Mage: The Gun Quarter

Session 89
Moral Event Horizon

March 26, 1987 – April 2, 1987
-Nicholas Black enlists the aid of Rudy McKenna to get Churchill Farms up to speed. Rudy agrees, in exchange for some rare alchemical ingredients
-Art Valentine sets up a meeting with Allende the Pyromancer for Rory Cooper. Nick tags along while they are in Elysium, and gets help from Mother Abigail to secure most of the ingredients that Rudy needs
-Dr. Miriam Sharp contacts Nick to approve a potential candidate for her social program; Nick can’t identify any conflicts, and gives her his blessing
-Rory buys a used van
-Art meets Jada Monroe, an enthusiastic and seemingly wealthy student of archaeology
-Morgan Lafayette addresses The Accord, warning them about Art’s dangerous ambitions and willingness to do anything and sacrifice anything to fulfill his goals. Morgan, with the help of Goodberry, casts suspicion on Nick, because of his Nephandic taint, which casts suspicion on Art by proxy
-Art and Nick run damage control, and manage to keep the Accord together. Sant-Sipahi, a once staunch ally, harbours doubts, however, due to Art’s seemingly soft stance on the subject of demons
-Rory connects with Allende, and together they pledge themselves to breaking the geas afflicting Jack O’Shadows
-Art tries to help Rory find some Verbena cabals that might be willing to provide a child to act as the new Emissary
-Nick provides a financial contribution to E.V.A., to help her with her purchase of computer parts, in exchange for a list of the email addresses of the all the ranking members of the Technocracy in Birmingham
-Nick sets up a meeting with Susan Smith

Session 88
Reunions and Introductions

March 21, 1986 – March 25, 1986
-Art Valentine awakens to the face of The Faun, in the territory of The Arcana. Art discovers that Heph brought him and Ronin to Lichfield after their encounter with the advanced HIT-Marks, so that The Faun could heal them. Art learns more about Ronin’s history and motivations
-Rory Cooper conducts a ritual to formally induct Luke (from Coventry) and Rudy (from Leeds) into Sons of Odin, empowering them to spread the cult to those cities
-Nick travels to Sierra Leone, and recruits Madeleine Swinton to serve as Rangda’s apprentice. He has to agree to bring and look after her brothers and sisters, however. Nick takes the family to Birmingham through the Umbra, and has them stay at The Church of the First Blood while he sorts things out
-Nick asks Art Valentine for help with Madeleine’s siblings; Mart contacts Paige Herod, and convinces her to allow the children to stay at The Hounds of Artemis Commune, so long as the children are granted frequent access to Madeleine
-Art has Sarah Giles try to learn more about Ronin; as far as she can tell, most of what he told Art was the truth
-Rory leads The Travelers to the Church, and The Misfits and the Travelers reconnect and reminisce. Fergus Simes, who has become the defacto leader of the Travelers, commiserates with Rory over the abdication of duties by the old patriarchs – The White Man, Seer, and Rupert Cain, among others. Firelily Wainwright, who acts as the primary liaison between the White Man and the Travelers, and the White Man’s assistant, seems worn out by her dual roles, and enjoys the break
-Nick presents Madeleine to Rangda, and Randga takes her on as an apprentice, in exchange for ceasing her blood-feud with Rory

Session 87

March 20, 1987
-Jack O’Shadows arrives at The Church of the First Blood and ask for tass, so that she can continue her lessons with Allende the Pyromancer. When asked why she needs tass, Jack explains that Boudica will not provide tass to Jack if she does not fulfill her role as herald by asking the Traditions Conclave for a replacement Emissary, which Jack refuses to do. Rory Cooper promises to provide Jack with as much tass as she needs
-Sarah Giles introduces her acolytes to her Chaos Sphere and the Knights of the Cyber-Brotherhood
-At the Traditions Conclave, Sarah presents Art Valentine‘s mutual defense pact proposal on his behalf
- The Order of the Silver Flame proposes a system to quickly detect newly Awakened students at the University of Birmingham by collecting their blood. There is a lot of opposition to the motion, but Sarah throws her support behind the initiative in exchange for Professor Prime agreeing to join Art’s defense force, and ultimately the motion passes
-Rory’s big metal show and concert is a big success, bringing together skinheads from as far away as Leeds. Although a brawl breaks out, Rory is able to rechannel the crowd’s aggression into unity, and Rory also impresses Steig Olaffson, lead signer of the band The Sons of Odin. Rory and Steig talk about the possibility of producing music based on Rory’s exploits
-At Art’s charity gala, he greatly impresses the assembled societal elites with his passion and his vision. His successful speech and network helps generate a great deal of new revenue for New Camelot, and increases the profile of the organization. Art is introduced to Heph, who is eager to meet him and a big fan of his work. He is also contacted by Ronin, who brings a proposal from the Harbingers of Avalon. Unfortunately, the Technocratic constructs that hunt Ronin catch up to him at the gala, and Art, Ronin, and Heph are forced to fight them. The constructs are extremely advanced, and very dangerous. It is only by the intervention of Hengroen, and the timely application of a vehicular collision by Heph that the three mages are able to escape

Session 86
Malekki's Hermitage

March 6, 1987 – March 20, 1987
-Nicholas Black acquires a small derelict farm just outside of Birmingham called Churchill House, and none too soon: members of The Renouncers begin to show symptoms similar to post-hypnotic suggestion, so he sequesters them and requests the aid of Elizabeth Granger to help “deprogram” them
-Rory Cooper travels to The Sacred Grove, and discovers that Seer has gone missing, and that The Travelers will arrive in Birmingham. Boudica asks Rory to host the Travelers at The Church of the First Blood
-Art Valentine gets advice from Paige Herod and Cybil Howard regarding Sarah Giles’s Mmenophage Device and the forthcoming machinations of Morgan Lafayette
-Rory and the Sons of Odin scry the dark elf Malekki
-Nick and Rory seek an audience with Malekki
-Nick and Art visit Serana of the The Lichfield Six looking for the leftover Primium from the HIT Marks that attacked The Mission Housing, but she tells them that the Technocracy had already cleared the site before the Arcana got there
-Rory seeks to learn more about the “gift” given to him by King Alfred gave him, and discovers that it includes enchantments that make it unable to harm Dark Elves, as well as a powerful scrying focus point that would allow King Alfred to pierce scrying wards. Rory fears that this has allowed King Alfred to scry the location of Malekki, and rushes to Norway to defend him
-Nick travels to Chelsea and uses The Orb of Elantris to scry a potential apprentice for Rangda, then departs for Svartalfheim to keep his scheduled meeting with King Alfred to continue to educate him on the ways of Midgard

Session 85
The Church of the Machine God

-Mel Chow asks Sarah Giles for help reaching Autochtonia, in exchange for the mind of Ally Graves, which is being kept there by The Spider. Nicholas Black, Akiko Ninube, and Sarah demur, promising to consider it, and collectively deciding to keep an eye on Mel and E.V.A., who resides in Mel’s brain
-Shinzo Watanabe provides Akiko with a list of 7 targets for assassination, to send a message to the Genovese crime family and Dom Vito after their betrayal. Shinzo asks that all the targets be killed as gruesomely as possible, preferably in front of witnesses, on Valentine’s Day. Akiko uses her Shinobi-jutsu to kill all 7 targets at once
-Nick asks for Sarah and Valerie‘s help building a state-of-the-art mainframe for Mammon Investment Group offices in London. Sarah and Val successfully produce the mainframe, despite the bad feelings they get from working at the office (and the strange man who leers at them as they work)
-bored and lonely, Akiko attempts to visit the Digital Web, but her trip doesn’t go well
-Akiko and Nick follow one of the missing Renouncers to a disused toy-shop , where they see The Child of Night forcefully inducting the demon into her cult. Nick intimidates the Child, but she nevertheless intimates that as far as the Mammon Group is concerned, she has done nothing wrong
-In exchange for her help in discovering the fate of the Renouncers, Nick summons Loki so Akiko can ask why Hel wants to kill her. Loki explains that he impersonated Hel and offered the spirit of Angrboda, Hel’s mother, in exchange for Akiko’s spirit. Loki suggests that Hel will step at nothing to get her mother’s spirit back, but also suggests that that is Akiko’s problem and leaves
-Nick extends his protection to the Renouncers officially, making them his cult.
-Akiko meets Sant-Sipahi, who is more than happy to cross blades and test one another in a friendly fashion

Session 84
Funky Town

-Akiko Ninube agrees to take Shinzo Watanabe‘s contract to send a message to the Genovese crime family
-Valerie sends some information on the Genovese heroin distribution network to her contact at the NYPD records room, George Sinclair
-Nick travels to the Miracle Man’s sanctum and summons the spirit of the Miracle Man to ask about how to restore Silver. The Miracle Man suggests that since Silver possessed the spirit of Sir Kay, perhaps Art Valentine should serve him as the young Arthur once served Kay as a younger foster brother and squire
-Val creates advanced compression software and uploads it to the Digital Web and relevant BBS and usenet lists
-Nicholas Black travels to Lichfield and meets with Serana, who fobs him off onto Dr. Miriam Sharp
-After several days of fruitless effort, Akiko finally makes contact with Yoshi, leader of The Gold Dragons, hoping to learn the fate of Tsyakuren, The Poison Sky and Shukusachi. Yoshi fills her in on what has happened with the Sleeping Dragons in her absence and after the defeat of The Ninube Clan, informing her that Lady Ninube’s daisho is currently in the hands of Master Jade
-back in Birmingham, and searching for some way to make herself useful while she waits to hear back from Yoshi, Akiko decides to infiltrate The Prometheus Building. However, on the way she is waylaid by a strange man who tries to grapple her. Akiko dispatches her attacker, but upon his death, he explodes
-Nick and Dr. Miriam Sharp cross verbal swords over the matter of their respective social programs, and pledge to inform one another before recruiting anyone from the other’s respective city
-Sarah Giles, trying to discover the fate of her friend Mel Chow, spends time calling computer stores in Birmingham that might have the kind of equipment that she saw Mel stealing from the University of Birmingham. Eventually she tracks her to a residential neighbourhood, and with the help of Akiko and Nick, finds an access to one of the former sites of the Project AEGIS pylons. Descending into the darkness, they find Mel Chow and her acolytes

Session 83
Kings and Princes

-Art Valentine, in a show of cooperation and solidarity, provides Tass from The Black Berg to all the cabals of The Accord
-Akiko Ninube returns from her mysterious errand on behalf of Loki. Her return is a cause of surprise for The Misfits, as they hardly realized she was missing
-Valerie “Val”, after many months of hard work and troubleshooting, finally completes her work on the Accord’s inter-chantry transport network; now, all the strongholds of the Accord can be instantaneously accessed from one another
-Valerie, upon her return to New York, receives a summons from Shinzo Watanabe. Shinzo reluctantly asks for Valerie’s help discovering who is attacking the Yakuza’s heroin couriers. Valerie, who has Akiko with her, agrees
-Nicholas Black returns the dark elf spear to King Alfred. Alfred insists that Nick remain as his guest, and his tutor regarding Midgard. Nick deftly extricates himself, but promises to return with more to teach, finding the Dark Elven king an apt pupil
-Posing as an FBI agent, Valerie works with Detective Hill to learn more about the 4 men that she and Akiko watched assassinate the heroin courier. Meanwhile, Akiko follows the assassins and learns more about the distribution network of the stolen heroin. Together, they are able to link the thefts to the underlings of Dom Vito
-Nick travels to Chelsea to visit the Reading Room of the The Serpent Society, and use The Orb of Elantris. While using the orb, he discovers Mel Chow, still alive and in Birmingham. He also sees Douglas Moss, one of the Renouncers who was reported missing by Barabbas, safely at home in Birmingham
-upon returning to Birmingham, Nick interrogates Douglas Moss, who tells him he was kidnapped by a large man and driven to a school in Lichfield, where a woman prayed with him and another man brought him back to Birmingham
-Valerie and Akiko present their findings to Shinzo; Shinzo, who understands that the yakuza have been deeply disrespected by Dom Vito, vows to redress the situation and make an example. He asks Yoshi to get him a pound of gold

Session 82
The Wedding

January 21 – 30, 1987
-Nicholas Black and Rory Cooper trace James Watts, one of the missing Renouncers, to the Tesco where he works, and the Holy Trinity, Anglican church of Lance Beckett, where Watts prays. Beckett points them to Mr. Egg, where the Renouncers go after Church on Sundays
-Sarah Giles searches for the mind of Alison “Ally” Graves on the Digital Web
-at Nick’s request, Sarah builds 10 trackers that last 6 months each. Nick gives the trackers to the remaining members of the Renouncers, so if they go missing they can easily be tracked
-Sarah and Nick determine that Ally’s consciousness is likely being stored on Autochtonia, the stronghold of Iteration X
-the Misfit’s travel to Norway for Rory’s wedding to Jack O’Shadows
-the ceremony is going to be filmed by documentarian Lars Brevik, so the mages must remain discrete
-Nick and the male Sons of Odin act as Rory’s groom’s party, and assist him with the many challenges he must perform. Sarah Giles and Emma Windsor act as Jack’s bridal party, and are guided through the process by Brynhildr
-after the rituals are completed and the film crews have left, the real wedding party begins. Brynhildr, impressed by Jack’s mettle, offers a cask of the Mead of Idunn. While Ingvald the Skald sings the story of Malekki, King Alfred appears to dispute the tale. King Alfred comes bearing a gift: the mirror to Rory Cooper’s Brass Knuckles. King Alfred also demands the return of his spear

Session 81
The Well of Mimir

December 31, 1986 – January 21, 1987
-Amund Ellestad asks Rory Cooper and Jack O’Shadows if they will consent to have their wedding filmed as part of a documentary
-Nicholas Black meets Rangda upon her return from time displacement and gets her up to speed
-Nick is introduced to Barnabas, the representative of the Renouncers, who needs some help – members of the small band of repentant demons living on Earth in Birmingham have been going missing
-Nick summons the spirit of Martin Vincent to ask about one of his past lives, The Miracle Man, to help fix Silver. Unfortunately Martin’s shade can not reach through the mists of time to access that life, and the secret to repairing Silver is lost
-Rory travels to Mimir’s Well, and chats with Mimir before casting his eye into the well in exchange for great oracular power
-Rory transplants a portion of Yggdrasil to his Godswood
-Nick and Rory being to investigate the fate of the Renouncers
-Morgan Lafayette contacts Art Valentine and claims an opportunity to address The Accord

Session 80

December 22 – December 31, 1986
-with the aid of the Order of the Firemind, Sarah Giles successfully infiltrates the Quasar Institute and installs the Manhattan’s Module on the satellite
-Rory Cooper and Nicholas Black arrive at the Conclave with Martin Vincent‘s body, just in time to stop a drunken Jack O’Shadows from telling all that had transpired at the The Mission House, although Art Valentine gets misdirected
-members of the Lichfield Six arrive at the Conclave, where they lay claim to the Martyrs’ now vacant node
-Rory proposes to Jack, and she accepts
-Nick and Rory go shopping for an engagement ring
-The Misfits enjoy a quite Christmas eve
-Thrunn Halvar calls Rory and tells him he has successfully crafted a suit of Primium chainmail for him
-The Misfits hold a funeral service for Martin, which is attended by The Green Man and Mother Abigail. Martin’s body is ultimately buried at The Sacred Grove
-Rory meets the mystery woman from the night of the Mission House Massacre at The Grove, and learns that she is The Emissary
-Nick meets with Lady Amaterasu, and offers her the remaining essence of Noh
-Sarah receives the Mnemnophage device from Milton Berliner, fulfilling their agreement
-Rory summons Brynhildr and invites her to his forthcoming wedding. Brynhilder insists on fighting Rory’s bride-to-be, to prove her worthiness. Jack and Brynhildr battle, and Jack acquits herself well


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