Mage: The Gun Quarter

Session 45

-Rory Cooper takes his premiere disciple, Emma Windsor, Christmas shopping to buy gifts for Jack O’Shadows, The Emissary, and the Sons of Odin. Emma balks at this domestic task, but her mood is ameliorated when Rory promises to take her to The Sacred Grove – Emma acquiesces, and helps Rory pick good gifts
-At the Grove, a miscommunication leads to an encounter with a bear. Fortunately, Rory keeps his cool, and discovers the bear is Boudica, her protective instincts kicking into overdrive
-Emma is enchanted by the Grove, but remembers only vague impressions of her time there. She is sent to spend some time with the Commune
-Art Valentine travels to the Grove as well
-Nicholas Black donates 5,000 pounds to John Honold‘s gym
-Nick gives Rudy McKenna a bottle of fine scotch, and asks him what he plans to do with his life – Rudy is evasive on that score. Nick also gifts Akiko Ninube’s motorcycle to Woody. Woody thinks the bike is awesome, even if he can’t quite remember why
-On the way to the conclave, Rory is stopped by Abraham Gideon Hawthorne, who asks Rory to get him access to the Blood Witch Rangda
-At the Conclave, The Round Table are officially recognized as a cabal of the Church of the First Blood
-Rory talks to Rangda and Alison “Ally” Graves; Art talks to Karnacki, The Ghost-Taker and Proteus
-Art and Martin work on optimizing the wards at The Church of the First Blood
-Rory consults about his future with the Seer. However, the answers are vague as always, and Rory has a nightmare when he tries to divine the future himself
-NIck travels to London to grant Ava Frost some deeds to properties in the Gun Quarter, which will soon go up in value. He also asks her to put out some feelers for The Holy Grail

Session 44
The Mists of Camelot

-Art Valentine and Martin arrive at the The Church of the First Blood on a slushy December Day; Rory Cooper welcomes them with less than open arms, but after learning that their intentions are good, allows them to stay. Upon his return, Nicholas Black echoes Rory’s invitation
-Nick and Rory purchase some white vans and walkie talkies, so that the growing gang that the Sons of Odin are the nucleus of can remain mobile and in contact
-Rory enlists the help of his cousin (although unbeknownst to the cousin, who believes Rory to be dead), to spy on the Technocracy, as he is a janitor at The Prometheus Building
-Rory starts developing a technique to spread mass misery and suffering around the Prometheus Building, using Jon Rognavaldsson‘s library as a resource
-Rory tries to buy some chickens for his ritual, but has some difficulty. Instead he summons some dogs and asks the Sons of Odin to take care of them
-Martin becomes invisible and stalks Nick to try and gain information about the man
-Rory stakes out the Prometheus Building and sees Susan Smith going in, but not going back out again
-Nick asks Patrick O’Sea for an anvil, to aid Art Valentine in his blacksmithing
-Rory and the Sons conduct a ritual to make their dogs healthier and more vital
-Art talks to the Misfits about the nature of their node and it’s history

Session 43

-Rory Cooper and Akiko Ninube have some terse negotiations regarding Kaneda Takeshi‘s activities
-as a result, Akiko and Kaneda make it a mission to beat up as many skinheads as they can
-Nicholas Black ask for Sarah Giles’s help legitimizing some of his investments, after the forensic audit, but this work is interrupted when Sarah is contacted by Lord Greymane, who tells her that Iteration-X is looking for the Firemind (Sarah’s online alter-ego)
-Sarah finds an It-X datacrawler, and dismantling it, finds a video file from E.V.A., inviting her to a meeting at the Spy’s Demise
-Sarah, joined by Nick, meets E.V.A., and learns that the Technocracy are currently holding a recently awakened Mel Chow – E.V.A. intends to induct the girl into her consciousness-matrix, but offers the superior Firemind the chance to spare Mel Chow by taking her place
-Sarah, determined to rescue her friends, mobilizes The Misfits, informing them that she intends to rescue Mel, and that time is short. Both Nick and Rory hesitantly agree to Sarah’s plan, while Akiko registers her disapproval
-Sarah enlists the aid of Alison “Ally” Graves and the Knights of the Cyber-Brotherhood to assault The Prometheus Building‘s cyber-security when given the signal by Niv Mizzet
-Nick has Woody organize a riot as well
-Sarah secrets her virus on her person, and enters The Prometheus Building
-T-13 takes Sarah deep into the basement of the building, and tries to hook her into E.V.A.’s neural net, but Sarah instead implants her virus and things in the Prometheus Building go hay-wire
-The Misfits bust into the building, and Akiko teleports to Sarah’s location. Unfortunately, the terrifying T-13 proves to be too much for Akiko, who is too focused on rescuing Sarah, and it kills the ninja
-Nick and Rory fight the highly trained security forces of the Prometheus building, trying to save Sarah, while down below Sarah tries to escape T-13 but is swiftly strangled into unconsciousness
-A heavily wounded guard explodes a grenade at close-quarters to Rory, gravely injuring him at the expense of his own life
-Nick, unable to be harmed by the security forces in the building but also unable to harm them, manages to transport Rory and Sarah into the Umbra. He takes the badly wounded Rory back to the The Church of the First Blood
-When Nick returns to the Prometheus Building, he finds BDC Marines on site, in the Umbra, combing the area. By summoning minor spirits to distract them, he gets into the building and recovers Sarah’s unconscious form. Unfortunately, he has to endure a gauntlet of plasma bolts as he escapes the building, and a hail of bullets as he returns to Earth. Although Nick is unharmed, the sheer concentration of fire is too much for Sarah, and she perishes in Nick’s arms

Session 42
Sin City

-Rory Cooper visits the The Sacred Grove, hoping to find some answers about his future
-Nicholas Black visits the The Martyrs to smooth things over
-Rory and Jack O’Shadows have a fight regarding his frequent absences, but he makes it up to her
-Nick is called away to London, to assist Ava Frost with a forensic audit
-Akiko Ninube convinces The Misfits to go to Las Vegas to meet with the Gold Dragons and propose Nick’s tass trading scheme
-The Misfits negotiate with Toru Shikeshi, at a rate of 3 tass to 1, with delivery in units of 10
-Toru gifts The Misfits some chips for The Labyrinth, the casino that is the home base for the Gold Dragons, and Rory, Akiko, Sarah and Jack have some fun
-The Quartet hit the strip, gambling legitimately at some casinos and cheating shamelessly in others, and treat themselves to a nice meal
-Sarah teleports The Misfits to Paris, to do some shopping with their gambling earnings, and buys herself a very expensive pair of boots. Then, Sarah being bristling with paradox from all the teleporting, the group takes the ferry back to England

Session 41

-On the bank holiday, Rory Cooper and Akiko Ninube finally spar after Rory turns Akiko into a man so he can hit her without guilt.
-After Akiko knocks Rory out during their bout, Akiko wants to take full advantage of her temporary situation, and enlists Firelily Wainwright to do so.
-After the Bank Holiday, Nicholas Black bullies his way into a meeting with the Police Commissioner, and provides him with data generated by Sarah in order to increase the success of police operations.
-Akiko, seeking assistance in building a tea house, searches for Kaneda Takeshi. Unable to find him, she breaks into his temporary residence at the Spirit of Dragon Dojo and leaves him a note, which is completely normal social etiquette for Akiko.
-Nicholas conducts a ritual to improve Shadow. At night in the city graveyard, Nicholas summons spirits of the dead and shreds them apart, feeding their energies into his familiar.
-Bored and looking for excitement, Akiko and Firelily steal Rory’s underpants, replacing them with panties just before a big ritual he is to conduct.
-Rory invites the Sons of Odin to participate in a grand ritual to expand their consciousnesses, and connect them to that which has gone before, and that which shall come again, after he goes underwear shopping.
-The following day, Rory casts a spell to make Akiko and Firelily grow moustaches.
- The Misfits have a little part at The World’s End pub, with Mercury Jones, Kaneda, Firelily, Alison “Ally” Graves, and Ro. Mercury reveals that Nicholas has been outbid by Elysium to kibosh his tass trading plans as revenge for The Misfit’s activities in Elysium.
-Sophie Charles visits the The Church of the First Blood to participate in Rory’s ritual, and sees a vision of Rory murdering her.

Session 40

-Rory Cooper induces a dream-state in order to divine the future, and dreams of world made of metal and a woman with long dark hair
-Nicholas Black invites Sarah Giles to the “Plates for the Homeless” Charity function he was invited to, and takes her shopping so she can make a good impression
- The Misfits convene, and pay a visit to The Mission House
-Rory meets with Sophie Charles, and asks about a dire future that he has been warned about, but is unable to pay the price for Sophie to use her oracular powers
-Akiko Ninube, on the other hand, pays the price, and learns that Master Jade would agree to her plan if Akiko to defeat the Ninube if she shoulders more of the risk
-Between the research of Sarah, the advice of the Founders, and input from Woody, Nicholas learns about Mac The Knife‘s four lieutenants, who are vying for power in the power-vacuum caused by his death: Matty Yaeger, Lonnie Guest, Robert St. Pierre (A.K.A. Frenchie), and Kelly King
-Rory bonds Thomas, making him his familiar
-At the “Plates for the Homeless” event, Nicholas sees his friend Doug Lincoln, who is the de facto leader of the Founders, and the new owner of the Velvet Fog
-Nicholas Black and his charming lady-friend make an excellent impression on Birmingham’s high society types, even if Sarah does get rather drunk
-The Misfits gift ten pawns of tass to the [[| The Triptych aka The Ghostbusters]] in order to assist them in their leyline sculpting – although the gesture is somewhat overshadowed by Rory and Michael Hopkins disagreeing on what exactly constitutes a witch
-Rory worgs into Thomas and invites Sophie to his sanctum in order to perform a divination in his way

Session 39
Negotiation Breakdown

-Nicholas Black is invited to a charity function, which he agrees to attend.
-Rory Cooper starts building a “plant dispersal system” in his rooftop garden on the building across from The Church of the First Blood with the hopes of spreading his plants throughout the Gun Quarter.
-Akiko Ninube takes Master Jade to the Iron Dragon Monastery, so Master Iron can heal his mind. The monks of the monastery gather for a three day vigil, focusing their chi into Master Jade, who finally wakes from his coma. Still weak, he curses Akiko, revealing that the creature in The Child of Night‘s sanctum has robbed him of his memories of his family.
-Nick finally meets the mayor, and intimidates him, but the mayor tells him that he is now under the protection of Mac The Knife, and is unable to remove himself from it. Nick promises to return.
-Nick meets with a group known as The Founders at the Velvet Fog. The Founder reveal that they are the guiding hand behind Birmingham’s business and political world. Nicholas blows them away with his charm and financial savvy, and they quickly induct him into their group.
-Sarah Giles tracks a couple of likely locations for Mac the Knife, and Akiko checks them out.
-Akiko is visited in her dreams by Master Iron and is given some measure of peace and reassurance that Master Jade will recover fully and eventually give up his blame of Akiko.
-Akiko goes to Manchester on her motorcycle to rescue Woody
-Nick and Rory kidnap Mac the Knife to the Umbra. Nick attempts to convince Mac the Knife that a useful partnership is in their future, but the promises of Nick and Rory prove rather nebulous for the practical gangster. As such, negotiations break down and a brawl ensues, during which Mac is disemboweled by Shadow. Rory and Nick return to the church as minor banes begin to gather around the freshly departed spirit.
-Rory encounters Firelily Wainwright on the way to Samuel Singh‘s shop, the Treasure Trove, for an antique hat box, and invites her back to the Church. Fierily reveals she was looking for Rory to learn of the fate of the The Child of Night, and that she knew Rory would be on the street at that time, as she was told by an oracle named Sophie Charles.
-Back at the church, Firelily explains that The White Man has left The Travelers in search of the mythical wizard Merlin, who is said to be imprisoned in crystal. Firelily thinks he’s gone crazy and says she’s sort of in between places for now. Rory invites her to stay at the Church as long as she would like.
-Nick presents Mac’s head to the mayor in said hat box and informs him that the mayor now works for him. The mayor is suitably cowed, but is incredulous when Nick demands that the mayor also deed him his soul. However, the mayor eventually embraces the strangeness of the situation and accedes to all of Nick’s demands, including his supporting Nick in the upcoming mayoral elections and half of all of the holdings that the mayor has cheaply acquired during the city’s economic plight.
-The Misfits, Woody, and Firelily carouse the in plush basement quarters of the Church, with booze, marijuana, and no pants.

Session 38
The Rognavaldsson Gambit

- The Misfits return Akiko Ninube to her Technocratic holding cell, in order to liberate Nicholas Black, so he can complete his plan.
-The Misfits, sans Akiko, travel to Norway to track down the Nephandus Jon Rognavaldsson. Nicholas believes that if they can find and kill this Nephandi, they can capture his spirit and present it in The Child of Night‘s place. She accompanies them after Rory alters the appearance of her host to look exactly like David Joy.
-Rory Cooper establishes a mental link with Brynhildr, and then induces her to dream, so he can see her first encounter with Rognavaldsson. Rory then transmits the vision to Sarah Giles.
-With some difficulty, given she has only his image, Sarah tracks Rognavaldsson to a barren, and large, stretch of the North Atlantic.
-With the help of The Circle, The Misfits commission a fishing boat to help them trawl the Arctic waters and find Rognavaldsson.
-The Misfts eventually find The Black Berg, and encounter Tordor. Tordor flees into the tunnels and The Misfits give chase, but are stopped by an Ice Giant Zombie. Rory destroys the giant with his hammer, and the Misfits enter the tunnels.
-They encounter Tordor, who had been encased in ice by Sarah. Rory cracks the ice with his hammer, freeing the fox, and follows him down the tunnels to Rognavaldsson’s sanctum.
-Rory catches a glimpse of a narwhal escaping down a tunnel into the ocean. With split second decision making, Rory unleashes a previously held spell, life-rending the narwhal and exploding it into gory chunks.
-The Child of Night secures Rognavaldsson’s avatar before it can be reincarnated, and the Misfits ransack the sanctum. They take Jon Rognavaldsson’s Spirit Flask, his collection of books and scrolls, a polar bear rug, and some precious gems.
-The Misfits return to the Circle and deliver the good news: their enemy is dead.
-Rory sculpts a heart into a simulacrum of The Child of Night’s Phylactery. The Misfits gives the gems to the Circle, keeping the flask and books.
-The Misfits return to England, and Nick sends Woody and his crew off to Manchester to take in a football match and start some trouble (and build some civic pride while they’re at it, hoping to prevent their continued vandalism in Birmingham.)
-Meanwhile, Rory starts leading his cult in the building of a garden on the building across from the The Church of the First Blood.
-Under the supervision of Major Percival Price, Nick and Akiko observe the Extra Dimensional Psychic Containment Sterilization Procedure at The Prometheus Building.

Session 37
The Rangda Gambit

-The Misfits arrive back in Rangda‘s sanctum at the Keep in Elysium. Akiko Ninube tries to capture Azrael for leverage on Rangda, but is foiled by some innate entropy abilities of the familiar.
-Akiko petitions Mother Abigail to tend to Master Jade; Abigail tells her that while she can heal his physical wounds, he seems to have suffered grevious wounds of the mind as well, about which she can do nothing.
-Nicholas Black seeks out Proteus, but encounters his manservant, Walsingham instead – Walsingham tells Nicholas that Proteus has left strict instructions not to be disturbed although he does direct him to Mother Abigail, and provides Nicholas with a new suit.
-After much negotiation, The Misfits decide to give up The Child of Night’s Phylactery to Major Price and the Technocracy, and leave Elysium behind.
Nicholas claims to need the heart for a week to interrogate the Child of Night’s spirit.
-Akiko is to be a hostage for he Technocracy, until the Heart is remitted to them
-Michael Hopkins objects to the entire plan, but can see that he has been overruled.
-Nick deals with the Mammon Group, offering them the services of The Child of Night in exchange for demonic power.
-Nick gives the heart to Ava Frost and she arranges for The Child of Night to possess the body of a temp she dislikes in her law firm… He bargains with the Child of Night who agrees to serve Hell, seeing no other choice to preserve her unholy existence.
-The mud of the stygian shore not yet dry on their boots, The Misfits mount yet another assault on The Cathedral of Bone, this time in an effort to kill Rangda and imprison her essence within a duplicate phylactery.
-The Misfits fight their way through the perils of the Cathedral’s realm, and find it already changed to match Rangda’s essence. When they arrive at the Cathedral proper, however, they find bloodsoaked sand, and the contents of the Cathedral, including the Unhallowed Tome, and assorted other items, as well as a note saying only, “Misfits”. Rangda is nowhere to be found.
-Sarah goes to the Prometheus building to relieve Akiko but upon learning that Sarah will be the new hostage, Akiko refuses to leave, so Major Price sends Sarah on her way.
-Rory goes to The Mission House to check on Xien Tsu " Jade", but finds that the mental damage is beyond what he can easily heal.
-Nicholas relieves Akiko as a hostage, and Rory removes the Dim Mak on her so she won’t die, after discovering that it will be some time before Master Jade will be conscious again.

Session 36
The Cathedral of Bone

-Rory Cooper meets with his cult, and gives them a pep talk and some home work.
-Nicholas Black, at the monthly City Council meeting, tries to convince the council to invest money in the Gun Quarter. In service of his attempt, he has Gwendolyn Davies and her economic impact study. Sensing an opportunity to enrich themselves, the City Councilors approve the measure, but only in the aount of £40,000.
- The Misfits break into the Mayor’s house, and wait for him to return. Unfortunately, the Mayor does not return home that evening, and the Misfits leave the home as they found it, with no trace of their presence but note that the black condolence flowers sent to him by Nicholas Black sit in a vase in the mayor’s house…
-Nick hires a construction company called Sullivan and Sons to renovate the building across the way.
-Nick visits The Martyrs and asks for help concealing his pattern. While Mother Mary Victoria prays, Nick chats with Ro, who tells Nick that the Martyrs cannot leave Birmingham, as they currently find themselves embroiled in a back-and-forth war of propaganda. Nicholas tells them that it is likely the NWO Technocrat Susan Smith that is directing the effort against them.
-The Misfits prepare for the trip to the The Cathedral of Bone, enchanting themselves against the threats they expect to face and then go to Elysium.
-Per her agreement, Rangda takes the Misfits, Master Jade, and Michael Hopkins to the hidden location of The Cathedral of Bone, with the help of Azrael, the The Child of Night‘s former familiar.
-in the Underworld, the party encounters a band of BDC marines, led by Major Percival Price – their powerful sensor equipment led them to the sanctum of the Child of Night, who the Technocracy had identified as one of the top 3 threats to Birmingham and one of the top 12 threats to the Earth. Their plan is to storm the Cathedral, but Nick convinces them to hold off for the time being, while Master Jade scouts the area.
-Master Jade is gone for a long time, and after six hours, the two parties agree to enter the Cathedral of Bone and see what they can find. The magic of the Cathedral separates everyone and bedevils them, but eventually the Misfits are able to win through and regroup at a sinister lake, which has the Cathedral of Bone itself in an island at its centre. The lake is home to a ferryman – the BDC Marines don’t have any patience for the creature, and kick him into the lake and commandeer the boat for themselves. Unfortunately the heavy armor of the marines causes the boat to capsize, and all of the Technocrats but Major Price are lost. Akiko manages to reclaim the boat, and the rest of the party crosses the lake.
-Within the Cathedral of Bone, Master Jade is being mentally assaulted by a terrifying Far Umbral creature. With some difficulty, the beast is dispatched and Master Jade liberated. Within the creature, Nicholas finds a female human body, slowly forming around a shriveled black heart. Nicholas removes the heart, killing the body, but disturbingly, the heart continues to beat


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