Mage: The Gun Quarter

Session 59
Sarah Returns

-Under the supervision of Jezebel the Wandering Witch and Father Parker Rose, Art Valentine, Rory Cooper, and Nicholas Black use the Holy Grail to bring Sarah Giles back to life
-Art puts some anti-magic wards around New Camelot
-Karnacki, The Ghost-Taker approached art with a plan to deal with The Lurker At The Threshold, but it requires a dark act to take place in The Church of the First Blood to distract the spirit
-Nick asks for three days to try a different method to capture the Lurker
-Rory ask Emma Windsor for some advice on how to be a woman
-Art arranges to have Thrunn Halvar start creating one suit of armer a month
-Sarah finally gets around to doing Nick’s taxes, after neglecting them for almost a year
-Nick gets another soul from another member of The Founders, Paul Wilson, with Rory’s help
-At City Council, Art and Nick convince the council to order Carbine Security to ease their scrutiny and only detain people on probable cause
-Nick tries to sneak up on the Lurker with the help of Art, Rory, and Shadow, but the spirit evades them
-Eventually Nick manages to find a way to sneak up on the Lurker, and overwhelms its spirit, trapping it in The Spirit Flask
-At the Conclave, The Martyrs reveal their knowledge of the Technocracy’s Drone Surveillance plan
- The Covenant of the Fleur-De-Lis offers offshoots of The Twins to reside in the sanctums of Birmingham’s mages

Session 58
The Grail

-Nicholas Black summons Dalgarnos the Imp, who tells him that Buer tried to take full credit for the acquisition of the spirit of Sulfuron, but the Imp Network made sure that everyone knows the truth of the matter
-after a great deal of campaigning and hard work by himself and Nicholas Black, Art Valentine is elected to city council
-Art teaches New Camelot about leylines
-Art finally receives his copy of Historium Regnum Britinnia
-Nick arranges for Emma Windsor to learn hedge magic from Rudy McKenna
-Art offers a job as a personal assistant to Alice Wright, but she takes it as an opportunity to blackmail and manipulate him. Martin secretly ties up that loose end lethally
-Art, Martin, Lance Benwick, Franciszek Borowski, Silver, Rory Cooper, and Jack O’Shadows travel to Cornwall to stay at the King’s Rest Bed and Breakfast
-They meet Kelly King, co-owner of the bed and breakfast, and note his injury, which is making him taciturn and withdrawn. Frank convinces Art that they should try to heal Kelly, and Art agrees. Working together, Art and Rory heal Kelly and change the life of Megan and Kelly King. After Megan tells them they are welcome at the King’s Rest anytime, Kelly tells them about his daughter Emma and her special cup, which has been in the family for generations. Emma King is apparently studying Agricultural Science at the University of Manitoba in Winnipeg
-The mages travel back to Birmingham, and Art bargains with the Seer to send Art, Martin, Frank, Lance, Silver and Rory to Canada
-They arrive quite late, so opt to stay and a motel and find Emma the next morning
-That night, Art receives a phone call in his hotel room from Morgan Lafayette. She asks him once last time to give up the mantel of King Arthur, before more people are hurt, but Art feels he is doing the right thing and refuses to give up. Morgan informs him that everything that happens from then on is on Art’s head
-Art reacts to Morgan’s threat by calling Nick and having him contact the students of New Camelot and keep them safe at The Church of the First Blood. Nick easily convinces the students to gather, and then induces them to engage in some debauchery
-Art goes to gather his knights, but he finds Frank murdered in his bed, and Lance missing, a note reading “I’m sorry” on his door. Martin looks backwards through time and confirms that Lance killed Frank
-In order to stave off impossible to answer questions, Art asks Martin to burn the hotel down once everyone inside is evacuated
-the quest for the grail now becoming urgent, Rory sets off immediately for the University of Manitoba to find Emma King, and the rest follow
-easily evading campus security, they find Emma King and she tells them that her dad warned her that they would be coming, but that she donated most of her possessions, including her special cup, to the Salvation Army
-Rory shanghais Emma’s R.A. into taking them to the Salvation Army in her car, after promising not to commit any crimes
-they easily break into the Salvation Army charity shop, and there amongst the housewares, they find the Holy Grail

Session 57
The One Where Rory Argues With A Wall

-Widdershins wakes Rory Cooper at The Church of the First Blood and tells him that there is a matter at The Sacred Grove that requires his attention
-Rory discovers that Jack O’Shadows has been replaced by a fetch made of ice; Rory concludes that it has something to do with The King of Winter
-Widdershins also tells Rory that the King of Winter has something that is close to Nicholas Black
-Nick and Rory prepare to travel to the Winter Realm, and ask Martin to come along, but Widdershins tells them that that would not be politically expedient for Art Valentine, who had recently pledged himself to the fae
-Widdershins takes nick and Rory through the Fairy Ring to the Land of Winter
-At the Palace of The King of Winter, the two discover that he has taken Jack and Ava Frost; he tells them that he will only return his captives if Rory and Nick travel to the far end of his realm and free his dragon, who is bound in ice. Nick and Rory reluctantly agree
-at the Great Ice Wall, the pair evade the Guardian with the help of Gorget
-beyond the wall is the primordial forest; in the forest Nick and Rory encounter the One-Eye Redcap Gang. Nick convinces one of them to stuff a grenade in his head, thinking it’s an eye. A melee ensues in which the redcaps are slain
-deeper in the forest, they encounter the Schattenmann; the Schattenmann offers them hospitality in their cabin, and tells them a little bit of the history of the Seelie and Unseelie courts. During the night, the Schattenmann carves a marionette that is a startling likeness of Rory, but owing to Rory and Nick’s civility and politeness, decides to throw it into the fire rather that capturing Rorys’ essence in it for all time
-exiting the forest, Nick and Rory find a great mountain, where they encounter a forward camp of Dark Elves. Rory’s initial parlay does not go well and he is shot by a poisoned arrow, but eventually Nick bullies/bribes his way through
-finally, the duo and Gorget reach the dragon. Gorget, afraid of the dragons wrath, encourages them to kill the dragon instead of releasing it
-Rory touches the dragons mind and learns it is called Sulfuros
-Nick and Rory try to negotiate with the dragon, but it’s bindings are mental and spiritual as well as physical. It doesn’t help that the dragon is incredibly arrogant and vicious
-Gorget tells them that if they kill the dragon rather than releasing it, The Summer Queen will help to rescue their friends. Nick and Rory decide to kill it, since that will technically fulfill the King’s request. Nick makes preparations to send the dragon’s spirit to Hell, then has his familiar intangibly eviscerate Sulfuros
-the pair return to the King of Winter, who returns the captives, and tells them to never again return to his realm

Session 56
The Birds and the Bees

-Art Valentine presides over the successful opening of the building for his charitable organization, New Camelot
-Art performs a beacon ritual at Alice Wright‘s building, in an attempt to awaken her to her potential Guinevere nature
-Silver introduces himself to Art and Martin, and pledges himself to King Arthur’s cause
-Rory Cooper summons the Sons of Odin to impress upon the importance of their task to resurrect Sarah Giles
-Nicholas Black discovers an attack ad against him, paid for by the Challenger Foundation. This is curious, as Nick is not currently up for reelection in the forthcoming city council election
-William Valentine contacts Nick, and asks him to secure the Codex Gigas, in exchange for being made a part of the Inner Circle of The Serpent Society
-Rory and his crew start building beehives
-Art attempts to put an illusion on Silver, but unfortunately fails
-Chrysanthemum Silence tells Art that she believes The Lurker At The Threshold is weakening
-Art impresses a potential new recruit, Moonlily, with a demonstration of his potions of healing
-Martin begins to form a bond with an owl he names Artemis
-Nick and Rory fly to New York on the search for the Codex Gigas, and while there, take the opportunity to visit an American strip club
-Nick and Rory find themselves at an extremely trendy nightclub in New York city called Purgatory, the proprietor of which is a man named Eli. Nick had been told that Eli possessed the Codex Gigas, but Eli refused to even entertain negotiations unless Rory would service him. Nick intuited that Eli was a fallen angel, and decided to leave the issue for the time being
-Nick provides information on Eli to Ava Frost
-Rory’s birds catch a glimpse of Susan Smith going to Smile Time sandwiches
-Nick makes a reservation for The King’s Rest for when it reopens on June 1st

Session 55
The Mists of Avalon

-Art Valentine creates posters that exhort (and compel) people to do good, and puts them up in the Gun Quarter
-After the creation of New Camelot, Art meets with the reporter Jodi Alexson to discuss his new charity, and makes a great impression on both the reporter and her readers
-Nicholas Black sends Shadow to scout a Project AEGIS pylon and see who comes and goes; Rory Cooper sends Thomas to do the same
-Rory interrogates Widdershins, but receives little but insults and crude insinuations for his troubles. However, Boudica teaches Rory to recognize fairy auras
-Nick solicits Ava Frost for information about the Fae
-Chrysanthemum Silence arrives in Birmingham to help Art with The Lurker At The Threshold
-At the City Council meeting, Nick brings statistics proving the efficacy of the Birmingham PD, which starts to turn opinions against Carbine Security
-Art learns more about Avalon from William McAra
-Art begins to grow some enchanted roses
-Art, his knights, and Nick travel to Glastonbury, and thence to Avalon, where Art meets the Lady of the Lake is granted the scabbard to Excalibur
-Rory sends birds to London, attempting to find Emily King
-Rory takes his mates to the pub, and encounters Sharon Smith. Fortunately no one breaks Rory’s cover
-Lance Benwick takes Art to meet Alice Wright, who he believes might be Guinevere
-Rory asks Mercury Jones to help him make contact with a coven of Grecian Verbena. In exchange, Rory promises some future violence on Mercury’s behalf
-Nick generates some good publicity for Art’s election campaign
-Nick enlists Mr. Twist to generate support for Art through blackmail; Mr. Twist is reticent, unless Nick can come up with a better offer, but does promise to help if a better offer is forthcoming
-NIck gives some attention to the Spirit of the Church of the First Blood

Session 54
Primal Ur-ges

- The Misfits, Jack O’Shadows and Mercury Jones sneak back to The Church of the First Blood after Nicholas Black convinces the Conclave that they are under attack by a “metal-armed man” – evoking fears of the Technocracy
-Nick buys some artifacts from Samuel Singh, including Ra’Tiki. He also purchases Archibald, the Cadillac of Falcons from a local falconer.
-Nick discovers the nature of the Astral TIki, and discovers there is a rat spirit within. Nick bargains with the spirit to continue to provide his services in exchange for one new food a month, and the sacrifice of one cat per year.
-Nick meets with the Founders, but finds out that they are destitute to a man, and that their influence is now worthless.
-Rory Cooper, NIck, and Martin travel to Iraq to converse with Pazuzu about the Holy Grail. After making the appropriate offerings, Pazuzu tells them that all he knows is that the Grail was taken to England and put into the keeping of some king. However, Nick’s flattery and elan impress the ancient demon.
-After their meeting with Pazuzu, Nick and Rory are attacked by a demon hunter on a flying carpet. The man refuses to parlay, and so the two are forced to strike him down. They bring his unconscious form to Pazuzu for use as a vessel, and Pazuzu grants them a massive ruby as thanks for their help after possessing the demon hunter.
-Upon returning to Birmingham, Nick visits Kevin Phillips and convinces him to sell his soul in order to recoup his fortune.
-Rory and Martin locate the final Project AEGIS pylon.

Session 53
Restraint is the order of the day

-Martin and Art Valentine come to Rory’s rescue, slaying the Pennangalan. Nick “helped” as well. The Misfits quickly conclude that it was sent by Rangda.
-Nicholas Black and Art visit The Ghostbusters and learn that Karnacki, The Ghost-Taker is currently in a Quiet following an encounter with The Lurker At The Threshold.
-Art conducts a ritual with his followers.
-Not to be outdone, Rory also conducts a ritual with his followers.
-Nicholas Black speaks with Samson Teller about his ordeal with the Mossad interrogation and helps him to regain a sense of control. For the first time in weeks, Sampson leaves the church basement and starts to exercise outside.
-Art enlists the aid of Chrysanthemum Silence in dealing with the Lurker at the Threshold via the mental link with the Sleeping Dragons.
-At the city council meeting, Nick identifies some councilors who appear to have been subverted by the Technocracy, replacing Simon Fay-Malloy as patsies.
-Rory and Nick put up mind-wards in preparation for the Conclave.
-Abraham Gideon Hawthorne accosts Nick and Rory on their way to the Conclave, once again asking for access to Rangda
-Representatives of House Flambeau arrive before the Conclave to extend an invitation to Martin to join the Order of Hermes, offering his own extensive laboratory, assistance and nearly endless resources to conduct his experiments provided that he forswears the Verbena. Martins cryptically says he will need some time to consider the offer.
-The first cordial Conclave in two years takes place.
-Art is officially elected as a Herald for The Church of the First Blood; Mother Mary Victoria agrees to perform the ritual that will mark him as such.
-Rory and Jack O’Shadows get drunk at the Conclave and act the fools. Nicolas hands Rory 200 pounds and tells them to get a room. They oblige, leaving in the middle of the proceedings.
-After the Conclave is concluded, Art speaks to The Doctor and learns her true feelings about The Misfits, whom she blames for David Joy’s fall to infernalism.
-Nick convinces Rangda to step outside to discuss her proposal regarding making Rory her apprentice; Abraham waits in ambush outside, and blasts Rangda into oblivion with his hand cannon.

Session 52
Spirits and Sea Monsters

-Rory Cooper and Emma Windsor travel to Oslo to meet The Circle and to investigate and loot The Black Berg at the behest of Nicholas Black.
-Martin continues the search for Project AEGIS pylons by flying around Birmingham while invisible.
-Art Valentine speaks with Lance Benwick and asks him to give up searching for the reincarnated Gwenevere and focus instead on Galahad, though Lance laments the change in task as he feels that he has been honing in on her near the Council House.
-Art tries to make friends with members of Carbine Security by bringing them tea and welcoming them to the Gun Quarter; he is rudely rebuffed by most, but at least one security officer accepts his kindness.
-Nicholas Black asks Alison “Ally” Graves if she can find a young woman named Emily King, the daughter of the owners of the King’s Rest in Cornwall. From the information the Misfits had gathered, they infered was that she had left for London for school.
-Rory liberates Jon Rognavaldsson‘s amassed riches from the Black Berg, and encounters a massive, malevolent presence slumbering beneath the ocean. Rory does mental battle with the beast, but decides to leave after drawing its ire.
-Rangda gives Nick an ultimatum; convince Rory to become her apprentice, or she will inform The Martyrs about his role in the recent pub bombing. The negotiation is terse, and concludes to no one’s satisfaction.
-Art brokers a deal with the Seer to learn correspondence, in exchange for coming to the service of The Sacred Grove in its time of need, hinting at an impending danger.
-Franciszek Borowski, or Sir Bors, as he knows himself to be, introduces himself to Art after one of Art’s classes.
-Art takes his followers to meet the Commune, near the Sacred Grove, and experience their way of living. Lance is less than impressed.
-Art and his followers in New Camelot brew potions of strength and test one out to the amazement of his cult.
-Nick and Rory plan to travel to Elysium to deal with The Twins, as requested by the Council of Elders of The Covenant of the Fleur-De-Lis, but before they leave, Fleur contacts Nick and asks him to bring a cassette of the newest Culture Club album; Nick acquiesces, adding a number of other tapes at Rory’s insistence.
-Nick and Rory engage in a rather frustrating parlay with The Twins, but eventually convince the spirits that they stand to gain by treating the Covenant as their peers. However, the Twins demand the Covenant demonstrate their power by burning down all the forests in Elysium save for the home of the Twins, after which the Twins will bring the land to even greater abundance.
-Art starts his project to clean up the city beginning with the Gun Quarter. He is assisted by his followers and though they stand to run afoul of Carbine Security, his previous positive interactions with them ensure that the good samaritans are left unmolested.
- The Misfits come to the realization that over the past few months, they have experienced a slight feeling of being watched. That feeling of being watched comes to a head, and Nick glimpses a sinister figure watching The Misfits intently in the Umbra, but it vanishes promptly after being seen.
-Nick and Rory decide to consult The Ghostbusters, but on the way, a young woman accosts them asking after Rory Cooper. Rory successfully misleads her, but she mutters “You’ll do” and her head rips off her body, organs flailing as the head flies toward Rory…

Session 51
Cornish Holiday

-William McAra calls Art Valentine to tell him that the Druids of Stonehenge took note of his ritual, and that henceforth they consider themselves allies of Arthur Reborn.
-Rory Cooper has a small seeking; presented with a number of paths by his avatar, Rory chooses to forge his own. His avatar approves saying that one day he may offer a future incarnation the choice of Rory Cooper’s path.
-Art continues to capture the imagination of his class through refined charisma and feudal glorification.
-Nicholas Black learns at an emergency City Council meeting that Birmingham has received a Challenger Foundation Grant, which they will use to hire Carbine Security to clean up the crime in the Gun Quarter.
-Nick meets with the police commissioner to commiserate and offer his continued support; during the meeting the commissioner was taken to task for his focus on organized crime (which was prompted by Nicholas), rather than terrorism.
-Rory awakens the spirit of the central tree in his grove which now acts as a foci for him to see through the plants dispersed throughout the Gun Quarter.
-Art begins to instruct his followers on the importance of philanthropy and good works, and begins to toy with the idea of creating a charity organization, asking Nicholas Black for advice. Nicholas is more than happy to help facilitate this process.
-Following a lead provided by Seer, The Misfits and Art and Martin travel to Cornwall to look for the Bed and Breakfast called “The King’s Rest”.
-Upon arriving, they find the B+B closed for the season. They investigate but don’t learn too much other than that a powerfully resonance passed through the area two years ago but otherwise proves immune to scrying.
-Art performs a ritual to send out a beacon of righteousness; although he is not certain what the effect will be, he is sure something important will happen.
-Upon returning to Birmingham, Rory provides Alison “Ally” Graves with a list of names he copied from the guest book at The King’s Rest and asks her if she can learn more about the people, but she politely declines, given the lack of information available and the sheer volume of the task as most of her time is diverted by the interests of The Martyrs.

Session 50
Shades of Black

-Art Valentine takes his students to Stonehenge
-Nicholas Black and Rory Cooper discover a bomb parked outside their warehouse
-Art meets William McAra to make arrangements for his ritual
-Nick and Rory capture spotter, and rescue the kidnapped Samson Teller
-Using mind tricks, Rory interrogates the bomb spotter, and learns of a Mossad operation to kill Riordan, consisting of two unconnected cells of 3 members each, and learns of the location of the spotter’s team’s safehouse
-Nick and Rory kill the agent, and feed his spirit to Jon Rognavaldsson’s Spirit Flask
-Nick detonates the bomb outside the hit-team’s safehouse
-the boxing match later that evening is a big success; Nick makes a good impression on the gathered low-lifes, and Rory beats Simon the Bookie‘s fighter, James Dole (although it’s a near thing)
-Art formally inducts his cult at Stonehenge
-The Chantry meets to discuss its options regarding the Project AEGIS, the Grail Quest, and all the other plates they have in the air
-Rory tends to Samson’s physical wounds, though it’s likely his psychological wounds will take longer
-Art visits Sophie Charles for an oracular reading regarding the Grail Quest; all she can show him is a frigid wasteland
-Nick travels to London to consult with Ava Frost, and arrange a meeting with Pazuzu
-Martin and Rory visit Seer, and ask for help in finding the Grail. Seer extracts a price, however, and Martin agrees to instruct The Emissary in Forces. In his vision, Seer shows a B&B in Cornwall called The King’s Rest. Seer also shows them the history of the Grail, up until is collects The Christ’s blood
-The Emissary shows Rory a picture of The Wild Hunt from her book of legends that strongly resembles Rory


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