a strategy game.
-Rory spends some time at The Sacred Grove
-Nick has Sarah send a letter to The Non-Newtonian, letting her know that her services as a teacher for William Wayne are no longer required.
-Nick convinces Mercury Jones to talk to the other cabals in Birmingham about an ongoing quintessence exchange, offering Mercury a generous commission for every cabal with a node that he signs on.
-Akiko trains with Master Jade again, and almost manages to impress him.
-Nick meets Gwendolyn; she asks for his help on her thesis defense, which he agrees to do, and in return she offers to address her study at the city council meeting.

Session 34

-In the Crystal Caves that lead to the Bifrost Bridge, The Misfits and Brynhildr and Thrunn Halvar encounter three Sons of Fenris, undead and bound to the will of Jon Rognavaldsson. They put the wolves down and exorcise the tormented spirits within, but proceed with caution
-With Brynhildr to guide them, the Misfits easily arrive at Nidalveir, home of the Dwarves, but upon their arrival are at something of a loss
-eventually, Rory detects a number of living beings not too far from their position, deep under the earth, and the Misfits head in that direction
-Akiko Ninube finds a strange, but closed, aperture in the earth
-Rory magically compels a dwarf to check out the hole , and eventually a small squad of Dwarven warriors arrive
-The warriors take the Misfits to Erik Shieldbreaker, leader of the Stoneheart tribe. The Misfits try to convince him that they are allies of Karl Magnusson, but Erik is suspicious. Eventually, Nick offers himself up as a hostage in return for the trust of the dwarves. Finally, Erik tells him that at the last clan moot, Karl had indicated that he was going to travel to Asgard, to seek Odin’s approval for pursuing the Dwarven rebellion on Svartalfheim
-Rory and Akiko are set upon travelling to Asgard to seek Karl’s aid; Brynhildr strenuously advises against such a course of action, but the Misfits are adamant. Both Thrunn and Brynhildr are impressed by their bravery, dubbing them honorary members of The Circle, granting them the right to keep the weapons that Thrunn had given them
-Rory and Akiko travel alone on the Bifrost Bridge – fortunately, Asgard is easy to find, being the pinnacle of the bridge
-the two are stopped by Hemidall, Guardian of Asgard, who refuses to let them past. Akiko attempts to sneak by him, but is unsuccessful
-Akiko and Rory debate various methods of gaining entry into Asgard, and are on the verge of leaving, when a mysterious stranger arrives and offers them entrance to Asgard in exchange for an undefined future service
-Rory determines that the stranger is likelyLoki, and is inherently mistrustful of an open ended promise to him. As a counter argument, he offers Akiko entrance into Asgard and even escorting to Karl Magnusson if she agrees to kill Erik Stoneheart and make it look like Snorri was responsible. Akiko agrees
-Loki shrinks Akiko down, and takes her to Karl Magnusson. Unfortunately, he also befuddles her language, so she can not communicate with Karl. Akiko has some training with Mind magic, however, and hopes Karl does as well – she thinks at him as hard as she is able. Karl gives her a stone inscribed with a futhark rune, and asks her to give it to Rory, telling her that he can be contacted by means of this stone. Loki is somewhat put out by the fact that the two mortals got around his prank so easily, but takes it in stride
-Before returning Akiko to the Bifrost, Loki asks her if she would like to share his bed. Thrill-seeker that she is, Akiko agrees, and her prowess causes Loki to become somewhat smitten with her. He tells her that she is welcome to return to Asgard at any time, and even shows her some of the secret passages in Asgard known only to him
-Rory uses to stone to speak to Karl Magnusson, and eventually convince him to come to Nidalveir to vouch for them and have the dwarves release Nick. Karl is reluctant at first, fearing that leaving now would set back his negotiations with Odin too much, but he eventually agrees when Rory convinces him that Nick can help with the negotiations, and the Misfits pledge themselves to Karl’s cause

Session 33
Trail of Breadcrumbs

- The Misfits and friends reach Svartalfheim, and with the Sounding Horn, Nicholas Black convinces King Alfred to admit them with the promise of great tribute – they offer Rory‘s Frost Giant heart and 10 pawns of tass
-King Alfred disavows all knowledge of Karl Magnusson’s recent movements, but does admit that he is a great friends of the Dark Elves, having once aided them in repelling an attack by the Fire Giant Surtur
-Nick convinces King Alfred to show them his greatest smith – the dwarf known as Snorri. Snorri also disavows knowledge of Karl Magnusson, but his behaviour makes it clear that he is lying. The Misfits convince King Alfred to allow them to see Snorri’s forge, and in private, Snorri admits that he has seen Karl recently. According to Snorri, the dwarves of Svartalfheim were captured in a raid by Dark Elves millenia ago, and brought back to Svartalfheim to serve as indentured servants. All of the weapons created by Snorri and his kin must be enchanted to pass harmlessly through Dark Elves. Thus, Karl Magnusson has gone to Nidalveir, home of the Dwarves, to collect real weapons so that the Dwarves of Svartalfheim can rise up and win their freedom from the dark elves. Snorri takes a liking to Akiko Ninube and gifts a figurine of a dwarf forged from iron
-The Misfits return to earth, because Akiko risks being killed by Master Jade‘s Dim Mak if they do not return soon
-They return to Birmingham on July 4th, so Woody puts on a fireworks show in Nick’s honour
- The Martyrs arrive at The Church of the First Blood and asks the Misfits to stay out of their way while they prepare to have the Church appear to be destroyed with all of its inhabitant and deal with the media afterwards
-After the Church has been destroyed, The Martyrs offer to create an alternate identity for Rory, but he prefers to live “off the grid” for the time being
-some sub-contractors for the Mammon Group arrive at the Church, and assist Nick in increasing the Arcane rating of the Church, as well as unlocking more of his own demonic essence
-Akiko reconnects with Mercury Jones. Her high Arcane rating makes her an excellent assassin, but makes relationships difficult to pursue
-Nick finally gets in touch with Karnacki, The Ghost-Taker, who apologizes for being incommunicado – he and The Doctor were devoting their energy to preparing Michael Hopkins for his upcoming trip to The Cathedral of Bone – but he tells Nick that his colleague, The Non-Newtonian, is an unparalleled master of Prime Energy
-Nick writes a letter to The Non-Newtonian, asking her if she would be willing to help William Wayne mask his magical energies. Akiko’s avatar/boon companion Chojidelivers the letter
-Akiko trains with Master Jade, but has a set-back during meditation practice
-Nick asks Rory to create a fast-healing salve, “just in case”. Unbeknownst to Rory, Nick administers the spell to Denton Hull, as his severe injuries were making Nick’s rehabilitation program take too long
-Nicholas recalls that when he was at The Serpent Society‘s Reading Room, he had promised the spirit of Milly Chapel they would be able to be together soon, and convinced her to inhabit a skull. Nick casually feeds Milly’s soul to the Spirit of the Church of the First Blood, increasing its power but irrevocably destroying her in the process
-Nick asks Woody to start to spread rumours about “someone” (i.e. Mac The Knife cleaning up Bulldog’s former lieutenants (young men like Rory, Denton, and Timmins)
-The Misfits return to Oslo, and prepare to visit Nidalveir, home of the Dwarves, in their quest to find Karl Magnusson

Session 32
Leaving Elysium

-in Elysium, The Misfits encounter outriders of the Blackmane Tribe of Centaurs. The Blackmane are bellicose, and seem to refuse to let the mages pass, but upon learning that they are there to take William Wayne, the Blackmane relent, in exchange for tribute
-Rory Cooper summons a raven to help him scout the terrain of Elysium. Eventually Rory’s raven guides the Misfits to William’s camp – a small copse of trees surrounded by centaur skulls on poles
-Within, they encounter William himself. William is sitting in front of a fire, wearing a loincloth, his face and body covered in warpaint, and sharing his fire with a dryad
-William seems content to stay in the forest with his dryads, but eventually Nick convinces William that he only has his best interests at heart, and is not interested in controlling him. William will only leave if his dryads are protected from the predations of the Blackmane centaurs, however
-Rory helps set up a ward around the forest against centaurs, but Nick takes a different tack. He summons a pair of powerful nature spirits known as The Twins, and grants them dominion over all they survey
-Jack stayed behind in Elsyium – she cashed in a favour and used the opportunity to study fire magic with Allende the Pyromancer
-Nick tries to convince Proteus that The Covenant of the Fleur-De-Lis should act as a quintessence bank, but Proteus protests that he has neither the influence with the chantry nor any interest to undertake such a project
-Rory, Nick, and Will make a point of flipping off Proteus before returning to earth
-Akiko asks Mercury Jones to teach her how to ride a motorcycle. He agrees, but the first lesson gets off to a shaky start
-Rory and Jack travel to Oslo to meet The Circle
-Nick, Akiko, and Will go to The Mission House and speak to Mother Mary Victoria, asking her if she would be willing to teach Wayne how to hide his power. She agrees, but only on the condition that he plegdes not to engage in any licentious behaviour. William is reluctant to agree, and Nick is disgusted on his behalf, so they decline. Nick and Mother Mary also make arrangements for the Misfits’ looming death day
-Akiko remembers The Colloquium‘s experiment, and wonders if it might have had something to do with Prime. If so, she thinks, perhaps a member of The Colloquium can teach William to hide his powers. The Misfits leave a message for Karnacki, The Ghost-Taker at McGillicutty’s
-Nick and Akiko join Rory and Jack in Norway
-The Misfits and The Circle enjoy a feast, and Akiko and Brynhildr bond over brawling. Rory convinces Brynhildr and Ingvald the Skald to join the Misfits on their trip to Svartalfheim to search for Karl Magnusson and Brynhildr leads them to the Circle’s gate to the Bifrost bridge

Session 31
99 Problems, Plus 1

-Rory Cooper picks up some heirlooms and mementos from his father’s house, in preparation for his impending fake death.
-Nicholas Black summons Mercury Jones, and asks him to contact the The Order of the Silver Flame regarding William Wayne; Mercury says that coincidentally, Rangda wishes to speak to him as well.
-Nick sends a bouquet of black roses to the mayor anonymously, with a note offering condolences for the death of his cousin.
-Rory and Jack O’Shadows go on a date and enjoy the back of the hearse.
-Akiko invites Kaneda Takeshi to Rory’s birthday party, and Sarah Giles invites Mel Chow. The skinheads at the party are somewhat disturbed by the presence of people of different ethnicities, but eventually they are enveloped by Akiko’s Arcane, and no one seems to pay them too much mind.
-Alice Wright shows up at the party and makes a scene; Rory restrains himself, and gets her to leave without too much incident. Part of Alice’s complaint comes from the fact that Rory badly beat Denton Hull, the provider for the small family consisting of Denton, Alice, and her child (who may or may not be Rory’s). Since Nick has taken Denton under his wing, he discreetly provides Alice with £1000, which she is definitely not too proud to take.
-Akiko trains with Master Jade who impresses upon her that her sword is nothing more than a crutch.
-Nick meets The Serpent Society in London and is inducted as a neonate, and Giovanni Lavi promises to see personally to his tutelage.
- The Misfits travel to Elysium to try to convince William Wayne to come back to Earth; there, Nick negotiates with Rangda, who promises she will divulge the location of The Cathedral of Bone in exchange for the contents therein. Nick instead convinces her instead to accept the realm itself, but the Misfits get all the contents.

Session 30
Bulldog Must Die!

-Nicholas Black convinces Lacey Marsh to aid him in reforming Denton Hull; Lacey’s generosity and love of teaching make her agree readily.
-Nick visits Ava Frost in London to talk about the Death Battery, and asks for her vote in increasing his shares with the Mammon Group, to which she agrees.
-Returning from The Sacred Grove, Rory Cooper runs into a strange man who seems to know him quite well. Calling himself Bram, the strange man tells Rory not to “get too close to the girl”, but refuses to elaborate further before disappearing mysteriously.
-Akiko Ninube visits Master Jade, who has taken up residence at Boo’s dojo. Jade performs the Dim Mak on her, and tells her to return in 7 days, lest the death touch kill her on the 8th day – if he discovers her chakras are unblocked, he promises to kill her swiftly himself.
-Having been told about Nick’s nature by Karen Allen’s mother, and cautioned by Father Cain not to trust him, Sarah Giles becomes concerned about what Nick will do with the Death Battery. She calls Karnacki and convinces him that she will be taking the Battery on Nick’s behalf, and begins monitoring Nick’s movements as well.
-Back at the Church, Rory spends time working with a particular raven, making it smarter and teaching it to say corn. He decides to name the raven Thomas.
-Nick meets with Giovanni Lavi, a representative of The Serpent Society, who is waiting in Nick’s office. Mr. Lavi explains that Nick’s actions have caught the attention of the Society and he invites Nick to join the organization.
-Rory asks Woody to organize a big “birthday” party at The World’s End.
- The Misfits decide to build a time ward around The Church of the First Blood.
-Nick calls Karnacki, The Ghost-Taker to discuss picking up the ghost battery and learns that Sarah has said that she would take the battery in his place. Fearing that Sarah may circumvent his deal with Mammon Group, Nick rents a truck and takes possession of the battery immediately before delivering the Death Battery to Ava Frost in London.
-Sarah spies on the Mammon Group building in London, but is unable to penetrate the wards. In the process, however, she discovers the building is full of negative energy.
-Nick contacts Susan Smith about cooperating against T-13, but Smith is evasive.
-Akiko and Rory visit John Honold.
-A representative of Mammon Group visits Nick and tells him about the surveillance Sarah has them under; Nick confronts Sarah, warning of the consequences in interfering with Hell’s affairs and she stops.
-Nick and Sarah go to visit Prof. Ethan Bell, but find him dead on his apartment floor, his brain apparently removed through a fist-sized hole in the back of his head.
-Nick, Akiko, and Sarah go clothes shopping for the party.
-Rory goes to visit Simon the Bookie and asks for advice about John Bull and his gangs.
-Rory then calls “Bunk” to ask about what he knows about John Bull, and in particular Bulldog. Bunk “doesn’t” tell Rory about a connection between Bulldog and the mayor.
-Rory convinces Akiko to kill Bulldog, who is currently in police custody. Akiko breaks into the police station and locates Bulldog’s cell, but decides she can’t kill him without getting detected afterwards and leaves.
-Rory makes some poison for Akiko’s knife, to ensure that Bulldog will die quickly and quietly. Akiko sneaks back in, and just according to plan, makes quick work of Bulldog. However, when she is sneaking out, she is spotted by Officer Nigel Wright, who raises the alarm. After a hair-raising flight, Akiko manages to escape and everyone gets away.
-Upon hearing of Bulldog’s death, Nick summons his spirit and compels him to tell him the truth of who he works for. Bulldog reveals that he is the cousin of Birmingham’s mayor, who has a vested interested in the Gun Quarter, and has been using the guise of John Bull to spur the skinhead gangs into attacking carefully chosen targets to advance his agenda.
-Sarah does some financial flim-flam under Nick’s direction to make it look like the mayor has misappropriated funds from the city.


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