Mage: The Gun Quarter

Session 65

- The Misfits travel in a cloaked van to Leeds, to meet with The Centurions
-Rory Cooper uses his style of “diplomacy” to ingratiate himself with a band of skinheads in Leeds, despite their initial misgivings due to the news of the terrorist attack in Birmingham
- The Misfits meet with The Centurions to discuss an assault on Genesis, a high-level HIT-Mark production facility
-Rory returns to Birmingham to collect tass and weapons; the infiltration isn’t flawless
-Nick summons an extremely minor earth spirit to scout Genesis and discovers that it is a substantial underground facility
-Belladonna returns to Leeds with her stock of exotic venomous and poisonous animals, and volunteers to scout the inside of Genesis
-Operator and HANNIBAL concoct a battle plan that involves two separate teams striking the armory and the production facility simultaneously. Given their familiarity as a team, the two cabals decide to form two teams, and the Misfits volunteer to hit the production facility
-upon reaching the production facility, The Misfits are informed that the Technocracy was aware of them coming, and find several functioning HIT-Marks waiting for them. Despite having the element of surprise and superior numbers, Scarlotti is killed and the HIT-Marks scrapped. Albert “Docter Clockwerk” Breitling is able to beam in one more HIT-Mark before being killed by Shadow
-Silver is disabled in the fighting
-The Misfits rush to the rescue of The Centurions, but unfortunately are not able to arrive in time to save Bellona, who is killed in the fighting
-Using grenades from the armory, the Tradition mages manage to rig up enough explosives to do irreparable harm to Genesis before escaping into the night

Session 64

-Art Valentine and his army travel to New Camelot, to fortify it and set it up as a sanctuary for the itinerant in the chaos
-Rory Cooper and Sons of Odin spiritually fortify Nicholas Black’s Home For Lost Souls as well
-Nicholas Black erects a temporary gauntlet in the Gun Quarter
- The Misfits concoct a plan to take over a Carbine Security APC
-Art and New Camelot create knock-out gas for this purpose
-Art, Rory, and Nick capture an APC and some military equipment, but make sure to leave the disaster relief supplies behind
-The Misfits decided to hit the Technocrats elsewhere, while they are occupied with damage control in Birmingham
-Art reaches out to an acquaintance of his, Sant-Sipahi of The Centurions

Session 63
The Epimetheans Attack

-Rory Cooper and the Sons of Odin travel to Coventry to make inroads with the local skinhead community there. Rudy manages to impress Rudy, their defacto leader, and invites him to attend a forthcoming Sons of Odin (the band) concert in Birmingham. Leicester will be the next stop on the Sons outreach tour
-Nicholas Black travels to Papua New Guinea, and characters a boat to take him out above the Mariana trench
-Nick summons an Infernal Leviathan to retrieve the Skull of Ka’Lun that is at the bottom of the Mariana Trench, offering his chartered boat and all its inhabitants as tribute to the spirit
-Nick summons a friendly dolphin spirit to take him back to shore
-After returning to Birmingham, Nick invites Pazuzu to participate in their planned pandemonium
-The Child of Night arrives in Birmingham, having done her research and prepared to conduct the ritual to destroy the Project AEGIS pylons and rend the Gauntlet. She asks for a number of things to accomplish the task, including a Skull of Ka’Lun, significant quantities of quintessence, and access to her old sanctum at McGillicutty’s. The Misfits oblige on all requests save for the last
-Rory Cooper, Nicholas Black, Art Valentine, the Sons of Odin, and New Camelot marshal for battle. Their plan is to harry the The Prometheus Building, distracting the Technocracy from the Child of Night’s ritual until it is too late
-The sortie, which takes in the Umbra, goes well, until the Gauntlet is rent. At that point the war party encounters the Niobe drones, and some members of the party are grievously wounded. Coordination and determination see that no casualties are suffered, however
-After the battle, Martin Vincent arrives at The Church of the First Blood with Peter Norris

Session 62
The Silence of the Chrysanthemums

-Sarah Giles refuses to come out of her sanctum until she can work out all the bugs on her underwater drone. Martin Vincent, mercurial at the best of times, is nowhere to be found
-Rory Cooper asks Woody to start making inroads with skinheads in nearby communities, and to start vetting new members for the Sons of Odin
-Art Valentine enchants The Singing Sisters, fulfilling his obligation to Chrysanthemum Silence
-Rory travels to Norway to consult with The Circle. Rory wants to travel to The Well of Knowledge via The Rainbow Bridge, but Thrunn Halvar councils against it, believing that it could have unexpected cosmological consequences. Instead, Thrunn suggests Rory gets a guide
-Nicholas Black alerts Ava Frost to the forthcoming Gauntlet-Rending
-Nick asks The Doctor about the knife that Akiko Ninube found, but all she knows is that the blade is heavily tainted by Jhor
-Nick summons a creature to send a message to The Anchorite, asking for a meeting, but the Anchorite sends a skull back which rebuffs him
-Art enchants New Camelot to impel all who enter towards righteousness and virtue

Session 61
The Cat Came Back

-Nicholas Black meets with the The Child of Night to make arrangements for the simultaneous destruction of the Project AEGIS pylons
-Akiko Ninube reappears at The Church of the First Blood
-Akiko teleports to Nepal to investigate the mysterious castle that Nick glimpsed with The Orb of Elantris when he was searching for a Skull of Ka’Lun, but is unable to find anything but an old dagger
-Rory Cooper, Art Valentine, and Martin Vincent travel to the Summer Realms to present The Summer Queen Rory’s gift of the antlers of the Golden Hind. Unfortunately, they discover that Nick and Rory had been the subject of a deception by The King of Winter, and that they had gravely angered and offended the Summer Queen by the killing of Sulfuron, who was in truth her dragon. The Queen spent some time trying to convince both Rory and Art to be her champion, but ultimately the three felt lucky to depart with their lives
-Akiko creates a time sphere to help Sarah Giles create an ocean-exploration drone more quickly
-Nick convinces Mortimer Riggs, another of the Founders, to sell his soul for wealth
-Nick asks Patrick O’Sea for harpoon guns and scuba gear
-Rory begins studying Prime with Boudica

Session 60
The Golden Hind

-Sarah Giles and Alison “Ally” Graves dissect the captured Technocracy drone, and learn more about its capabilities
-Nicholas Black gifts the spirit of The Lurker At The Threshold to Ava Frost
-Rory Cooper‘s program of avian surveillance pays off, and he catches Susan Smith in the open at Smile Time Sandwiches. Rory has Sarah teleport him them, changes his shape, sneaks up on Susan, and attempts to shoot him. However, Susan notices him at the last minute and is whisked away by Mastermind safety protocols
-Rory contacts Dr. Paige Herod of the Hounds of Artemis to help him on his quest for the Golden Hind
-Nick offers a scholarship in Lacey Marsh’s honour
-Nick attends the biennial meeting of The Serpent Society, where he is inducted as a learned brother, and signs up for library and Orb of Elantris time. He also convinces William Valentine to let him use the Orb briefly, to find a Skull of Ka’Lun
-Rory, Art Valentine, Jack O’Shadows, and Emma Windsor travel to Greece to meet the Hounds
-Nick sends a letter of condolence to Susan Smith for his recent injury
-Jack, Art, and Emma return to the Hounds’ compound, butCybil and Rory are determined to find the Golden Hind. With the help of stamina potions provided by Art, the two manage to track and keep up with the beast. Eventually they jointly take it down
-Dr. Howard takes the Jeep to collect Rory and Cybil, and leaves Art in charge. In her absence, one of the women of the compound goes into labour and Art has to oversee the birth, but he proves to be very successful as a midwife

Session 59
Sarah Returns

-Under the supervision of Jezebel the Wandering Witch and Father Parker Rose, Art Valentine, Rory Cooper, and Nicholas Black use the Holy Grail to bring Sarah Giles back to life
-Art puts some anti-magic wards around New Camelot
-Karnacki, The Ghost-Taker approached art with a plan to deal with The Lurker At The Threshold, but it requires a dark act to take place in The Church of the First Blood to distract the spirit
-Nick asks for three days to try a different method to capture the Lurker
-Rory ask Emma Windsor for some advice on how to be a woman
-Art arranges to have Thrunn Halvar start creating one suit of armer a month
-Sarah finally gets around to doing Nick’s taxes, after neglecting them for almost a year
-Nick gets another soul from another member of The Founders, Paul Wilson, with Rory’s help
-At City Council, Art and Nick convince the council to order Carbine Security to ease their scrutiny and only detain people on probable cause
-Nick tries to sneak up on the Lurker with the help of Art, Rory, and Shadow, but the spirit evades them
-Eventually Nick manages to find a way to sneak up on the Lurker, and overwhelms its spirit, trapping it in The Spirit Flask
-At the Conclave, The Martyrs reveal their knowledge of the Technocracy’s Drone Surveillance plan
- The Covenant of the Fleur-De-Lis offers offshoots of The Twins to reside in the sanctums of Birmingham’s mages

Session 58
The Grail

-Nicholas Black summons Dalgarnos the Imp, who tells him that Buer tried to take full credit for the acquisition of the spirit of Sulfuron, but the Imp Network made sure that everyone knows the truth of the matter
-after a great deal of campaigning and hard work by himself and Nicholas Black, Art Valentine is elected to city council
-Art teaches New Camelot about leylines
-Art finally receives his copy of Historium Regnum Britinnia
-Nick arranges for Emma Windsor to learn hedge magic from Rudy McKenna
-Art offers a job as a personal assistant to Alice Wright, but she takes it as an opportunity to blackmail and manipulate him. Martin secretly ties up that loose end lethally
-Art, Martin, Lance Benwick, Franciszek Borowski, Silver, Rory Cooper, and Jack O’Shadows travel to Cornwall to stay at the King’s Rest Bed and Breakfast
-They meet Kelly King, co-owner of the bed and breakfast, and note his injury, which is making him taciturn and withdrawn. Frank convinces Art that they should try to heal Kelly, and Art agrees. Working together, Art and Rory heal Kelly and change the life of Megan and Kelly King. After Megan tells them they are welcome at the King’s Rest anytime, Kelly tells them about his daughter Emma and her special cup, which has been in the family for generations. Emma King is apparently studying Agricultural Science at the University of Manitoba in Winnipeg
-The mages travel back to Birmingham, and Art bargains with the Seer to send Art, Martin, Frank, Lance, Silver and Rory to Canada
-They arrive quite late, so opt to stay and a motel and find Emma the next morning
-That night, Art receives a phone call in his hotel room from Morgan Lafayette. She asks him once last time to give up the mantel of King Arthur, before more people are hurt, but Art feels he is doing the right thing and refuses to give up. Morgan informs him that everything that happens from then on is on Art’s head
-Art reacts to Morgan’s threat by calling Nick and having him contact the students of New Camelot and keep them safe at The Church of the First Blood. Nick easily convinces the students to gather, and then induces them to engage in some debauchery
-Art goes to gather his knights, but he finds Frank murdered in his bed, and Lance missing, a note reading “I’m sorry” on his door. Martin looks backwards through time and confirms that Lance killed Frank
-In order to stave off impossible to answer questions, Art asks Martin to burn the hotel down once everyone inside is evacuated
-the quest for the grail now becoming urgent, Rory sets off immediately for the University of Manitoba to find Emma King, and the rest follow
-easily evading campus security, they find Emma King and she tells them that her dad warned her that they would be coming, but that she donated most of her possessions, including her special cup, to the Salvation Army
-Rory shanghais Emma’s R.A. into taking them to the Salvation Army in her car, after promising not to commit any crimes
-they easily break into the Salvation Army charity shop, and there amongst the housewares, they find the Holy Grail

Session 57
The One Where Rory Argues With A Wall

-Widdershins wakes Rory Cooper at The Church of the First Blood and tells him that there is a matter at The Sacred Grove that requires his attention
-Rory discovers that Jack O’Shadows has been replaced by a fetch made of ice; Rory concludes that it has something to do with The King of Winter
-Widdershins also tells Rory that the King of Winter has something that is close to Nicholas Black
-Nick and Rory prepare to travel to the Winter Realm, and ask Martin to come along, but Widdershins tells them that that would not be politically expedient for Art Valentine, who had recently pledged himself to the fae
-Widdershins takes nick and Rory through the Fairy Ring to the Land of Winter
-At the Palace of The King of Winter, the two discover that he has taken Jack and Ava Frost; he tells them that he will only return his captives if Rory and Nick travel to the far end of his realm and free his dragon, who is bound in ice. Nick and Rory reluctantly agree
-at the Great Ice Wall, the pair evade the Guardian with the help of Gorget
-beyond the wall is the primordial forest; in the forest Nick and Rory encounter the One-Eye Redcap Gang. Nick convinces one of them to stuff a grenade in his head, thinking it’s an eye. A melee ensues in which the redcaps are slain
-deeper in the forest, they encounter the Schattenmann; the Schattenmann offers them hospitality in their cabin, and tells them a little bit of the history of the Seelie and Unseelie courts. During the night, the Schattenmann carves a marionette that is a startling likeness of Rory, but owing to Rory and Nick’s civility and politeness, decides to throw it into the fire rather that capturing Rorys’ essence in it for all time
-exiting the forest, Nick and Rory find a great mountain, where they encounter a forward camp of Dark Elves. Rory’s initial parlay does not go well and he is shot by a poisoned arrow, but eventually Nick bullies/bribes his way through
-finally, the duo and Gorget reach the dragon. Gorget, afraid of the dragons wrath, encourages them to kill the dragon instead of releasing it
-Rory touches the dragons mind and learns it is called Sulfuros
-Nick and Rory try to negotiate with the dragon, but it’s bindings are mental and spiritual as well as physical. It doesn’t help that the dragon is incredibly arrogant and vicious
-Gorget tells them that if they kill the dragon rather than releasing it, The Summer Queen will help to rescue their friends. Nick and Rory decide to kill it, since that will technically fulfill the King’s request. Nick makes preparations to send the dragon’s spirit to Hell, then has his familiar intangibly eviscerate Sulfuros
-the pair return to the King of Winter, who returns the captives, and tells them to never again return to his realm

Session 56
The Birds and the Bees

-Art Valentine presides over the successful opening of the building for his charitable organization, New Camelot
-Art performs a beacon ritual at Alice Wright‘s building, in an attempt to awaken her to her potential Guinevere nature
-Silver introduces himself to Art and Martin, and pledges himself to King Arthur’s cause
-Rory Cooper summons the Sons of Odin to impress upon the importance of their task to resurrect Sarah Giles
-Nicholas Black discovers an attack ad against him, paid for by the Challenger Foundation. This is curious, as Nick is not currently up for reelection in the forthcoming city council election
-William Valentine contacts Nick, and asks him to secure the Codex Gigas, in exchange for being made a part of the Inner Circle of The Serpent Society
-Rory and his crew start building beehives
-Art attempts to put an illusion on Silver, but unfortunately fails
-Chrysanthemum Silence tells Art that she believes The Lurker At The Threshold is weakening
-Art impresses a potential new recruit, Moonlily, with a demonstration of his potions of healing
-Martin begins to form a bond with an owl he names Artemis
-Nick and Rory fly to New York on the search for the Codex Gigas, and while there, take the opportunity to visit an American strip club
-Nick and Rory find themselves at an extremely trendy nightclub in New York city called Purgatory, the proprietor of which is a man named Eli. Nick had been told that Eli possessed the Codex Gigas, but Eli refused to even entertain negotiations unless Rory would service him. Nick intuited that Eli was a fallen angel, and decided to leave the issue for the time being
-Nick provides information on Eli to Ava Frost
-Rory’s birds catch a glimpse of Susan Smith going to Smile Time sandwiches
-Nick makes a reservation for The King’s Rest for when it reopens on June 1st


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